6 Things to Know Before Partying in Toronto

We’re sure you’ve heard a lot about this place when it comes to nightlife. Toronto is the best during summer, because then all the people are outside. However, you can have an equally good time during the winter days. There you will find a large number of clubs, bars, and lounges. You will be able to visit them throughout the year. If you want to have the best time in Toronto, you need to make a party plan.

While this may seem like a daunting task, don’t worry. We will help you learn all about the nightlife in this place. This applies to the best nightclubs, places, etc., so we will put in front of you all those little hidden gems that you might not find yourself. So read below about all the insider information when it comes to having a good time in Toronto.

1. The peak hours of Toronto nightclubs


To have a good time, you need to know when is the ideal time to go out to nightclubs. Many people who go out in this place claim that the ideal time to go out is around midnight, even though the party starts in the evening. Our suggestion is to visit bars and restaurants first, because they close earlier than pubs and nightclubs. After them, you can move to clubs that work until the early hours of the morning, while you have a large selection of drinks, music and dancing. Don’t forget that the night is long, which means that there will be enough time to explore some amazing places. And if you need company for pub crawl, Toronto Passions can help you.

2. Nightclubs


Did you know how many clubs there are in Toronto? There are more than 35 famous places to go. Although the list is quite long, there are about 20 clubs that you should definitely visit. These are well known places that are located in the city center and are always a great choice. One of the best places is Coda, which is considered one of the most interesting places to enjoy. We are sure that the atmosphere in the club will make you dance all night. In this place, the DJ is always full of energy that is addictive, and people always find someone to hang out with. So we suggest you reserve your place. The Drake Underground would be our next suggestion.

It is a multi-faceted performance venue, and there you can find an amazing sound system. Since this is the key to good fun, you must visit it as well. For example, you can find movie screening, stand up comedy, dance party and everything else, because they offer different programs. We must not forget the TIFF Bell Lightbox or cultural center. It’s a great place when you want a little glam. Here you will meet film lovers, makers and event planners. With them you will enjoy long conversations, great movies, exhibitions and parties. Spin Toronto offers you rage music and Ping Pong. Small parties with sports activities are organized here. Some more of the famous clubs are Uniun Nightclub, The Reservoir Lounge, Steam Whistle Brewery and many others.

3. Age limit

You should know that anyone can go to nightclubs, but they need to be old enough. This means that you will be able to enjoy the charms of clubs and alcohol without any problems, only if you are 19 years old and older. Some clubs don’t even let anyone under the age of 25 play. So check the club rules if you are younger.

4. Locations

Depending on your plans, you need to inquire a little about the locations before deciding on one. Keep in mind that this is a critical part of the job, as not all areas are easily accessible. That is why you will have to use a car or Uber most of the time. Keep in mind that Toronto doesn’t have the best metro system, and if you’re not in the downtown core, get ready for frequent rides. If you want to spend most of your time going out, it is best to stay close to the Entertainment District or Fashion District. The ideal location would be as close as possible to King Street West and Portland Street. From this location you will need a short walk to reach the desired clubs while the transport will take you a few minutes.

5. Nightclubs visited by celebrities


Most celebrities will go to a place where they feel safe, that is, to a place that offers them a private space. Such places are essentially a sea of ​​prestige. There you can find hip-hop artists, rappers and basketball players. So these are after parties and clubs like EFS Toronto, Wildflower Toronto etc.

6. Major events in Toronto


In addition to important nightclubs, we need to present you with great events that you can attend while you are in this exciting place. Many of them will make your trip even more memorable, because you can discover new events such as art fairs, cultural festivals, etc. They will show you the true nature of the city, and will take place in different parts of the city. You can be convinced that something always happens in Toronto every month. For example, January is the month you can go to the Toronto Light Festival, Winterlicious, etc. In February, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day in the best places while a March break in Toronto awaits you in March. At the end of the year, a lot of fanfare, fun and frolic awaits you. No matter what time of year you choose, we are sure you will have great fun.


Toronto is actually a great combination of culture, business, education and entertainment. You will be able to turn it all into one great experience that awaits you when you come to this place. One of the most populous cities in Canada will leave you breathless. The number of nightclubs and attractions is endless. So start preparing as soon as possible, because you need a detailed plan to fully feel the energy of Toronto.