7 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Wholesale Baby Clothes Search

Being a mom is not easy. Because of caring for a baby, there is less time for many things – and one of them is shopping for baby clothes. Fortunately, a large number of online stores are available today – so we can make purchases from home in just a few clicks. The goods arrive at your home address, payment is made online or by cash on delivery – and the time we would spend visiting the shops can be spent in a better way. However, when purchasing, we must be careful not to make some of the typical mistakes that usually happen when we search for baby clothes wholesale online.

Parents Often Get Carried Away When Buying Baby Clothes

When the baby gets home, there is no greater happiness. Although we are aware that we already have provided everything for our baby – new things always entice us again and again. Really, how can we resist that when everything is so tiny, beautiful, and so sweet? When choosing clothes for their babies, parents often want those clothes to be cute, colorful, modern, and irresistible. Today, we have so many online shops and wholesalers of baby clothes – that when we search for them, we can easily get carried away and make some of the typical mistakes. Therefore, there are some things you should be aware of when choosing baby clothes. So, let’s see what mistakes we should avoid.

1.   You Didn’t Pick The Right Size Of Baby Clothes


Believe it or not, this is a very common mistake made by everyone –  including the baby’s parents. It is an especially common mistake that we buy not bigger – but smaller clothes than the baby needs. How do we make such mistakes? It’s not too strange, although it seems so at first glance. Namely, newborns grow very fast in the first months of their life. Therefore, when buying clothes, always make sure that they are two or three sizes bigger.

2.   You Bought Baby Clothes With Buttons And Laces

Clothing manufacturers are generally very careful when making baby clothes. However, there are some things you need to pay attention to. Don’t buy clothes with loose buttons, laces – or other details that the baby can easily pull out and start chewing.

3.   You Forgot That Your Baby Should Have Day And Night Wardrobe

We often overlook this because all things look pretty similar to us. They are all so colorful, and so cute – we don’t even think about things such as day and night wardrobe. So, it is important to separate clothes for the day from those for the night. You should choose lighter clothes for the day and thicker for the night. The baby should not be too hot or too cold at night – otherwise, you may have trouble falling asleep. Of course, clothes should be adjusted to the seasons – no matter how well you maintain a uniform temperature in the apartment throughout the year.

4.   Not Choosing Practical Clothes For Your Baby


Not understanding the needs of the baby in terms of clothes is without a doubt one of the worst – and the most expensive, mistakes that we make. Unfortunately, many brands use this initial ignorance to get you to buy things that may be cute but impractical for babies. Despite irresistible creations with folds, bows and beads, and overpriced brands – babies don’t need more than bodysuits and sleeping clothes. Even when they grow a little and you start to dress them more modern, make sure they are wearing comfortable and quality pieces of clothing.

According to kiskissing, if you make an extra effort to better search for wholesale kids’ clothing – you can find them at affordable prices. These things must be practical, easy to wash and dry – and in addition, they do not cost a small fortune.

5.   You Didn’t Wash Baby’s New Clothes Immediately


A baby’s skin is more sensitive than an adult’s skin and is more prone to irritation. Wash new clothes before dressing your child in them. You don’t know how long the clothes stayed in the store or warehouse before you bought them. In addition, washing clothes will make them softer and more comfortable for your baby.

6.   You Think Pink Is For Girls And Blue Is For Boys?!

As we all know, there is an unwritten rule somewhere that pink is reserved for girls and blue for boys. However, if you have not given birth yet – it is best to buy clothes in neutral colors. You can never be completely sure until you give birth. Besides, if you buy your baby girl only pink clothes – it will be very difficult for you to use them one day if you give birth to another baby boy. Therefore, it is always better to opt for lighter tones such as pale yellow, light green, lavender, light orange, etc.

7.   Not Paying Attention To Discounts

If you don’t want to spend an insane amount of money on baby clothes – the best advice we can give you is to buy them before the end of the season. Clothes do not lose their quality, because you bought them at the end of the summer, instead of at the beginning –  and they can be even twice as cheap. You should also look out for discounts or collect coupons that will give you one. Be sure to buy a size or two larger pieces –  because that’s how often babies need to grow from season to season.


These are mistakes that no parent is immune to. Even parents for whom this is not their first baby can very easily get carried away when it comes to buying baby clothes. If you are currently in the phase of purchasing everything your baby needs, it is not bad to sit down and seek advice from someone who has been through it all – so you may find yourself somewhere in the middle. Of course, if you like the tulle dress for your baby girl – buy it. Just try to set some limits so that you don’t find yourself in front of a closet full of dresses that your baby girl will outgrow in a month or two.