Adjusting Dealership Operations with Bulk SMS in Response to COVID-19

How can SMS support your dealership

Implementation of quarantine measures around the world is changing the way almost all companies operate. Organizations and users have gradually adapted to the new reality, and SMS messages help facilitate communication. Customers must be aware of the events taking place in the company of their interest. This allows businesses to resume bookings and sales, contracts and other services.

SMS marketing helps to solve many problems that arise in the absence of a possibility of personal meetings with potential clients. It is enough to follow simple guidelines to ensure the promotion of your brand.

In case that’s not enough to convince you of the SMS marketing power, maybe this  fact will: in comparison with any other marketing channels, SMS messaging shows the TOP engagement level.  You should know that 88% of texts sent by business are opened, and 82% are read within 5 minutes of receipt —  in comparison with 24% and 2% for emails and PPC advertising

Reaching with potential buyers and existing  customers through SMS messaging is not just fast and cheap. With the right aprroch, your messages can be highly targeted. Although, inspite of these benefits, it seems like dealerships are  not fast to adopt this  channel of marketing practice.

Simplify contact tracing with bulk SMS

Messages can be sent to users’ phones regardless of Wi-Fi connection or 4G signal strength. Almost everyone has a mobile phone, and today people don’t leave their houses without taking their devices with them. This greatly simplifies the process of tracking interaction with your company via SMS messages:

  1. During the first login, you can ask customers to send a short message to your number. There must be no hidden costs for this action. Users will pay for the standard message, and you should defray all other expenses.
  2. After the message is delivered, the client contact number will be saved, and you will find out the date and time at which it was sent.
  3. Set up an automatic reply to thank users for registering. Mention the high level of security and feedback.

By sending a keyword, customers will be able to register their data on your portal, after which you will be able to perform a mobile lookup. In some cases, it’s possible to supplement the key request with a QR code.

Promote your latest product offering

Product promotion doesn’t stop with the launch of an advertising campaign and successful sales. It’s necessary to constantly offer the target audience new products or services, not forgetting about marketing methods, so as not to lose profits. Due to the pandemic, many companies decide to change their type of activity in order to not lose the opportunity to earn money and interact with customers.

Regular customers should be aware of the events taking place in your company. If they are interested in products, they are able to not only buy but also help in promotion by posting links to your products on their personal pages in social media. You can give customers an opportunity to study the products before the official launch — such an exclusive offer will not go unnoticed. Users will be able to test the product and provide valuable feedback. This will help strengthen their loyalty to your brand.

Don’t forget about the offers available prior to the launch of new products:

  • purchase at reduced prices;
  • second deal at the price of the first one;
  • free shipping or other gifts.

Regardless of the method you chose for promotion, emphasize that the promotion period is limited. Customers interested in purchasing the product will hurry to purchase it on profitable terms.

Create the customer lists

When customers have registered on your portal, you may ask if they would like to subscribe to the newsletter. This will allow them to stay up-to-date with your company’s news and receive notifications if there are more products added or if there are changes in your work hours. It is enough to indicate and send a keyword that will help you create a list of contacts for further mass messaging.

Any company, regardless of its type of activity, can use bulk messaging to get back on track. Communication with customers will remind them of new promotions and other interesting offers. Choose the right service for sending bulk sms and enjoy the growth of the conversion rate on your website.

Validate and verify mobile numbers

To keep the effectiveness of the marketing campaign at a high level, you need to verify cell phone numbers of customers. This will allow you to avoid sending bulk messages to numbers that are not being used. Inactive contacts should be found before the launch of an ad campaign. If such numbers are revealed during active sales and mass messaging, you may lose a significant amount of money. Incorrect numbers should be quickly deleted from your database already at the stage of its formation.

To do this, you can use special tools designed to confirm mobile numbers. The selected services allow you to determine whether the number is corded or mobile one, where a user lives and other important data that can be used during your advertising campaign.

To confirm a phone number, it’s enough to enter the data in the specified form, after which the program will check it. Among the specified information about subscribers, you will see their places of residence, mobile operator and other information available publicly.

You can sending bulk messages only to valid numbers of your subscribers. To do this, you can select certain services designed to automate news and advertising notifications. Don’t send messages to each user individually; it’s enough to select a group of clients from the created database and set a schedule. In accordance with the specified dates and times, each customer will receive an SMS message with the information you chose.

This procedure will help you improve the efficiency of customer interactions and increase the conversion rate of your site. Use the help of the special service, which can be found here When all preliminary steps have been completed, you can start tracing contacts directly.