Advertising Strategies to Grow Your Landscape and Gardening Business

As the owner of a landscape and gardening business, you know how difficult it can be to edge ahead of the competition and compete with larger and perhaps better-equipped companies. The good news is that many gardening and landscaping businesses suffer from poor digital marketing and aren’t as savvy online as some other industries.

This gives you a huge competitive advantage. If you can adopt an effective digital marketing strategy for your gardening company, you can find yourself on equal footing with the biggest and best companies in your area in no time. And if you’re already ahead – even better. With the right marketing in place, you can pull even further ahead of your competition.

Tips for Small Business Branding

Below, we’ve listed some killer marketing tips that can help your landscaping firm compete with the major industry players. Follow these essential tips if you want to lay the foundation of a full-functioning marketing strategy:

  • Maximize Your Social Presence: Make sure you create profiles on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and keep them refreshed with content from time to time (e.g., one post monthly). Ensure that these profiles are completed and feature your company logo in high resolution.
  • Craft a Unique and Simple Logo: Often, small businesses try to stand out by creating a complex and over-the-top logo. This can be confusing and may get in the way of creating a truly memorable brand image. Instead, keep it simple and consider hiring professionals to create a minimalist company logo.
  • Keep Your Website Up-to-Date and Functional: The UI/UX of your company’s website should be simple and easy to navigate. Many older property owners may not have the tech chops to navigate a complex, JavaScript-heavy website. Instead, keep it simple and make your contact information and portfolio photos prominent.
  • Flyer, Flyer, Flyer: Just like the olden days, handing out flyers to property owners is still one of the best advertising tactics in the landscaping and gardening biz. However, without a clear and visually compelling design, your flyers won’t be of much use. Besides, make your offer by simultaneously using other direct mail techniques. You can try to make customized postcards with MyCreativeShop, as they are also cost-effective and reliable lead generators.

If you can follow these essential ground rules, you’ll be able to position your gardening company for swift growth. Note, however, that these results aren’t guaranteed. To make sustained progress, you need to prudently refine your marketing strategy on a regular basis to adapt to your customer’s changing needs.

Top 4 Advertising Strategies for Growing Your Landscaping and Gardening Company

While the tips listed above are certainly important for the growth and development of your landscaping company, more advanced digital strategies are needed in order to truly excel in an often saturated industry. Below, we’ve listed (in no particular order) five of our top advertising strategies for small-scale gardening companies.

1.   Perfect the Art of the Flyer and Brochure

Well-crafted flyers, handouts, and brochures are among the best ways to capture the attention of a homeowner who may need gardening services. However, poor design and shoddy craftsmanship can turn them away from your company for good.

In order to leave a good impression on your prospective clients, make sure you abide by the following basic rules of flyer design:

  • Focus on the key and unique benefits of your service
  • Don’t get too fancy; leave plenty of blank space
  • Print in high-quality and only use high-res vector images
  • Include a call to action to guide readers to your website or to make a phone call
  • Stick to no more than two colors
  • Don’t forget to include a discount or limited-time promo to boost sales

For creative ideas regarding where to hand out your flyers, click here to check out a handy guide to flyer distribution for maximum returns.

2.   Get Experimental on Socials

Most gardening businesses don’t have a strong presence on social media. This should come as welcome news because it means your brand can stand alone in these digital spaces with little to no competition involved. To maximize the visibility of your company, I recommend making Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, and YouTube shorts—in essence, don’t be afraid to take risks and create content on channels that aren’t popular within your industry.

3.   Grow With SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing your website’s content so that it ranks higher on Google’s search results lists. As a gardening company, you can rank higher on Google’s search results by implementing the following changes:

  • Build content around high-volume keywords relevant to your clients
  • Create a high-value and informative blog on your website
  • Create links to your website via social media posts and customer testimonials
  • Speed up your website by compressing image file sizes
  • Write catchy titles and compelling meta descriptions for each of your web pages

If this sounds like too much for you, don’t shy away from hiring the services of a professional SEO team. A well-designed SEO strategy can generate loads of organic traffic to your website, which pays dividends in the long run.

4.   Optimize for Local SEO

Property owners in your city or town are using Google every day to find trusted local gardening companies. This is why you need to master the art of local SEO. By creating content that includes your city, region, or county’s name, you can generate a lot of local search traffic.

We recommend creating services pages, an About Us page, and regular informational blog posts that include your city name in its title. For example, content with the following titles could make an excellent impact from a local SEO perspective:

  • York Region: Best Gardening Company
  • Best Landscaping Company in Toronto: XYZ Gardening Enterprises
  • Emergency Landscaper in New York: Professionals Available 24/7
  • Bob’s Landscaping and Gardener: Voted Best in London (2024)

It’s imperative that you also tell Google where your business is physically located. Make sure that you fill out a Google My Business profile for your company, with your current address and phone number updated—this way, Google Search can verify that you’re truly a local company.

Growing a Winning Strategy

In a lot of ways, digital marketing is a long-term, marathon-like process. Results can be slow-going. But if you plant the seeds of success today, your gardening business can blossom into something truly special if you give it enough time.

Remember, all the marketing tricks in the world won’t work unless you’re willing to put the time and effort into projects that befit a reputable company. While advertising tactics help improve your business’s visibility, they’re only one ingredient in your company’s success. Whatever marketing strategies you employ will ultimately have to be backed up by top-notch services.