Using AI to Upgrade Your Website SEO

Many novels and movies weave dark stories about how robots become self-aware and end up taking over the world. This incorrect notion about artificial intelligence (AI) has made people hesitant to use AI-powered technology. But do you know that we use AI every day?

Our smartphone voice assistants or face recognition systems that we use on our devices are AIs. Other applications of AI are self-driving cars and the Internet of Things (IoT). In this post, we will cover the use of AI to improve search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Understand Your Customers Better

AI can help you understand customer behavior, mainly why they visited your website. Using AI, you can offer your customers content, services, and tools, making your brand stand out from your competitors.

Skincare brand Olay employs AI to help personalize their customers’ skincare regimens. Using the Olay Skin Advisor, people take a selfie of their faces, and the app’s AI feature determines their skin age. AI evaluates overall skin health and provides skincare recommendations.

AI can analyze customer behavior when they visit your website. The results help you understand user intent so you can create optimized website content that your visitors will love. Here are more examples of how AI can help you know your customers better.

  • Chatbots are not new, but advanced bots help with complex customer inquiries and even take care of multiple customers simultaneously. Chatbots gather customer information to help them with their concerns and recommend products or services.
  • Predictive AI Shoppers help customers in processing orders at the best price aside from predicting what consumers need. Also, AI shoppers ensure that customers get products with exclusive features and covered by warranties.
  • AI-Enabled Voice Ordering makes ordering from an app easier with voice or text. The app remembers customer orders or preferences, suggests other products, and checks customers qualify for discounts, deals, and sales.

Improve The Sales Process

AI can help capture leads and turn them into actual buying customers. AI uses deep-scoring algorithms to determine customer behavior and handle large amounts of data. AI then uses this data to execute the processes needed for a sale automatically.

Your customers will find your website efficient with seamless ordering and sales processes, resulting in an overall improved user experience (UX). A high UX ensures a higher rank in Google search results because UX is among the most significant ranking factors.

Jumpstart your online sales process and enhance UX by:

  • Using AI in lead scoring. AI uses customer data like social media posting and brand interactions to determine marketing opportunities.
  • Adapting AI in price optimization. AI analyzes previous contracts with customers and proposes appropriate price or discounts. It predicts the best discount rate based on factors like location, industry, the financial value of a deal, number of competitors, etc.
  • Applying AI to improve upselling and cross-selling. AI determines which customers are likely to buy more or are expected to be looking for a better version of the product or service they currently have.
  • Forecasting sales with AI. By adopting AI, sales managers can accurately predict or estimate revenue and reduce operational issues.
  • Prioritizing effectively with AI. With AI, you spend less time figuring out which lead you must pursue first. AI uses data like previous transaction, social media use, or customer interaction to assess your leads and select the best one that will likely close.
  • Making sales process more efficient with AI. Expect your AI to work efficiently, from updating the CRM to making a client follow-up. All these small tasks make the sales process more efficient.
  • Saving money and time with AI. Your AI replaces a pool of customer representatives or salespeople. It is time and cost-efficient and can perform tasks simultaneously.

Enhance Website User Interface

As reported by Digital Authority Partners, AI helps you offer personalized website content, functionality, or experience depending on your customers’ needs. Customization gives your customers what they want and provides control over what they want to see and experience from your site.

With customized content, users are more likely to stay on your site because the content is well-suited to their preferences or interests. A travel website will suggest services such as hotels, restaurants, and events according to users’ locations or their preferred city or area. The website can also use previous searches to recommend businesses and services.

Personalized content improves UX and increases a site’s shareability. People are also more likely to use the same site for future transactions. AI improves your site’s user interface by:

  • Creating accessible websites for the visually or hearing impaired. AI can transcribe videos, provide audio readings of content and close captioning.
  • Optimizing lead generation forms and landing pages. AI analyzes the existing customer base and finds trends. This data helps improve your site, lead capture forms, and landing pages.
  • Analyzing blocks of text to improve website performance. AI can determine the meaning of customer reviews or social media posts so you can quickly address negative reviews and use positive ones to create content and other marketing campaigns. Remember, creating valuable content is one way to create a successful website.
  • Helping make quick page changes. AI can gather data on customer behavior in real-time for effective testing or user experience experiments. You can implement changes to your site ASAP, whether changing page layouts or banner images, and promote UX.

Summing Up

AI is an indispensable tool that has changed how online marketers and customers interact. You can use it to improve your understanding of customer behavior and help you create better and more effective website user interfaces that promote UX, a vital ranking factor for SEO. Finally, AI helps enhance the sales process for both the customer and the business owner.

AI also makes it easy and quick for customers to find what they need, and it lets marketers offer products or services that customers like. Using AI is a win-win for both consumers and marketers and could be the tool you need to take you closer to your marketing goals.