5 Differences Between Smok Vaping Pods And Pen Kits

Vaporizers fall into three main categories; vape pens, vape pods, and vape mods. However, while vape pen and pod kits are portable and straightforward, vape mods are bulky and require some technical know-how to operate. Therefore, pen and pod kits are best for novice vapers who are trying to decipher vape products.

Although vape pens and pods share somewhat similar anatomies, they also have distinctive features influencing their overall performance. Such distinct features have their advantages and disadvantages according to individual user preferences.

Here is a comparison of vape pens and pods to guide your shopping choices.

1.  Shape And Size


Although both vape pens and vape pods are small enough to fit into a purse or maybe even pockets, vape pens are substantially smaller.  A vape pen looks quite like a pen hence why it is a preference for vapers who desire the feel of a traditional cigarette while vaping. It is just big enough to contain a cartridge and a battery.

On the other hand, vape pods are slightly thicker and feature a shape akin to a flash drive. They are large enough to hold bigger batteries like the juno pods battery, necessary for a significantly more powerful performance.

Besides battery size, vape pens and vape pod kits also differ in cartridge and pod size. The pod is the cartridge’s equivalent for vape pods, meaning it holds the e-liquid in a vape pod.

When purchasing a vape pod, you can either opt for a closed pod system or an open pod system. The former features a prefilled pod that you dispose of on depletion, while the latter features a refillable e-liquid pod.

Regarding capacity, vape pen cartridges typically feature a 1ml-2ml cartridge, while pods feature a 2ml-5ml capacity.


2.  Power Capacity

Power capacity is a significant distinguishing factor for vape pen kits and vape pods.  The primary feature of vape pens is convenience, so they feature modest batteries for quick mouth-to-lung vaping while on the go. Moreover, disposable or all-in-one vape pens feature even smaller pre-charged batteries that run out alongside your e-liquid.

Because vape pens feature a relatively limited battery capacity, they produce modest smoke and do not facilitate expert vaping styles like DTL vaping. Therefore, their straightforward delivery makes them ideal for use in places that require discreet vaping. However, regardless of their modest power capacity, vape pens offer a good throat hit.

In contrast, vape pods fuse a vape mod’s powerful performance and a vape pen’s portability and convenience. They feature rechargeable 18650 batteries and integrated batteries with up to 3000mAh-3500mAh battery capacity. Consequently, they can deliver intense flavor and thick clouds and facilitate direct-to-lung DTL vaping.

3. Freebase Nicotine VS Nic Salts


The two consumable nicotine forms for vaping are freebase nicotine and nic salts. Freebase nicotine has higher bioavailability, meaning more of it reaches your bloodstream in the shortest time possible. However, freebase nicotine delivers a harsh throat hit at high nicotine concentrations like 50mg.

In contrast, nicotine salts feature an acidic element that allows them to deliver a superbly smooth throat hit even at high nicotine concentrations. Secondly, since nic salts have higher nicotine concentrations, most vapers who consume nic salts vape less and thus spend less on buying more nicotine products.

The difference in structure and composition between freebase nicotine and nic salts dictates the type of device best suited for vaporizing either nicotine form. Vape pens are best suited for vaporizing freebase nicotine because of the nicotine form’s lower viscosity.

On the other hand, most vape pod kits feature two separate pod insets, one designed to vaporize freebase nicotine and nic salts. Vape pods are more suited for vaporizing nic salts because they support the high temperature and low wattage necessary for vaporizing the nicotine form.


4. Flexibility

Vape pens offer the textbook definition of frill-free vaping; the only control present on most vape pens is the firing button. On the other hand, while maintaining their user-friendliness, vape pods host adjustable features that allow you to customize your vaping experience.

Such flexible features include adjustable wattage and airflow, removable coils, and sub-ohm resistance capacity. Moreover, vape pods often feature an LED display to allow you to monitor the adjustable settings and establish the optimum settings for your “sweet spot.” So, if you like to oscillate between cloud-chasing and flavor-chasing, or MTL and DTL vaping, vape pods are your go-to portable vaporizer.

5.   Cost

Although vaping is generally more cost-effective than smoking, different vaporizers feature distinct initial and recurrent vaping costs.  For starters, vape pods feature sturdy construction ideal for medium-long-term use, so they bear a substantially higher price tag. However, they are cheaper in the long run because the only recurrent expenditure attached to the devices is buying e-juice or pod inserts.

On the other hand, while vape pen kits feature a lower initial cost, their design is more suitable for short-term use. Hence, replacing the vape pens frequently while still keeping up with associated recurrent costs makes them quite pricey.


Vape pen kits and vape pods are both ideal vaporizers for nicotine consumption. However, the perfect vape device for you is mainly dependent on your needs and personal vaping preferences. Therefore, consider these top distinguishing features for each device before settling on one.