3 Tips on How to Track a Lost Phone Using a Phone Number – 2024 Guide

It is obviously not one of the best feelings when you find that your mobile phone is missing. Many people start panicking at this situation but this is not the solution. You cannot just sit back and wait for your lost phone to come back to you, instead you have to make some effort to track and find it. The very first question that should come in your mind is how can you trace your missing mobile?

In this article, we will be sharing what are the things that you should immediately do when you discover that you have lost your mobile. Apart from this we will also be discussing various methods that can help you in tracking your phone. We have valuable data stored in our smartphones, which is why we cannot let it go like this. Let us have a look at some of these methods for tracking your missing cell.

1. Tracking with the help of the Google Account:

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One of the easiest ways to trace your missing smartphone is by using your Google Account. All the androids have built in Google apps such as Google maps, play store, Gmail, etc. However, to make this method work, remember that you must be logged in to your gmail account from your desktop. Otherwise, you may face a little difficulty in it.

All you have to do is to open the browser in your computer and type find my phone in the Google search box. The first outcome that will appear on the screen will be a map showing the last location of your mobile. In case you need some more insights about it, check out find-my-phone.org.

When you discover the location of your lost cell, there are a couple of things you can do. Suppose your smartphone is at some place in your home, yet you actually can’t discover it. You can turn it’s ringer on, regardless of whether it is set to quiet. It will ring for five minutes while you look for it.

In case you have lost your mobile somewhere outside your house, you will first have to make sure that your information is secure in it. In the first place, set a secret key on your Android that no one but you can open. Then, send an sms on the gadget for any individual who discovers it. You can add a telephone number for somebody to call you or a public spot for you to get to pick up your cell.

At long last, in case there is no possibility you will discover your smartphone again or on the other hand in case it’s stolen by someone, you can delete all the information from it. Just utilize this alternative if all else fails. When your gadget is cleaned, you will not have the option to discover it any more.

2. Tracing the mobile with the help of Google photos location:

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If your gadget really got taken by someone, you could possibly discover it utilizing the backup and sync component of Google Photos. Assuming you initiated this choice in the application, all pictures taken with your smartphone will be transferred to your Google Photos account. But why is this uplifting news? All things considered, the picture, as well as the location where it was taken, is stored in it.

In this way, in the event that the thief didn’t log out of your Gmail and evaluated the camera on your phone, there may be some new pictures springing up in your Google Photos. Clearly, this possibly works if your lost call is connected to the internet and also if you have allowed the application to have access to the location.

Kindly be cautious in the event that you can recognize the area of your lost Android phone, which might just be the street number of the criminal. Try not to attempt to discover it yourself! Utilize that data and call your neighborhood specialists to assist you with it.

3. Finding a lost iPhone with Apple:

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Like Google, Apple gives a consistent answer for track lost iPhone also. The Find my iPhone is a die hard commitment that can assist you with finding your lost or taken gadget. You should simply go to your gadget’s iCloud Settings and tap on “Discover my iPhone”. Turn the component on with the goal that you can find the gadget distantly.

What to do immediately when you discover your phone is missing

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  • Calling on your lost number immediately:

The primary thing you ought to do in the wake of finding your lost mobile is to call it from another cell number. Possibly you have not lost it yet; perhaps you have exchanged it with somebody’s phone or erroneously left it at a store. In the event that your telephone isn’t in quiet mode, you can find it out if it is near you.

  • Tracing it with the help of GPS:

If the first option doesn’t help, attempt to find it utilizing your mobile phone GPS. Be that as it may, if you haven’t activated the GPS from the beginning, this strategy will not help you by any means. Your Android gadgets accompany an inbuilt tracking tool that helps in tracing all the activities you do on it. You can sign in to your Google account from another gadget and go to its Location History to follow your lost phone’s present location.

  • Deactivating the sim:

When you find that your cell isn’t getting any calls from you, contact your specialist organization to request that they suspend your SIM card. This won’t get your it back, yet you can basically forestall the abuse of your number.

To sum up

There are numerous approaches to forestall losing your cell. Make sure to implement all the safety measures to protect your mobile. And in any case you find it missing, you use the above methods to track it down.