The Traditional Kitchen: Timeless Essentials That Will Always Be in Style

Creating the perfect kitchen is no simple task since you must combine flawless aesthetics with practicality. After all, the kitchen isn’t just supposed to look good but should also help you prepare and cook meals. And with trends changing all the time, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a relevant look and avoid having a kitchen that looks outdated. However, frequent remodelling projects aren’t a good idea either, especially if you’re planning to stay within a budget.

Luckily, there’s a solution to this problem. Creating a classic design for your kitchen will help it look fresh and in time with the trends forever because lasting, ageless features will never go out of style. Here’s how to achieve the look in your home as well.

Colour palette


Having a simple colour palette that’s focused on neutrals is a staple for traditional kitchens and something that you want to do as well. It’s very simple to achieve by focusing on tones such as white, ecru, beige or light grey. If your kitchen is on the smaller side and you’d like to make the space seem larger and airier, light colours are a must. Bringing in natural light will give you some extra help, and adding some contrasting, darker hues can also give the optical illusion of a larger space. Nonetheless, remember to keep dark furniture or features to a minimum to avoid creating the opposite effect by accident.


Traditional design naturally relies on order and symmetry. Focusing on clear, crisp lines also means that your kitchen is much easier to clean and manage since you don’t have to spend so much time cleaning furniture with veneers or different ornamentation. If something is broken or damaged, it can also be fixed or replaced much easier without having to remove the whole piece and buy something entirely new. Panelled detailing and glass doors can make the overall look seem less formal.

Galley kitchen

Galley kitchen


There are very few new trends that have earned their place among the classics. The galley kitchen is one of those precious few. The galley kitchen is long and narrow and features both wall and base cabinets. All other service areas, including countertops, are located on the sides of the central walkway. This design keeps a relatively large area open for traffic. They are the best solution if you want to save space and prefer to have all your essentials readily available. It is also the preferred option for those who want to DIY their remodelling project.


Choosing antique furniture can be very helpful, as it makes your kitchen feel cosier and lived-in. There’s an indisputable charm that comes with pieces that were loved and used before. However, you must also remember that antiques are typically pricier than the alternatives, so if you know they’ll exceed your budget, you might want to stick to just one or two items. One of the reasons for their higher price is naturally their rarity, as there are few pieces that survive from fifty years ago, let alone a century or more. They also tend to be more resilient if they’ve been reconditioned. If you have the money for it and like the look, there’s no better option.


Permanent installations and custom-built cabinets have become more popular over the past few years, with the freestanding design losing its appeal for many homeowners. However, it seems that the look is now coming back in style for those who want a change but aren’t prepared for extensive refurbishment. The design is more flexible, so even if you’re going for something traditional, you can still make your own choices and enhance the functionality of your space.


Modern appliances can sometimes stick out like a sore thumb in a traditional kitchen, but there are ways to make them fit in more naturally. For starters, antique models are coming back in style so that you can purchase vintage items, provided that they still work and no dangerous materials were used during the manufacturing process. To get the best of both worlds, you can choose something that looks like an antique but actually uses modern technology. The main advantage is that these pieces are more energy-efficient, and you won’t pay as much by getting them installed.

Natural wood

Natural wood in kitchen


There’s nothing more classic and timeless in interior design than using wood. Not only is it versatile and looks good no matter what else you choose to combine it with, but it also adds to the overall look by providing warmth and visual depth to your kitchen. You can also work with appliances that provide soft lighting to create a more welcoming look.

Traditional accessories

Any traditional kitchen requires traditional accessories as well, so make sure to include a few. Don’t overdo it since you don’t want the space to feel stuffy and crowded. Artwork is the most popular choice. And everything from abstract prints to landscapes and, of course, pictures of food fits well. Patterned runner rugs are another staple of the traditional household, while chairs made of wrought iron can make any kitchen seem more atmospheric and elegant. The ornate detailing will also create a focal point in your kitchen that draws the attention.

White marble


Marble is a luxurious material that has been included in the kitchens of the wealthy for roughly two centuries. It has since become one of the most recognisable aspects of traditional design, and indeed, marble never disappoints. Don’t worry about it looking too posh. It is more versatile than it seems at first glance. To get the most tried-and-tested option, choose white marble. When you pair it with cabinets with a minimalistic design, you’ll see that the look is very striking without being too flashy.

When it comes to remodelling your kitchen, there’s no way to go wrong with the traditional style. It will always look good, no matter how much time passes. Since the pieces aren’t made to fit only a particular trend, they will be more resilient, and you can enjoy them for longer, meaning you can stay within your budget and not worry about buying new things all the time. It truly is a win-win situation.