Top 7 Whatsapp Alternatives in 2024

We all use our phones to communicate with our friends and family. Free messaging apps are something that’s become essential in our mobile phone use.

One of the most popular messaging apps is probably WhatsApp. The thing you should know is that WhatsApp had its share of privacy and data issues. This is why many people are switching to other, safer alternatives. No matter if you’re one of those people, or you just got bored with it and want to try something new, this is the article for you!

So what are the best WhatsApp alternatives in 2024?

1. Surespot

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This is probably the safest messaging app around. It encrypts your data with

256-bit AES-GCM and end-to-end encryption. This makes it extremely safe and completely hacker-proof.

Other than that, Surespot doesn’t share your data with any third-parties. It has a pretty simple user interface, and you can use it completely anonymously.

The downsides are that it’s still not that widespread and it’s not compatible with anything other than iOs and Android. Chances that your friends use this app are not very high. Still, you can always recommend Surespot to your loved ones so you can both enjoy chatting without being worried about your data.

2. KakaoTalk

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If you’ve ever been to Korea, or you are one of those Kpop stans, you’ve probably heard of KakaoTalk. It’s mostly used by Koreans, but it’s starting to gain popularity in the west too. It has a “Secret Chat “feature that encrypts your messaging data with end-to-end encryption. Still, you should be careful, as KakaoTalk’s regular chatting option isn’t that strongly protected.

Overall, this is a great app, with a very creative interface. You get all kinds of cute stickers, you can customize your profile picture with some cutesy filters, and it’s completely free!

If you have any Korean friends, or you plan on chatting up a Korean penpal, then this app is a must for you! Unfortunately, it still doesn’t have that many users in the west, but that is changing rapidly with the rise of K-pop culture influence.

3. Discord

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Discord is a very popular app mostly used by gamers. You’ve probably seen some Youtubers post their discord server links into their videos. It’s great for group chats, video chats, and private messaging. You could also join different communities and easily meet new friends. All connections are TLS encrypted, so that’s a giant plus for your safety worries.

You can control who can message you and what kind of content you want or do not want to receive (you can completely block NSWF contents from your whole discord server).

It has a very simple user interface, has a bright and dark mode, and it has about 250 million users, so your friends are very likely to already have it on their phones! To learn more about Discord and how to boost it, visit Whop.

4. ChatToday

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At you can connect to people who share similar interests and build beautiful friendships. It’s super easy to use, and it helps you find usernames of people around you who share your passions!

It supports Kik, Snapchat, Skype, Telegram, and Discord! Other than that it has its built-in chatting feature that is completely safe to use. You can control who gets to see your profile and what’s public and what’s not. It’s a great way to safely meet new people.

Since most of us live incredibly busy lives, it’s sometimes hard to find the time to go out and meet new people. This is unfortunate as it could leave you feeling a bit lonely or unfulfilled. Thankfully, the internet is such a huge and diverse place, that you’re sure to find someone interesting with whom you’ll want to build a relationship with. And the easiest and the safest way to do it is through the ChatToday platform!

5. Telegram

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The Telegram app is one of the most popular WhatsApp alternatives in 2024. This is because it offers an interface very similar to that of WhatsApp while being much safer at the same time. It uses 256-bit symmetric AES encryption which is very secure.

It’s so safe that they’re offering an award for anyone who manages to crack their encryption. It’s compatible with almost every operating system that exists, it has a number of fun features and is super simple to use. If you were a WhatsApp user you’ll have no trouble adjusting to the Telegram app. It has over 400 million users, so it’s likely that your loved ones already have it.

The only downside is that you can’t really be anonymous while using Telegram, they require your phone number.

6. Wickr

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Wickr is an open source app that doesn’t require access to any of your personal data. It’s end-to-end encrypted and it deletes your messaging data once it’s on their servers.

It has a simple interface and it’s available on both Android and iOs. You can share up to 10mb files, create group chats for your family and your friend group, and much more.

It doesn’t need you to link your e-mail or phone number with your account, but if you want to, you can still link your phone to easily navigate through your existing contacts. It’s simple to use, and it’s completely free.

7. Viber

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Viber is an app that lets you make video calls, send voice messages, gifs, stickers (you can even make your own), and much more! It’s a great alternative to WhatsApp, although it’s not that popular in the west as of yet. Still, it has over 960 million users, and it has solid protection. It’s compatible with both iOs and Android and has a desktop version as well.

Viber uses 256-bit end-to-end encryption and it doesn’t store user information on their servers. They also have an option of “secret chatting “where you can set your messages to disappear after a certain amount of time.

It does require your phone number to function and they claim not to share any data with third parties.


There are millions of different messaging apps available on both iOs and Android devices. The most important thing to check is the privacy policy of the app, so you know what kind of access they have to your data. Also, remember to make sure the app uses encryption to protect your data from hacker attacks.

If you really like a certain messaging app and it seems unsafe, you could still keep on using it safely by finding a reliable VPN service to protect you.