2024 Outlook: What To Expect In The San Francisco Real Estate Market

The housing market in SF County is one of the most fierce and costly in the country. At the beginning of this year, the housing market faced quite a tough spell. The region’s residential property market is marked by strong demand and limited availability as a rapidly growing and highly coveted urban location, resulting in fierce competition among purchasers and increasing prices.

You are entitled to collaborate with the most talented San Francisco Real estate agents, and when the right moment arrives for you to purchase or sell, these agents may have a role in bringing the deal to completion.

In real estate, there’s an aphorism. When is the greatest time to purchase a house? Ten years ago. What’s the next best time? Today.

The greatest moment to alter your living situation remains when it is perfect for you. Priority one is your circumstance, ambitions, and funds.

The geographical location, durability of construction, style of architecture, condition, exterior appeal, square footage and amnesties, lot size, vistas, parking, and many other elements all play a part in variations in house prices.

What To Expect In The San Francisco Real Estate Market

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Home sales in the state decreased by 34.2% in March 2024 when compared to the same month the year before, as reported by the California Association of Realtors. The number of currently listed citations on a particular day is impacted by the number of new listings that come on the market. And, how rapidly do purchasers take them up, following the market’s relentless heat over time and finally, how many sellers withdraw their properties off the market sans selling?

These figures fluctuate seasonally. In this article, we will examine the most current trends and expectations for the San Francisco County housing market, including prices, inventory levels, and market activity, among other things.

Property Sales

In the span of February 2024, sales of existing one-family residences in San Francisco County fell 32.9% year on year. This suggests that the housing market has slowed in comparison to past years. The nearly 33% perineal reduction in San Francisco detached house sales in February 2024 reflects a downturn in the housing market. This is likely attributable to issues such as worries about affordability, rising mortgage rates, and a trend toward more distant work arrangements.

Interest Rates On Mortgages

In November 2022, the shift in average rates nearly declined by fifty. According to various mortgage industry sources, they are likely to continue lowering in 2024, although moderately.

Following Freddie Mac’s most recent quarterly prediction, 30-year fixed rates would fall from the median of 6.8% in the fourth quarter of 2022 to 6.2% in the fourth quarter of 2024.

The Mortgage Bankers Association anticipates a 30-year fixed rate of 5.2% by the end of the year that follows.

For purchasers, the current status within the San Francisco real estate sector offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire a property at a lower cost than in past years. Mortgage interest rates are erratic, so be mindful of this fact.

However, purchasers should be careful and conduct thorough research prior to committing to a purchase because the market could still vary. To attract potential buyers, it is critical to engage with a qualified real estate agent to advertise the house competitively. Or else it might render it more difficult for sellers to sell a house promptly or at the price they would like.

Home Prices In The SF Bay Area

In 2024, realizing that this is going to remain a bit of a shambles, as we see that prices for San Francisco real estate increased in 2021 and early 2022, notably for single detached homes. We expect San Francisco housing prices to be a combination of all sorts. But eventually, as the mortgage rates surged and tech stocks dropped, San Francisco housing values fell precipitously during the summer and fall. With SF real estate values rising and then falling by nearly 20% in a couple of weeks, the market experienced major flaking.

Is The Market More Favorable To Buying Or Selling?

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For A House Seller

If you’re thinking about selling your house in Francisco, the sales recently have been considerably low, which is not encouraging. Based on California Association of Realtors statistics, compared to the previous sales revenue in the Bay Area is down 35.5 percent overall and 37.9 % in San Francisco.

The economic instability is one of the reasons mortgage rates are so high. Mortgage rate increases are one of the primary factors for the market’s severe conserving. Price barriers prevent many would-be buyers from making a purchase. If you’re only thinking about listinrg, act quickly before interest rates climb and drive away more purchasers.

For A Home Buyer

Although rising home equity loan rates are undoubtedly a barrier for prospective purchasers, the market’s slowdown may offer a chance for those who are still looking.

As a buyer, you should prioritize selecting a property that you can afford. And post pandemic the prices are falling and there is less competition for properties, which is excellent news for local homebuyers.

2024 Home Selling Strategy

A concern for how house sellers’ methods in the San Francisco Bay Area evolve in 2024 transpire. For that, it’s more vital than ever to know how much your property is worth in today’s market and to alter your prospects to meet market reality. For sellers, this entails keeping the price low and staging the home. Also, a good presentation is essential when selling a property in the SF Bay Area.


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Purchasing or selling a property will always be a very significant and private transaction, regardless of how the market is performing. As a prospective homeowner or seller, or both, as is frequently the case, the implications are enormous.

While market circumstances are unpredictable at the moment, putting money into real estate may be a wise financial move if done right. Again, working with skilled people and properly evaluating any possible investments are critical.