What to do on Teddy Day- The 4th Day of Valentine’s Week

Teddy Day is the fourth special day of Valentine’s Week. It is celebrated every year on the 10th of February. The day is preceded by Chocolate Day which is all about filling the love life with sweetness. Teddy day is observed by couples all around the world. It is a day of giving each other cute mushy gifts or teddy bears. The day is all about expressing romantic feelings and emotions. It is also about making your loved one smile on receiving a cute gift. There can be no cuter and sweeter gift than a teddy bear. It is a gift that one can cuddle with. Teddy bears are a perfect way to say that you are going to hold on to your partner forever and beyond. Teddy bears as gifts are also a way to mention it to your beloved that you are going to be there with your partner through all phases of life.


Teddy bears aren’t just playmates of children or young adults. Instead they are a perfect symbol of love, cuteness and affection. Teddy bear also signifies innocence and love between two individuals is all about keeping this innocence alive. One thing that we can learn about from these cute toys is caring about and pampering others. With time we also learn that teddy bears remind us of our good-old childhood. We also learn the art of loving and also how it feels to be loved. Well, keeping this “innocence” in mind, did you know that there are many who believe that the day is named after someone? Yes, it is believed that the day is named after the US President, Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. It is believed that since he decided to not kill an animal during one of his hunting trips, a little teddy was designed in this honor.

There are many ways of celebrating teddy day with your beloved. You got to tell him or her how much their presence has affected your life in a positive way. You just want to see that bright smile on the face of your beloved. Keeping teddy day in mind, you can think of so many cute little things that you can give as gifts and surprise your beloved.

Since teddy day is the phase when love has already struck the adorable couples. Thus what can be a better gift option than teddy bears!! These soft toys can be camouflaged as a way to hold on to each other, and never let go off each other.

If you have recently entered into a relationship, then you can think of giving your beloved a teddy bear clip. These clips can be attached to a necklace or even the sleeves of a t-shirt. You can also think of giving a small soft toy.

On the other hand, if you have been together for a really long time, then that means you share a strong bond. If this is the case, then you can give a life size teddy bear. Imagine your beloved cuddling and playing with a teddy as tall as him or her!


There are couples who are married, and still in love. In such cases, you can think of giving your beloved a teddy family. This package will include everything from a baby teddy to a parent teddy. A sweet idea, ain’t it? You can also use this adorable family to hint at the fact that you are ready to complete your family.

Apart from the family, you can think of gifting a teddy cushion. This can be used as good home decor. You can also think of getting the cushion personalized as per your beloved’s choice.

You can also plan on taking your partner out for dinner and in the end, you can give a cute teddy as a gift.

Also, if you love exploring new places with your partner, then have you ever given teddy bear themed restaurants a shot!? There are some restaurants around the world that will definitely please your partner! Malaysia, Paris, The States and other countries have already opened similar restaurants. There is The Teddy Cafe & Restaurant in Malaysia, Teddy Bear Theme Restaurant in Beijing, Flavourest Café in Kuala Lumpur.


Teddy bears are also good-to-go with other gift items. You can think of combining chocolates, flowers with a teddy bear. You can even think of giving your lady a cute t-shirt with teddy bear design on it. You can think of this t-shirt enhancing the cuteness of your beloved. Couple teddy bears are also a cute gift alternative. If you are in the non-committal stage where you are trying to make your way to the special one’s heart, then you can also think of customized greeting cards that have a teddy bear printed on it. These kind of cards are way too cute a way to approach someone and start a conversation.

Everyone knows teddy bears are inanimate objects. But there is also a purpose behind giving these inanimate objects to someone, especially our “significant others”. It is all about learning how and what it feels to love and to be loved. It is all about being with each other through all thick and thin. It is all about the wish to be with each other forever. Teddy bears can also induce in you good sleep. If you are in a long-distance relationship, then a gifted stuffed toy can be something for you to hold on to while sleeping. Hugging a teddy bear indeed assures you that everything is good. You might also want to cuddle with teddy bears if you are missing him.


The main focus of the teddy day is to mainly bring a smile on the face of your beloved. Teddy bear is a perfect way to say that you are going to hold on to your partner forever and beyond. It is just a way of saying that you are going to be there with your partner through all phases of life, no matter what. If you want to know more about the day and how you can woo your partner with related gifts, then Click here.