4 Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Wood Cracker

With the development of technology and advancements related to manufacturing improved machinery, jobs that required a lot of effort are now simple and convenient. Each part of the industry is using the benefits of modern devices that can make every process much faster and more accurate. When it comes to wood cutting and carving, these methods are not complicated today as they were before the introduction of modern equipment. For example, if you want to cut the forest, people had to use saws and spend days until they finish cutting. After that, they must pull off the timber and place it in the truck. However, there is a much better solution today, the wood cracker. This device can be attached to an excavator or large truck and cut and pull out threes at the same moment. The main advantage of this machine is that you can place the timber directly in the truck after you cut it out. If you are interested in some of the best wood crackers on the market today, visit this site.


This technology is having a huge impact on the whole industry since it provides faster delivery of resources. Also, companies can save a lot of money by being able to employ fewer people. Also, the profit can be much bigger because you can deploy the wood to your clients much faster. Moreover, the wood that is cut with a wood cracker can have improved quality or better dryness, which is especially important for timber. Also, the heating system requires dry wood as well for more proper use.

On the other side, you have to know that operating these machines require a lot of knowledge and experience. Therefore, don’t let the amateurs in your company use it. Potential mistakes can lead to significant losses and injuries. Also, considering the size and power of this machine, it can be fatal when used by less-skilled employees. Here are some common mistakes that you have to avoid when using a wood cracker.

1. Not Learning the Process of Cutting


While it might seem like a simple method, you have to know that there are different sorts of trees where you will have to determine the right amount of power and pressure to cut them properly. In case you miss setting the proper functions, you might destroy trees instead of pulling them. The wood cracker is applying a lot of pressure that might damage some lighter types of trees and make them worthless. Managing to avoid this can be especially important when you are deploying resources for furniture, windows, building materials, and more. Even if you are cutting trees that are going to be used for heating, the price will get much lower.

2. Not Knowing to Operate It Properly

As we already said, you will need the proper skills and experience to be able to use this machine in the right way. Also, you won’t be capable of using its main advantage, which is a faster process of cutting and stacking trees. On the other side, every part of this device is quite expensive, and not operating with it in the right way could lead to damage to your equipment. That leads to a series of other issues related to being late with deliveries, losing money, and more. Furthermore, there is an even bigger danger related to the risks of injuries. As you know, this is a very powerful device that is using heavy pressure and saws in its systems. In that matter, learn more about safety precautions and operations before start using it.

3. Avoiding Proper Maintenance

Like with any other machines and equipment, taking care of its main functions and keeping parts in solid condition can prevent various malfunctions. Parts like Control Module 2118704626 can be ordered online as well.

When you are using a machine as complex as a wood cracker, you should know that many parts of various sizes require service or replacement form from time to time.  The main reason to pay attention to these parts is that even the smallest and cheapest one might affect some expensive and serious malfunctions. Also, this machine is using a hydraulic system, which means that it creates pressure with oil. However, the levels of oil might decrease over time and lower the abilities of the wood cracker.


4. Trying to Save Money by Choosing Unknown Brands

The great competition on the market can be beneficial in terms of motivating companies to include more efforts in the development of high-quality machines. With the increased competition, the probability of improved equipment and proper development along with reasonable prices is much higher. On the other hand, focusing only on finding the most affordable machine could lead to other issues. There are many manufacturers, especially from China, that are offering much lower prices for their machines, but the problem is that most of those brands offer poor quality, shorter life span, reduced selection of spare parts, and more. Therefore, your efforts to save more money could lead to even bigger expenses if the chosen machine won’t provide you with proper efficiency, quality, and require constant service and replacement of parts.


Keeping track of the most recent solutions presented by the rapid development of technology can be beneficial and improve the status and revenue of your company. If you own a wood-cutting business, you can compete with similar companies only by using highly effective options like a wood cracker. However, the process of operating with this device requires skills. In that matter, learn more about all operations before start using it in the woods.

People are often making a mistake with this type of device by thinking that they will know how to use it even though they don’t have any experience. The main issue with letting amateurs to use it is that it might lead to serious injuries. On the other hand, risking to cause failures and malfunctions leads to expenses that can affect your business drastically. Therefore, learn or hire someone with advanced skills to use the most of this machine.