5 Tips and Tricks all new Fallout 76 Players should know

Fallout 76 gameplay is nothing like the previous Fallout RPGs, as the first few hours are somewhat linear, due to the fact that players must accomplish an extended sequence of intromissions. Once a character is created, gamers will exit Vault 76 and they can go wherever they want. The game has a major storyline to follow, however, it has more locations and events throughout the remainder of the world that will compete for the game players’ interest and keep them busy from the main objective, which is far less noticeable.

As a game, Fallout 76 is very extensive. Getting a grasp on it may take several weeks, or even months, of playing for a new player. As a result, most players end up recreating a new character after they identify the mistakes they’ve made and start over from the beginning. Therefore, our intention with this article is to enable the new player to start playing the game from day one most knowledgeably and successfully possible.

Find your weapon at the beginning


Munitions are significantly in shorter supply in Fallout 76 compared to previous games. Mongrels and Wild Ghouls have fast movement capabilities so they are probably easiest handled using a machete, knife, or hatchet. It is best to kill docile-wheeled deer or Brahmins to get food or hideouts by using a melee weapon instead of a firearm. You should take everything you meet along the way before you leave Vault 76. Pay special attention to medicines like Stimpaks and Radaway. As soon as you exit the vault, don’t run away in whichever way you find yourself at the moment. As you are tempted, you may be questioning yourself. Oh, where do I obtain my first weapons in Fallout 76? You will come across a corpse to the right of the entry to the vault. Be sure to go there and grab your first gun weapon. Likewise, you can pick up a melee weapon as well by turning to the left of the vault entrance and going down a pair of stairs. At this point, you’ll discover a second corpse with a melee weapon on it. This is something that a lot of new Fallout 76 players miss, so it takes them quite a bit of extra time to get their weapons.

Keep yourself well-fed and hydrated

A major new feature in Fallout 76 includes hunger and thirst meters. However, you shouldn’t be reading this and start panicking as these are not considered to be difficult to survive. Simply the remaining properly fed and well-hydrated enhances your action point regeneration as well as your resistance to disease, so it is best not to neglect the meters. Making those poorly-informed choices to omit them exposes you to greater vulnerability to disease as well as a shortage of AP. All you need to do, however, is to ensure that while you have boiled water or crispy squirrel bits on hand, you will be eating them as often as every real-time hour as possible. Swipe over the items in the “Help” area of your inventory and you can see how much thirst or hunger they are filling up in your hunger meter.

Crafting is significant


From the very beginning, you’ll be able to start making weapons and armor. There are very small chances for you to get a great weapon in the wasteland, therefore crafting your own can typically be the solution to upgrade your equipment. Besides, no one would want to remain trapped with one of the game’s weaker weapons. Anytime you manage to come across a duplicate armor or weapon, never drop it behind. Rather, get it to a crafting bench and scrap it.

Whenever you scrap a weapon, it will teach you a new mod that you can then add to your current weapon or armor. There are more powerful mods available that are slightly trickier: in order to unlock the capability to build them, you’ll require some specific Perk Cards. On the other hand, if you want some extra boost in your game then check LFCarry that has many offers.

Make use of VATS if you are overwhelmed to eliminate enemies fast


In addition, this game features a practical automatic targeting function called VATS. As soon as an enemy appears in your sight, all you have to do is press the Q key and the VATS panel will be displayed. Not only does it display your weapon’s stats, but it also displays the hitting percentage, which rises according to the target’s proximity. Once you are pleased, just press the fire button and the VATS handles the rest. This function is useful for new players to help them learn the fundamentals of gunplay. Likewise, it is very helpful for those who are playing the game on an older system and experience stutters and lags that interfere with their manual aiming. However, you should be careful, as the use of VATS will consume AP and you won’t be able to recall it unless AP is refilled.

Spend as much as possible in your camp

Your camp area will be your wasteland home. As a result, one of the things you’ll need to consider is creating a great workshop as well as a space where you’ll be able to regroup. The place will enable you to construct workshops in which you can produce essential objects, armor, and weapons along with growing crops and collecting water. Besides, you’ll be capable of hosting other players, who will be able to interact with you and buy things from your vending machine. The ability to decorate and upgrade your camp with different schemes as you unlock them may also become addictive, in other words, create your camp on its own!

In this guide, we highlighted what is the most rewarding things of the game in the surrounding area outside of Vault 76, including what new players need to concentrate on in order to progress at lower levels prior to proceeding to more progressive tasks and content.