What is an IMEI Number and Why It’s Important For Your Phone?

You should know that in case you lose or someone steals your phone, there is a great probability that the police will find it quickly thanks to the unique code that each phone has. The IMEI code represents a unique combination of characters that manufacturers install in each device, and you can use it to check the various information about your device, along with the ability to locate your smartphone even if a SIM card is taken out. Also, with the improvements in services and digital technology, the process of locating any device with this code is simple, and police should be able to deal with that in only a couple of days. Therefore, always keep the box of your phone in case you lose it.


Main Purpose

Besides the ability to use it for locating your device, the main reason why producers are using it is to distinguish models during the production as a way to become able to identify each phone as a separate unit. While there are various apps that you can use to track your phone with a SIM card, IMEI always remains the same, and you could locate the device even if it is turned off. The developers are providing each phone with this set of numbers with a method where only an expert might be able to change it, and even in that case, there is a high chance of damage to basic functions. Moreover, if your phone got stolen, you can immediately call the operator, and they will block all functions on it only by using these numbers.

Information That We Can Gather with IMEI

The main reason why there are strict regulations related to smartphone manufacturers were providing each device with a unique code is mandatory is because officials could track people, especially potential criminals. On the other hand, there is a risk that someone might be able to follow your location all the time by knowing these numbers. Besides the location, they could steal sensitive data from the memory, such as private messages, photos, credit card numbers, and more. Another danger is that scammers could use your phone for the relocation of the activities. For example, cyber-attacks, threats over the phone, blackmails, and much more. In that matter, you should avoid sharing this code with anyone.

The best way for keeping it safe is to store a box in a safe place in your home. Also, you can write it down on paper and keep it in your wallet. Also, avoid creating a document on your phone or PC because there is always a danger of cyberattacks. If you don’t feel too safe with any of these options, you can give the code to someone that you can trust and who will keep it for you in a safe place.

Furthermore, providers are using IMEI to monitor all of their users. It is not a rare case that companies will block the possibility to use any SIM card except one from their service. That option is also available only with the unique identification numbers. Moreover, it also provides you with the ability to call emergency services even without a SIM card inside.

How to Find This Code?


You can find this identification number on the box of your phone. However, you should know that there are some other methods to check it, even if you lose the box. There are some simple methods for both iPhones and Android devices. The most convenient method that is present for a long time, and that you could use on older models that we were using before the smartphone era is typing the code *#06# and dial it.

Another option is to go into the settings and check the About Phone section, where you can find all kinds of information related to your phone status, memory, and identification numbers. There is also a third solution. If you own an Android device, each phone has an IMEI printed on the battery. On the other hand, checking it on the iPhone is, even more, easier since each of these devices has this number printed on the back.

How to Locate the Phone with IMEI?


It is very important to learn more about this feature because many people didn’t know that they could find their device, which made them gave up easily. However, the process is very simple. In case you are not sure whether you lost it or someone stole it from you, you can avoid going to the police at the same moment by trying to locate it by yourself. There are various apps available that you can use to locate any device by simply typing its identification number. After that, if you notice that your smartphone is in some unknown location, you can visit the nearest police department to notify them that your phone is stolen. Moreover, even if a thief manages to get away with your phone, you can use an option to delete all of the files and block the whole system. Therefore, no one will be able to use it anymore.

The Bottom Line

Even though there is an efficient method to locate your stolen device at any moment, there are still many cases of theft in the whole world. However, most of those thieves are not focused on the particular model and its price. The main issue is related to sensitive data they could find in phones. We can see that there is an increase in cases where thieves are blackmailing people. In most situations, people will end up with higher bills, but there are even bigger issues like theft of important files and even identity thefts.

That is the main reason why you should keep the unique code in some safe and reachable place and react at the right moment after you notice that your phone is lost. Besides these features, you can also check some additional information about your phone and its legality. For example, warranty status, accurate specification, possibility that it is on some blacklists, and other data.

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