5 Effective Ways To Make Your Mobile App Stand Out

Creating mobile apps is fun, but it can also make a lot of money. The precondition is that your app is interesting enough – or that it solves a problem for the user. To accomplish that, besides a good idea – you must also have some knowledge. Why? Because you simply have to stand out in the sea of competition if you want your business to survive. So how to make a mobile application that will stand out? We will show you 5 effective ways to succeed.

Popularity Of Mobile Applications


Today’s world, without any doubt, probably wouldn’t function without the help of mobile applications. Mobile devices and apps have changed the way we communicate, work, learn – or simply just enjoy ourselves. The wide application of software in every area of our lives generates a continuous growth of the mobile application market. Therefore, we need new original applications – that will somehow stand out from the competition and things that we’ve already seen. Due to the great popularity of smartphones and tablets – the value of the mobile application market is expected to grow far-reaching in the coming years. Some estimates even show that by 2024 – the total number of downloaded mobile applications will be 352 billion.

Development And Impact Of Mobile Apps In Different Spheres Of Life

Over the years, the development of mobile applications has depended on the needs, technology, transfer rate, content, and theme – so depending on the offer of mobile devices, we can say that today we live in a world of mobile technologies and mobile applications. With the dynamic development of mobile technologies – we are witnessing an increasing level of popularity of mobile applications in almost all domains of our everyday life. This trend is mostly reflected through social networks, applications adapted for communication and messaging, applications for reading news, and various other apps. However, there are also applications intended for health, business, entertainment, etc. Therefore, we can say that mobile applications have become an inevitable part of everyday life.

Positioning In The Mobile App Market


OK, you’ve decided to make a mobile app. Whether you do it with the help of experienced app developers or on your own – you want your app to reach popularity and you make money. Although it sounds simple – it is far from the truth. According to ComboApp, if you want your application to gain popularity – it must be different. That means interesting, authentic, and attractive. Therefore, digital marketing is a factor you cannot avoid by any chance. The mobile app ecosystem is so crowded that you need to figure out a good way to stand out from the rest – and become one of the leaders among developers. Did you know that more than 1,500 new apps are released daily in the App Store? This clearly tells you how much competition there really is in this field. So how to swim successfully in these waters – and what are the ways to make your application stand out from the rest? These are some ways you can do it.

1. Create An Authentic Logo That Everyone Will Remember

The logo is the image and reflection of your mobile app. It may or may not explain the nature of the app itself – but the logo should be connected to its meaning. Also, it is very important that the logo is authentic and that users remember it. Therefore, when designing a logo – make sure that it is something unique but also simple. Remember that the most powerful brands have very simple logos that are easy to remember visually. For example, Nike. Your application is your product that you intend to sell. Therefore, a good logo is one of the basic marketing strategies – especially in online business.

2. The Name Of Your Mobile App

This seems like an easy task, but trust us – it’s not like that at all. The name of your app should follow its function and purpose. On the other hand, the name itself must be original and mustn’t be already used or plagiarized. And last but not least – shorter names are easier to remember. If you want someone to remember the name of your app – then that name should not be too long. Such names are usually forgotten by users. So when designing a name – we advise you to consult with experts in the field of digital marketing. Work together and try to find a creative solution that will meet all the criteria. Play with words, add a prefix or suffix – and do your best to make the name easy for users to remember.

3. Application Info In The App Store


This is where the saying that “content is king” comes to the fore. First of all, because it can help you better position your product – that is, an application in the App Store. Therefore, besides the name and logo that represent “attractive packaging” – you must also have good content that will attract customers or users to download your mobile app. And here, you have to follow the unwritten rules of digital marketing as well. That means concise, original, clear – and tempting.

4. Image Display Description – Include Video Clips

Although most app developers follow the rules to be clear and precise in the description of the app – it still happens that some users do not immediately understand the essence of your app. Therefore, it is more than desirable to use a pictorial display – such as a video clip or screenshots. Even if you were cruelly precise in the description of the app – videos like this will bring some extra liveliness to the description of your app. Therefore your app will be more attractive – compared to others who did not include videos as an illustration.

5. Feedback


Having reviews about your product is essential if you want to have an army of satisfied customers. Even though they can’t fully rely on reviews – new users still read them a lot. Based on whether your mobile app has 1,2,3,4 or 5 stars – many new users will download your app, or give up on it. Therefore, the reputation of your mobile app largely depends on the satisfied users and reviews you have.