Top Tips to Spice Up your Relationship

It is sadly a common situation when a relationship becomes stagnant; all too often caused by years of boring routine and when both parties stop trying, things can go downhill quickly. Great relationships don’t just happen, they are nurtured and that means both parties must recognise there is a problem and agree to work together to improve things. In many cases, problems develop due to a lack of real communication and if you can overcome that obstacle, things would become much better between you.

Here are our top tips to turn a relationship around.

  • Don’t Be Predictable – When your partner knows you so well that they can tell exactly what you are going to do when you get home, this needs to be changed. Be unpredictable, change your routine and every now and then, arrange a surprise for your partner; it might be a romantic dinner for two at her favourite restaurant or a long weekend away in a country cottage, as long as you are not predictable, being around you is much more fun.
  • Spice Up your Sex Life – Check out the amazing sex toys available at Secrets Shop, where you can order online, which should spice things up in the bedroom. Do you have the kind of relationship where you can talk openly about sex? If so, why not ask your partner what turns them on? Like most things, even sex can be boring if it is the same every time, so do whatever it takes to spice up the action and you’ll find your relationship improves. Perhaps watching some porn on a reputable website like might put you both in the mood and there’s more than enough of that on the Internet.
  • Take a Romantic Holiday – Life at home can be very stressful, especially during the pandemic and as soon as the lockdowns are over, why not book a romantic holiday for two in a tropical paradise? With no home pressures, you will both feel more at ease and it might bring back memories of your honeymoon, which should help to bring you closer together. You could make the holiday a complete surprise if you plan things well and that would definitely make an impact. There are some great last-minute deals available from the online holiday tour operator, which is great if you are flexible enough to go at short notice. Click here for information about toxic habits that can ruin a relationship, which might or might not be relevant.

  • Talk to a Qualified Marriage Guidance Counsellor – This is often the way to improve your relationship and providing that you are both open minded and want to make the relationship better, the expert can help you in many ways. Many couples find it really helps to talk to a professional, someone who is not biased and can offer the best advice and regardless of where you live, there are online organisations that offer virtual relationship guidance, when you can communicate with the counsellor via a video call. Here is a link to marriage guidance counselling in the UK, should you wish to set up a session.
  • Be More Attentive Towards your Partner – We are all guilty of taking those who are close to us for granted and if you make a conscious effort to pay more attention to your partner, this will be warmly appreciated. Be a good listener when it matters and you might find that your partner reciprocates and pays more attention to you, which is often the case. Make your partner a nice breakfast in bed on their day off, which will always be very warmly received, while opening doors when you are both out and about.
  • You Both Need Some ‘Me Time’ – If you and your partner have a hobby, then you each has a separate interest, which is something we should all have. Why not sit down together and talk about interests, both shared and individual, and if your partner does have an external interest, you should support that as much as possible. She could enjoy a night out with the girls now and then, while you can meet up with your friends for a few hours, which also gives you both a break from each other.
  • Always Be Prepared to Compromise – Maintaining a good relationship is all about compromise; make sacrifices to help your partner and this will likely be reciprocated. In the event you have made plans, but your partner wishes you to accompany them somewhere, put their needs ahead of your own and this will be very much appreciated.
  • Try to Remain Calm – It is always best to stay calm, regardless of what happens and a slight burst of anger can be the cause of an issue that might lead to further complications. When we become emotional, it is oh so easy to get into problems with our partner and while it might seem impossible to keep a calm disposition, practice makes perfect. Try counting to ten when you feel anger rising and by the time you have reached double digits, you will already be in a relaxed state of mind.
  • Discuss Things with a Good Friend – If you have a close friend that you feel comfortable talking to, it might be a good idea to let your friend hear your side of the story, plus they might be able to advise you. The act of talking to someone might get things off your chest, so to speak, which is a kind of release; sharing your troubles can make them feel less important.

If you feel that your relationship is worth saving, there are many ways that you can make things better and if your partner feels the same way, it should be possible to strengthen your relationship. All of the above tips might be a solution and prior to talking to your partner, why not have an honest look at yourself and your behaviour? This might lead to a realisation of where you are going wrong and with some constructive and honest dialogue, you can regain that magic that you once shared.