Reasons Why Diablo 2 Resurrected Is Better Than Diablo 3

Choosing between any two games is the hardest part for any video game lover. And if the other game is a sequel to the first, the job and it’s difficulty heightens to another level. In this complete guide we will present reasons as to why Diablo 2 is better than Diablo 3 and make your choosing a little easier.

This complete guide lets you know which game out of the two wins regarding visual appearance, graphics, story, characters, art style, animation and many other factors. You will have a clear idea about both by the time you finish reading this article.

Let’s start!

Diablo 2 Vs Diablo 3


Diablo 2 is an action-themed thriller video game formulated by developer Blizzard North. The game was released in the year 2000 and was circulated by Blizzard Entertainment. The video game has a dark aura surrounding it. The game took a total of 3years to develop and the massive popularity of it till today, makes it all worth it.

Diablo 3 is again an action-themed video game developed for computers and consoles and disseminated by the same circulating, Blizzard Entertainment. The game stands upright regarding holding the audience’s retention with its dynamics and graphics. It is a popular choice and was the fastest selling video game in the world when it was released.

The sequel Diablo 4, is currently being developed by the producers and the crew.

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Who Wins The Race?

Visual Appearance And Style Is Won By Diablo 2

All video games have artistic styles that match in no way to the others. Their art style in some way stands upright to what the games represent. With Diablo 2 being broadcast in 2000, it had a style that was similar to the video games that were popular during those times.

Diablo 3 was made accessible to people in 2012 and has an art style that is very different from Diablo 2 but similar to games from that decade. Although the art style of Diablo 3 is more colourful and eye-appealing, the dark and gloomy style of Diablo 2 wins hearts. It looks very aesthetic and is loved by most people.

So, regarding art style, the ball is in Diablo 2’s court.

Graphics Of Diablo 3 Stand No Comparison


Games that were broadcast two decades back and games that were broadcasted one decade back will have different graphics. One apparent fact that nobody’s mind would skip is the better graphics design of modern games. New and modern games have graphics that are upgraded to the next level and look so good. Diablo 3 thus has better resolution and graphics that no one can beat.


Would you prefer playing a video game that has no good control commands? Not. Out of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, controls are won over by Diablo 3. Why? Modern build-up technique for sure. Modern technology has allowed the game to perform so much better regarding control that it offers to the player, be it on your laptops or your consoles.

Although Diablo 2 is no less a competitor, someone has to win the race. And in the matter of controls and user-friendliness, it is won by Diablo 3.

When Talking About Secrets, We Sadly Have A Tie Between The Competitors

Unleashing the secrets in any game is the best experience a player could get. Similarly, in both the games, the competition regarding secrets, their reveal and the experience to the user remains very magical and it is hard to decide who wins hearts over. This surely has to be a tie.

The Best Story, Plot And Concept Is Of  Diablo 2

What do you watch movies for? Why do you play video games? What keeps you so indulged in them both? Surely, the story they house in themselves. Even though modern games raise the bar regarding graphics and design.

The concept and plot are better than the older ones. The story of Diablo 2 finds no match and is unbeatable. It is one of the reasons for the extreme popularity of the game.

The Multiplayer Factor

Being able to switch to multiplayer mode in a game is always fun, no? Well, both the games offer the multiplayer experience to their users, but one of them lacks in the intricate details here.

Due to the better dynamics, graphics and technology used, Diablo 3 has an edge over Diablo 2 in multiplayer switching. It is easy to handle and manage. User’s get the best experience in multiplayer mode while playing Diablo 3.

Characters In The Game


Characters in a video game play unexpectedly crucial roles. You can very well relate to any one of the characters in a game and the cherishing experience of the game doubles up.

Both the games have their own unique characters, and they have their own personalities and importance. It is hard to decide a winner for this stance.


Before buying anything online, before calling up a manufacturer, before playing a game, or before watching a movie, what is the one thing that no one skips from finding out about?

Yes, the reviews. Reviews save our time and money from getting brushed off by non-loyal people. For Diablo 3 and Diablo 2, Metacritic ranks them both 88/100.

The popular base and fans’ love for the 2nd game stands evident from the fact that it has 8.8 user ratings while Diablo Three stands at just 4.4, which is really very low.


Based on the reviews and the amount of love the users have showered on it, Diablo 2 stands the winner in the race comprising it and it’s sequel. People love it for it’s story, it’s characters, it’s secrets, it’s art style and what not.

If you are thinking which one to try first. There’s no doubt you need to go with Diablo 2 because you will love everything about it.

Happy gaming!