Social Media Copywriting: 4 Tips

Businesses need relevant content to increase conversions. It can also be tiring to think about something enabling customers to take action – hence, this is why content writers and copywriters are in high demand. Although copywriting can be exhausting and ambitious, it is a skill and career option someone willing to learn can master.

Fortunately, here are some great tips that can see you through!

1. Why?


Communication icon Simon Sinek has taught us that it is always important to start with “why” – the key reason you are doing this. He has called it the Golden Circle. People acknowledge the reason you do something and not the thing you are doing. If you think, though, you can relate.

Consider your favorite brands and why you feel loyal to them. It might be because you relate and align with their values. Or it might be because you feel drawn to the brand’s services/quality. Why brands do what they do is easier to understand and buy in – not what they do.

Specialists in marketing agencies, like Carl Ocab Digital Marketing Inc., would understand this principle quite well.

2. Know Your Client

The second tip we have got here is to know your client. Whenever you get a new client, you should do an in-depth scan of your client. By familiarizing yourself with your client, you can write effective copy. Moreover, the task becomes easier, and the copy becomes more well-informed – this is right as you will represent the said client.

Understand who your client is, who they are, and their objectives, vision, and mission. Continue carrying out thorough delves into the services and products that they offer. This will help you get the preemptive capability to address clients’ needs, as you can gauge the gaps in their communication strategies.

You must become familiar with their product and the services you have to promote as you can pitch the product more effectively to their intended audience.

3. Read Out Loud


More often than not, we can catch cumbersome and stilted, disjointed writing by reading it out loud. By reading your content out loud, you can ensure it sounds natural and human and that the points of the content flow smoothly.

Aside from reading out loud, you can do the same thing by leveraging synonyms. That way, you prevent the copy from being redundant. As copywriters, we must find an interesting way. And the word we have to choose is right.

4. Voice And Tone

You may find voice and tone words if you have ever touched a creative brief.

Sometimes, it can be tricky to understand the difference in voice and tone. Many tend to believe that they are one. On the other hand, several also believe that they are interchangeable. However, the truth is far from that.

The voice stays the same when you write, regardless of your medium. Meanwhile, the tone changes depending on the platform and context. For example, if you are writing a social media copy about a new product release, you make your tone excited and happy. If you write a message to a concerned customer, you must make the tone polite and helpful. Supportive, too.

Wrapping Up


All in all, the point of copywriting is to persuade the audience. You have to be mindful of how you write and phrase. This is crucial because you want your message to resonate with your readers. To improve, you must understand your client and their services and products, read your copy aloud, and understand why your clients do what they do.