Tips to Choose the Best Workwear for Your Company

Tips to Choose the Best Workwear for Your Company

Do you want your company to have a professional image? Are you tired of employees coming to work in slacks and t-shirts? Perhaps it’s time for management to consider making uniforms mandatory? The good news is you can opt for custom workwear that complements your company’s branding.

To assist you, we’ve provided valuable tips to choose the best workwear for your employees. Whether you’re in the construction industry or you have executives that deal with clients daily, there are uniforms for every type of organisation.

Functionality and Extra Requirements

Workwear Extra Requirements

Think about the functionality aspects you want your work attire to have. Consider adding:

  • Pockets to pants and jackets
  • Easy to use closures like zippers or buttons
  • Inner lining for warmth for winter uniforms
  • Reflective bands on construction workwear

Write down any extra requirements you have for your uniforms and ensure they’re in line with the type of work you’re doing. For example, people that work in warehouses may need thin dust coats with collars and sleeves that are easy to roll up. Industries working with hazardous chemicals or equipment will require uniforms to have specific requirements like:

Comfort is also important because employees will wear their outfits for long periods of time. So, make sure the workwear is made to everyone’s exact measurements for a good fit.

Affordability and Quality

Some companies will pay a portion for uniforms and then the employees are expected to pay the difference. Choose uniforms that are affordable, so no party needs to pay too much. But, never compromise on quality. Workwear should be made with fabrics that can withstand harsh conditions.

Take a look at the stitching of the hems, the fabric and the overall design of the uniforms. Make sure the uniforms have no loose threads, holes or other wear and tear issues. Additionally, study the label to see how to maintain the uniforms without damaging them.

Colours and Branding

employee with blue workwear uniform

Create a cohesive and professional image by matching your workwear to your company’s branding. This will show that your staff are part of a unified team that takes pride in their appearance and the company they work for.

To achieve this, use the same colours that are present in your company’s logo. You can also use colours that go with your company’s branding. For example, if your logo is red, you can add contrast to your uniforms by adding grey or black to your workwear.

Name Tags and Logos

Speaking of branding, consider placing your company’s logo on your uniforms. Place the logo on the left-hand side of your uniforms so that people know who your employees are working for. Uniforms with logos can improve brand awareness and your credibility.

Furthermore, employees should have name tags, especially if you have a large corporation. Name tags—or names printed on clothing—prevent awkward exchanges with employees, and it leads to improved communication.

The Benefits of Work Uniforms

The Benefits of Work Uniforms

If you’re still on the fence about whether you should make company uniforms mandatory, then maybe the following benefits will help you make a decision.

Unity and Equality

Some employees are rich enough to come to work in their name brand attire. Other employees may struggle to find decent clothing to wear because they have financial troubles. In fact, about 50% of Australian employees experience some kind of financial stress.

With that being said, providing your staff with workwear can create a sense of unity and equality because it eliminates visible differences. It can create a positive working environment and encourage employees to work together.

Saves Money and Time

It can be difficult finding the right clothes to wear to work every day. It also costs employees more money to buy decent clothes for a corporate environment. When you provide your staff with professional uniforms, they’ll save money because they won’t have to shop for work outfits.

Uniforms will also save your employees a lot of time because they won’t have to search for the ideal outfit to wear to work every day.

Makes Employees Feel Confident

High quality uniforms can elevate employees’ confidence levels, especially when communicating with customers. It will make them feel more comfortable in their abilities and knowledge because they won’t be worried about how they look.

Should You Get Your Uniforms Custom Made?

All types desing

Most companies don’t want to spend the time getting their uniforms customised. But if you don’t have personalised uniforms, you run the risk of having attire that looks similar to other companies’ workwear.

When you get your workwear made specifically for your brand, you’ll have unique attire that represents your company perfectly. You can also change certain design elements of your workwear to ensure it reflects your values, mission and brand identity.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, a lot of consideration goes into choosing the right workwear for your company. Use the tips mentioned here to ensure your employees get uniforms that are comfortable, professional looking and made with quality materials. It’s a wise investment for any business.