Top Things to do in London

London is a great place to be because it’s London and it’s magical, and for a lot of us it’s just enough. But, if you want to travel there, you probably already have some questions about what to do and where to go, which locations are worth visiting, and do you need any additional documents, together with your passport, so you can arrive in the UK and visit the capital city.

We all love London because of the Big Ben tower, the Bridge, all those red buses and public telephone objects, rainy days, and cozy bars where you can drink your tea and enjoy the city. Since the United Kingdom is not part of the European Union, due to the Brexit activities in recent years, you need to be informed about the documents and permits you need to travel there. Sometimes it may take a few weeks until everything is approved, but once you arrive there, you will realize it was worth the effort.

If you visit, you will get all the important information about obtaining a British visa to travel there. As we said, sometimes the whole process is long and you need to apply on time, but London and other cities are completely worth that, and you will have the best time ever in your life there.

Sure, once you’re in the UK, you’ll want to visit more places, but we recommend starting in London. That way you will feel the true spirit of the metropolis, the authenticity of the British way of life, and of course, at least for a moment you can fantasize about what it is like to be there all year round. Maybe you will get the idea to move there one day, no one knows.

1. Visit the V&A Museum


It is located in South Kensington and is a cathedral of culture. This is a museum where you can see exhibitions of top art. Often the settings sell out quickly, so it would be good to book a ticket on time because especially in Covid-19 conditions, the number of visitors is limited. In the museum, you can find an exhibition of porcelain art by Amanda Levete, which contains over 11,000 handicrafts. We will not tell you anything more, but we will wait for you to visit it yourself, and tell us about your experience there.

2. Take a walk in Hyde Park

This is one of the largest parks in London, which despite being completely covered in grass and trees, also has cultural and sociological significance. Many protests took place in this park, but also large concerts. There are also two larger bodies of water where you can paddle through the water together with the swans and ducks. It is located in the city center, so it will not be difficult for you to visit it no matter where you are located.

3. Experience the taste of street food at Borough Market

This market dates back to the 13th century and you can find all kinds of food – from fresh produce to local specialties. The good thing is that there are representatives of other cuisines, for example, Middle Eastern, French, Scottish, but all this is far improved and more unique. Also, in the event of a pandemic, all current measures prescribed by the authorities and recommended by the World Health Organization are followed.

4. Do not miss the Buckingham Palace


The home of Queen Elizabeth and the royal family is partially open to the public on certain dates each year. Therefore, you need to watch if they match your trip. Of course, you do not have access to the private areas where the family actually resides. But what you can see is a huge cultural heritage, chandeliers, candelabra, luxury furniture used by the queen’s ancestors, and also small museums that testify to the royal family history. For each room you are allowed to enter, you have a guide that tells you about its cultural and historical significance.

5. The beautifully decorated St. James’s Park

Another place where you do not need a ticket to enter. It is surrounded by the palaces of St. James’s, Westminster, and Buckingham. Nearby you have interesting places and paths where you can walk, go to the beautiful gardens, and there is also Diana’s Princess of Wales Memorial Walk. There is also a mall, so you can go for a short shopping spree if you want. This park is a beautiful piece of nature in the middle of the metropolis.

6. Westminster Abbey Church

It is a medieval cathedral that testifies to many important historical events in Great Britain, such as the coronations of new kings and royal weddings. The tours in this church are fast because the demand is great. But, of course, you can organize it yourself, you just need to follow when there are tickets available to book the visit. There is also the common grave of half-sisters Elizabeth I and Mary Tudor, who were enemies while alive. If you are a fan of history, this place should really be your priority when visiting London.

7. Do not forget about Tower Bridge, The London Eye, and Big Ben

When you are already in London, do not forget to visit these places. They are architectural masterpieces, attractions, but also of great importance for the city. Why did we list them last? Because you probably already know them and you will visit them, but we wanted to pay more attention to the attractions that are also in the city, but are not the first association when we talk about London.

Our final words

London is a place that is worth visiting, just like the rest of the United Kingdom. The best thing is that the transport system is well-developed, and you have direct lines to most of the bigger cities around. Don’t miss visiting Scotland and Wales while you are there, so you can have an authentic British experience you will remember forever.

Even if you are more into shopping and eating, you will find where to go, because London really has it all.