5 Reasons Why Blunt Wraps Are Better Than Papers

Today, smoking weed is becoming more widespread, especially since many countries have legalized its recreational consumption. However, passionate consumers often have a dilemma about which roll to use – blunt or paper? While some weed smokers are still paper-minded, there are more of those who claim that blunt gives you some obvious benefits. So we will point out 5 reasons why blunt wraps are better than papers.

Blunt Or Paper? That’s The Question!


Although there are many ways you can consume cannabis today – most consumers remain consistent with the traditional way, which is the joint. However, we must note that there are some differences among consumers. Some of them got stuck in the time of Woodstock 1969 – believing that the paper joint was an unsurpassed thing. On the other hand, newer generations of consumers believe that blunt is a far better option. And what exactly is the difference that would determine the advantage of one or another way of consuming? We can say that the primary difference is in the wrapper itself. Paper is always just paper – and blunt also contains tobacco leaves. Looking from the outside, you will always notice the difference based on the color. Namely, while the paper is usually white or off-white – blunt has a darker color and is slightly thicker, precisely because of the tobacco it contains. It is usually yellowish and you can even see the tobacco leaves veins on it. We can also in a variety of sizes, and depending on the quality they will look smoother or less smooth. If you are a weed consumer and are considering which option to choose, here are some reasons to opt for blunt.

1.   Burning Time

It is clear that when we consume weed we want the whole experience to last longer. That is the main reason why you should choose blunt as an option. Prolonged enjoyment and slower burning are good enough reasons to opt for a blunt. And why does blunt burn slower than paper? Well, blunts are primarily thicker in consistency and contain tobacco sheets that make them even thicker. Blunts can also be enriched with additional aromas such as vanilla, cognac, etc. According to Smokea, you can opt for pre-rolled blunts or cones that have a special label “slow-burning”, which will certainly prolong your enjoyment. Also, this option is ideal when you consume it by sharing it with other people – unlike a paper joint which is better for solo use.

2.   Tobacco


Tobacco is probably the main reason why blunt wraps are better than paper. Namely, blunt wraps are most often made with cigarettes, that is, using tobacco. Cigarettes or cigarillos are rolled in blunt – or we can consume those whose front is made of natural tobacco leaves, which gives it strength and aroma. Of course, such a blunt has a much higher nicotine content, so keep that in mind. If you are not a smoker or you are not used to higher doses of nicotine – such a blunt will be very intense when you smoke weed. In fact, the only nicotine-free blunt is one made from hemp.

3.   Easier To Use And Less Smoke

While blunts may be a little harder to roll over the paper, they are still at an advantage. Here’s why. Blunts are not always easy to wrap, but after you do it (if you do it by yourself), they last longer – and you can pack them easier without fear of spoiling. We have already said that they burn more slowly, and as such, they are ideal for use in situations when you share them with other people. In addition, due to their thickness, they produce less smoke – and considering they are often flavored, a pleasant smell is what often distinguishes them.

4.   Better Effect With Blunt

Although many people think the opposite, blunt is the one that gives you a stronger weed effect. So how is that possible? The answer is quite simple! Blunt is a much wider package – and you can use more weed than with a plain paper joint. In addition, sometimes the combination of weed, tobacco, and aroma you use – enhances the effect and contributes to better stimulation. If you use a certain type of hemp, to which you add tobacco and, for example, the aroma of cognac – you can have a far better experience than with rolled paper.

5.   Rolling Blunt: Good Rolling Technique Is Key

Although rolling blunts used to be almost hard work, today it is no longer the case. That is why today we can put this feature as one of the advantages of blunts. Namely, ordinary cigarette paper is very fragile. It breaks easily – especially in the case when it is too dry. When you buy it, you don’t have the glue to seal it properly, so it often happens that even the weed falls out of such a joint. When it comes to blunts, the old ones used to be very complicated to roll, but that is no longer the case today. Therefore, when rolling them, make sure that you have the right technique. Tobacco leaves, if you use them, should not be too dry or too wet. Once you pack them well, you will be able to keep them in a cigarette case without fear of them falling apart or scattering around.



At the end of this story, you will enjoy whichever option you choose. Still, if we are going to be objective, we must say blunts give you a better chance for a better enjoyment – because they are bigger and wider and you can further enrich them with tobacco or aromas. Although there are papers that can also be flavored, it is already clear to you that it is not exactly the same thing. Therefore, if you truly want to give yourself the quality pleasure of smoking weed – maybe blunts could be the right choice for you. Even if you have been using paper so far, allow yourself to try something different. We are sure that your complete experience will be better and more intense.