TSheets Alternatives: Time And Attendance Software Compared

If you’re running a business, one of the most important things you can do is make sure that your employees are showing up to work. The next thing is ensuring that they are working productively and getting the things done that need to be done, and not wasting time or taking care of personal business. The problem is that if you’re still using an outdated job clock, you’re facing many unnecessary issues that modern solutions could solve.

If you’re in the market to make an upgrade, then we’ve picked out a few TSheets alternatives that you can check out to see which one works for your business and makes tracking time and attendance much more manageable.

You’ll find that we’ve picked TSheets alternatives that offer specific tools and features that fit certain types of companies so that no matter what industry you’re in, you’ll find a solution that meets your business needs.

TSheets Alternative #1: Time Doctor


The first pick on our list is Time Doctor. We chose this one thanks to its ability to help manage a hybrid workforce. Time Doctor is more than just an employee time tracker with the team management tools built into the software.

As one of our top TSheets alternatives, Time Doctor helps managers by providing real-time data about team productivity and performance. Managers can then act on this data to make necessary adjustments if problems arise and recognize employees who are doing an excellent job so that employee morale is kept high.

The data and projection tools also help employees stay on track and know what needs to be done next.

TSheets Alternative #2: Harvest


Our next online timecard system is about getting your business paid when it is supposed to be paid. The main features of Harvest are concerned with tracking project completion and billable hours so that records are always accurate and up to date.

The other part of the employee timesheet software is designed to generate reports and invoices as easily as possible. It even has features that auto-generate invoices for clients so that your business can be paid as soon as possible.

TSheets Alternative #3: Buddy Punch


Our third pick is an all-around performer with a straightforward user interface, Buddy Punch. The way that it accomplishes this is by building on user experience. Rather than developing their software arbitrarily, it opts to take notes directly from user feedback, reports, and other data. The features added to the online timesheet software are the ones demanded by the users themselves.

The software features a range of valuable features like time management, payroll integrations, project management, and GPS technology. Still, it simplifies the user interface to where even the most novice of employees can interact with it with ease. They do this by hiding all the extra features in the background and making the primary interface as straightforward and clutter-free as possible.

TSheets Alternative #4: Paymo


Our fourth and final pick Paymo is one we decided on because of its usefulness to small businesses. Paymo is explicitly designed to help small enterprises to manage multiple employees while they work on projects in mind. It has features designed for freelancers and small businesses to track time on projects, generate reports and collect data, and send out invoices for completed work.

These tools are helpful for startups that need remote employee time tracking and a variety of other features in one place. Still, they aren’t ready to implement a more comprehensive time clock solution with tons of features but a higher cost, opting for a team-based solution instead.

These are our top picks for TSheets alternatives to improve your business’ performance.

TSheets Alternative #5:TimeCamp


TimeCamp app is mainly used for bigger businesses. Some of the most important features that this app can provide you are project management, profitability monitoring, and good collaboration. Best of all is that this app is very easy to set up. Additionally, there is an automatic time tracking factor that eliminates time that is spent on manual data entry.

There are different interesting technology innovations from this app that you as a business owner can take advantage of. However, one of the features that we want to highlight the most is the profitability you can get for each project calculation. This profitability of reporting enables the identification of which project has the highest impact.

When it comes to clients’ reviews, it is noticeable how much they are enjoying the budgeting features. However, they are also highlighting the easy and convenient way of integrations with other software that this app provides. The user interface of the TimeCamp app also offers an easy switch between a wide range of different projects and task your company has.

In the end, we can conclude that TimeCamp can be an ideal choice for those businesses that want to have more features linked to team management.

TSheets Alternative #6:Hubstaff


Hubstaff can be an excellent option for businesses that have offices in different locations and want to adjust to different time zones. Basically, this app is both time tracking and workers monitoring software. It offers so many beneficial features including payroll integration and team scheduling which is very important for multiple offices.

The worker monitoring features additionally include GPS tracking, and despite that, you can expect features such as screenshots and URL monitoring. All of these mentioned tools can improve the business in the productivity of their worker’s online jobs. We also checked clients’ reviews and we can say that the user-friendly design and the customized tracking with different features are something that clients appreciate a lot.

Therefore, if you own a company that has offices in different cities and regions, you can expect that this app will properly track all your team members. Despite mentioned, there is an automatic screenshot feature that is allowing productivity monitoring.

TSheets Alternative #7:Clockify


The most beneficial thing that the Clockify app provides is a model that comes without any limits when it comes to the number of users. There is a basic and premium version of Clockify. Logically, companies that want some progressive features can pay for the improved version. On the other hand, a basic version includes productivity tools like a Pomodoro timer and automatic idle detection.

The free basic is a very popular TSHeets alternative and many business owners are using it. The highlighted feature is the project management one that comes with subtask creation as well as with project templates. If you are worried about whether Clockify is difficult to use, you should not worry. It is an incredibly easy and convenient app that also provides different reports for easy invoicing.

However, you should not expect capabilities such as payroll and native invoicing. Instead, Clockify is best to use with other software and it comes with more than 50 integration options that you will appreciate a lot.