Why are Personal Injury Cases So Complex

From an early age, we teach children to be careful trying to protect them from falls and various types of injuries. But as much as we want it, it’s in a child’s nature to run, play, and not think about the consequences. Even if they think about it, some things just can’t be prevented. No matter how careful you are, an accident can happen to anyone. After all, the cause can be the other party so sometimes there is no way out.

Personal injuries include all those in situations that surround us on a daily basis, traffic accidents, pedestrian accidents, and many others. With nice weather we meet more and more motorcyclists and cyclists on the road, and it is considered that they are the most endangered participants in traffic. In any case, when you experience any accident and injury that you did not cause yourself, it is the right time to call a personal injury attorney and explain to him what it is.


The job of a personal injury lawyer is to allege physical or psychological injuries to his or her client for the purpose of compensating for monetary damages. We recommend you experienced lawyers from gordonlawchicago.com, please check.

Personal injury lawyers often charge large amounts of cases, tight deadlines, and demanding clients. However, many attorneys believe that the most prevalent aspect of personal injury is assistance to injured victims, and their families seek justice through the legal system.

Can money be used to pay for or compensate for physical and mental suffering, fear, horror, frustration, violation of dignity, honor, reputation, good reputation, loss of a close person, and similar hardships suffered by victims of various forms of violence or adverse events? Can non-pecuniary damage be compensated with money? If possible, how to determine how much compensation in cash belongs to the victim? How to harmonize case law and thus ensure the constitutional principle of equality of all before the law, in this case, victims (injured parties)? This work is intended for all of them with the aim of warning which factual and legal issues should be kept in mind whether the amount of fair monetary compensation is determined. In any case, although the monetary compensation will not repair the injuries suffered, it will be able to cover the costs of treatment if necessary. On the other hand, the party that caused the accident will be more careful the second time when it knows that it cannot go unpunished.


According to the criterion of the nature of the damaged property, damages are divided into property and non-property. If a property has been damaged by a harmful act – a word is about property damage. If someone non-property is injured by a harmful act right (personality right) or some non-property interest – it is non-property harm. In this context, non-pecuniary damage is a special type of damage.

The job of assessing non-pecuniary damage is a lengthy process because very often, in addition to lawyers, it involves a whole team of people such as forensic experts and doctors, and the paperwork is quite large.

In order to be liable for non-pecuniary damage, first of all, all general presumptions of liability for damage must be met, namely: subjects of the relationship of liability for damage, damage, harmful action, causal link, illegality in the objective sense. Sometimes, depending on the type of liability, some special assumptions may need to be met. Thus, for example, in the case of subjective liability for non-pecuniary damage, the fault of the pest will be required.

If all the preconditions for liability for damage are met, the pest is liable to repair the damage.

There is no single system for resolving claims based on traffic accidents, and the method of resolving depends on specific solutions in individual countries.

Depending on the characteristics of the individual case, it is possible that it will be contentious about any of the following issues:

  • “Origination of an obligation” – application of the law
  • Determination of interest – the start of the course
  • Application of “orientation criteria” to non-pecuniary damage
  • The task of medical experts
  • Authenticity of medical records
  • Maturity of the obligation, ie whether the entire obligation has been submitted documentation and whether the treatment has been completed – the request is delivered to the insurer 15 days after the adverse event, the expertise determined that the treatment and pain lasted longer;
  • Premature claims and lawsuits;
  • The need for medical guidance documentation of “terms” – completed treatment, stabilized condition, etc .;


When we talk about a lawyer’s fee for handling personal injury cases, we can say that it is individual – some will ask you to pay an advance, while others will wait for the case to be completed when they will keep a certain part of the compensation for injuries. In any case, a personal injury lawyer should be a person you trust. Another very important thing is not to keep the details quiet, even when you think the truth will not work in your favor.

For many people, the very act of seeking a lawyer can be a little intimidating. Because, it is not just about finding a lawyer, but it is necessary for him to be a person specialized in a specific area that you need. Choosing a lawyer is a personal matter. You can visit fishertalwar.com to learn more about it. It is very important that, regardless of the recommendations, establish a good business relationship with your lawyer and be honest with him, because only if all the facts about a case, a lawyer can make a quality defense. If the client does not cooperate fully, the lawyer will not be able to provide the best service, regardless of his experience and recommendations. If this is the first time you need a lawyer, consult a person who has previously had experience in this field. Of course, it is still up to you to make the final decision and trust your instinct. Today, you can find many law firms on the Internet, and it is always useful to read reviews on their sites.


If you are undecided and the search is not going as well as you imagined, call the bar association in your city, we are sure you will get recommendations from them.