7 Tips to Help Students Write the American Dream Essay

Right about now you all have your understanding of the meaning American Dream. You will all have different explanations, and different views which are normal and logical but all of those can be put under the same frame – equality, rights, liberty, opportunity and democracy.

If you think about it the notion of the American Dream is a sort of national belief that moves the people of the USA forward, helps them preserve the notion of the same opportunities and prosperities, helps them believe that life should be better and richer for everyone despite their status and circumstances of birth.

Thanks to these things we all understand why school essay with the topic of the American Dream held in schools for so long and is still popular. It is always good to have a new and fresh view of the current situation from someone that is thinking a lot clearer and unobstructed by politics, such as future students. A big problem for them is the fact that they have trouble formulating this important essay and today we are here to help them write it more easily with a lot less burden and distractions.

If you need more information about the topic of the American Dream and the viability of the essay as a whole, check out what Wr1ter has to say about it. Maybe you will find some ideas for the essay there as well.

1. The first sentence/sentences


Where most of us make a mistake is the first sentence of every essay, including this. We want to sound smart and start strong and we pretty much choose generic first lines that are supposed to make an impact on the reader. What we need to do is be original and think about something eye-catching that will draw in the reader and make him/her want to read more and more. This beginning is something that will make the reader close to you, routing for you and be on your side from the get-go.

2. Expand your vernacular

Learning new words isn’t that hard but what is hard is to use them meaningfully and creatively. You have to take care of every little detail and know just how to set up every next line for it to resonate correctly with the previous or the next line. One thing that will make you work on your vernacular, and make you stop sounding generic, is to avoid starting and finishing your sentences with common words or phrases. Stop using slang is another thing that you should do immediately and it will greatly improve your phrasing and improve the quality of your essay.

3. Don’t overuse the big words

This somehow ties to the second tip and it states that you should pace yourself and don’t start overusing certain words that increase the quality of your essay. If you found a few words that are a bit “bigger” than others that don’t force them too much or you will use their quality over time. It all becomes redundant and you make yourself a bigger problem instead of a solution. Try to also avoid big words that you don’t know how and when to use. Misusing words in sentences can make them misunderstood or even not understandable at all.

4. Formulaic structure


Every essay has to have a certain structure to seem meaningful. You can just chuck in some facts and information, write some words to tie everything together and call it quits. No! You have to have a formulaic structure that goes something like this: 4to five paragraphs that consist of one intro paragraphs, two to three body paragraphs and one conclusion paragraph.

A good rule of thumb is to have your intro paragraph ask a certain question that will your essay answer. The body should be used to develop some sort of reasoning that will lead to discovery to that question, while your concluding paragraph should summarize everything that you wrote and answer the question you asked in the beginning.

5. Fluid transitions

When writing an essay, it is very important to have a clean transition between sentences or paragraphs. You should watch out for the last sentences having a strong tie and hook to the next one in the next word or paragraph. If you don’t tie your sentences then you don’t tie your train of taught and your entire work can be a huge mess that sometimes has and mostly doesn’t have any meaning.

6. Double-check your grammar and vocabulary

This is another thing that, maybe shouldn’t be stressed, but we cannot row past without mentioning it. Imagine you do more than a decent essay on this topic but your grammar and vocabulary ends up horrible and destroy all the good you made. This is why it is important to double-check or even triple-check these. If you have a family member that is good at this, by all means, let him or her have a look at it, otherwise, you can do it by yourself using an online spell, and grammar checkers. Just be aware that there are free and paid versions and the result of the checkup will depend on which you opt for.


7. Always have an outline

This will help you if you run into a block or even if you are staring into a blank Word page and don’t know how to start. Having an outline allows you to write down all your main ideas and pitch points in all their crude and misplaced fashion. After that, you will probably get a feeling or at least a pointer to where to go on from there. All those ideas and thesis will be out there and you can arrange them however you see fit and link them into a creative essay that will get you top points.

Writing an essay isn’t easy and most of us have troubles with it. Some offer more some less writing liberties and with that, you may have more or fewer problems, blocks or walls there is no way around. Using these several pointers we gave you, should allow you to create a more consistent, creative, elaborate and well thought American Dream essay that will be well received by its readers. Think about what we wrote, try and apply it to your work and see if it works. Everything can be subject to change and if you find one part that can’t work with your idea then by all means change it accordingly. Best of luck in all your future writings.