Why you should Respond to Negative Reviews

Before deciding whether a certain firm is the one you should choose, the comments and the reviews are the first thing that you read. That way you can determine the quality of the service that the firm offers, and how satisfied its clients are.

As a business owner, it is really hard to satisfy everyone. There will always be people who will leave negative reviews. Your job is to sort those things out, and fix the issue in the future.

By replying to these bad reviews, you are putting the person who wrote them in a situation where they have to explain to you what happened for this reaction, so you can resolve the problem. When people see that you are quick to communicate and fix the misunderstandings, they feel like you care about them, and they tend to give you a chance.

To help you understand why should you reply to negative reviews, we have made this article. In addition, you will have the chance to learn what is the best way to respond to the issue that your customer is having.

It shows that you care


Replying back to negative comments is beneficial both for the person who was not satisfied and your future customers. When you reply, it shows that you have separated your time to write back to them. there are statistics that many people change their opinion when they get a comment back.

If your future customers see that you are replying to the people who were not satisfied so you can find a solution or get them something like an apology, they will want to use your firm more. Showing that you care means a lot to your current and potential buyers. When they see that their satisfaction is your priority, the negative comments will not affect their decision.

Understand what you can improve

By going through your reviews, you can understand what your customers like and what they don’t. That way you will learn how to orient your firm into doing the things that satisfy your buyers as suggested by PissedConsumer.com.

Looking at the negativities, you can understand whether the problem is laying in your products or the customer had different expectations. Fixing the issues is really important for the future and the longevity of your firm. If many people are saying that you lack quality, or they just don’t like the product they have received, you might be in trouble. The future customers will see that many people are complaining about the same thing, so they will avoid your firm.

Communicating with your customers


Being always there for your customers is always important, especially when running a small business. Misunderstanding can happen often, but that should be fixed right away. When you write back to the negative comment, most people accept it and delete the bad review.

This is a great opportunity to show how your firm functions. Giving them a peak where they can see the insides of your business will make them stay longer as your customer.

Also, you can proceed even further and let them contact you directly. That way not only that you will fix the issue, but you will build a great relationship with your buyers as well.

You will increase your earnings

Leaving the bad comments without a response can be the factor why you are losing in earnings. All you have to do is to put in the time and write them back so they can give you more information and find a solution for the issue. That way, they can change their review, or they give an update so the potential customers can see, and understand that you are willing to do your best to improve their experience.

How to write back


Since we have seen some of the benefits of responding to negative comments about your work, it is time to teach you the proper way of doing that.

Before you even get in front of your monitor, make sure that you calm down and don’t write anything because of anger. Giving a negative response is even worse than the review itself.

When you are writing the response, you should understand what type of person the reviewer is. You can check if they have commented on other businesses, so you can see what is the best way to address him. If you are having a comment that is short and clear, which explains the problem without taking too long, make sure that you respond in the same way. In case it’s someone’s first time to use your firm, make sure that you give a proper explanation so they can understand how everything functions.

The most important thing that you have to do is to find a solution to the problem they have had. If their product was not what they have expected, offer them returns. Another thing that you can do after finding a solution to the problem they had is to treat them in some way. You can offer something they can get gratis with their next purchase or something similar. Don’t forget to invite them, and encourage them to give you a second chance so you can prove that you have fixed the issue.

After solving their problem, you should ask them to change their comment, or just remove it. Make sure that you are not forcing that on them. Removing their comment, or giving a follow-up on what happened next will make your future clients understand that you are doing everything to please them.


When thinking about writing back to these reviews, make sure that you do that as soon as you see them. Writing after many days or months is just unprofessional and it is better to ignore it than write back. To show everyone how good your support is, make sure that you get back to them in a day. For that purpose, make sure that you constantly check for comments and reviews.

Lastly, to improve how your firm works in the future, make sure that you are not doing the same mistakes. If something happens once, learn from it. By improving the quality of your products or service, you will attract more positive comments, which will be a factor in attracting more people, and increasing your earnings.