What Is A Sewer Backup? – Ultimate Explanation Guide 2024

When your house smells like sewage and water in the sink, bath, shower, and toilets can’t drain properly, you may be dealing with a sewer backup. You might have to call a plumber, but if the problem exceeds a simple blockage, you must contact sewage cleaning services.

Professional sewage cleaners will have to intervene if the block is your responsibility. ICE Cleaning’s sewage services provide expert cleaning when you need to have your pipes cleared. They use industry-leading technology to get the work done quickly and thoroughly.

Read on to find out more about sewer backups.

What is a sewer backup?


A sewer backup is when the water in your home backs up or overflows from the sewer, pipes, or drains. It could happen during storms or when your basement floods, but these aren’t the usual causes of a blockage.

When the sewer backs up, you will need to figure out whether the source of the problem occurred within the boundaries of your property or in the public sewer. You can check with your local sewage company to see who is responsible for the backup and who should cover it.

What causes a sewer backup?

Once you have figured out who is responsible, you should find out how the sewer backup happened. There are a few common causes that you can determine quickly including:

  • Faulty connections or pipes
  • Tree roots that damage or block pipes
  • Public sewage issues
  • Oil, fat, and food scraps
  • Wet wipes
  • Sanitary items (tampons, pads, etc.)

How to prevent sewer backups


Some of these problems are preventable if the blocked pipes are your responsibility. You can avoid any future sewer backups by ensuring that you:

  • Have a professional inspector check your sewer lines
  • Clear the sewer line every so often
  • Dispose of waste properly and not in the drain
  • Are aware of the routes and connections on your property
  • Replace any old sewer lines

However, if the cause did not occur on your property, you must contact your local sewage company or Thames Water to alert them of the issue. Sometimes, a local plumber can sort this for you, but there may be cases when you need expert sewage cleaners.

When to hire professional sewage cleaners

If a sewage backup is your responsibility, it will be up to you to fix it. It’s imperative to sort this out immediately, as it could quickly become a biohazard, and affect other properties nearby.

Do not attempt to access the sewage pipes yourself because it could expose you to hazardous fluids that may cause illness. ICE Cleaning has professional sewage cleaners available 24/7, 365 days a year, and can arrive on-site within hours in an emergency.



In conclusion, a sewer backup can be a messy and unpleasant experience for homeowners and businesses. It occurs when wastewater and sewage flow back into the home or building due to a blockage or overflow in the sewer system. Sewer backups can cause damage to property and pose health risks to those exposed to the contaminated water. To prevent sewer backups, it is important to maintain the sewer system by properly disposing of waste, avoiding flushing non-degradable materials, and scheduling regular inspections and maintenance. By taking the necessary precautions, homeowners and businesses can avoid the hassle and expense of a sewer backup and keep their properties safe and healthy.