7 Most Underrated Skills That’ll Make You a Rockstar in Saving Money

Specific tasks call for professionals to perform: such duties are worth our money. If you want to extract a tooth, it is obvious you won’t go for the tweezers and tongs yourself. However, some tasks require your physical presence to be done and may cost a few pennies. You don’t want to go splashing in all directions with the dollars your sweat has earned. With a switch in your gas company, comparing and switching your energy provider with the help of companies like ElectricityRates, as well as changing how you spend your paycheck, as well as turning off the lights when you’re not using them, you’ll save a lot of money. Moreover, while the economy grows tighter as time passes, you probably will benefit from some savings. Saving money is a skill. Whatever you do, whether small or immense, any tactic you use to save money is as valuable as what the savings will achieve. Consider just seven skills.


Doing your cloth repairs

Simple cloth repairs like fixing a torn seam, sewing in place a drooping hemline, returning a button to your cloth, etc., would rarely require you to spend.

Such skills in tailoring like hemming, stitching, and doing buttons are opportunities for you to pay yourself what you would pay the tailor in most cases. You can be sure that your clothes, time and again, will need repairs. Simple repairs that you can do by yourself should not, in essence, rob you of the money you should drop into the savings.

For goodness sake, you are not designing a suit or gown; as such, you only need a needle and threads, which cost less than a dollar. Have you compared the costs of repairing clothes in your region? Well, all that could be your monthly savings- $10- $30.

Doing your laundry

If you have realized, the emphasis is on what your four energy-packed limbs can help you save money.

People elsewhere take their clothes for regular laundry services for substantial pay. Buying a bucket or basin, washing detergents and soaps, would cost you a bit. But not as much as the amount you pay for laundry company services.

Moreover, the screeching and tussle you experience while fighting your clothes to clean them add value to your biceps and triceps’ health.

Do the math, how much will you save monthly by doing your laundry?

And, there is the issue of ironing your clothes; if you have an up-coming adult, please train that young head on laundry skills. It might help him/her save a lot on this task soon.



On rare occasions like when you are late or tired, you would question if walking is a skill. In natural stress-free circumstances, you do best to leave your wheels at the parking place and walk yourself to work.

The benefits you accrue from that are many and affect diverse areas in your life. The cost you pay is one thing; the fitness it imparts on you is yet another.

Driving to work, friends, the mall, or just going for recreation on a Saturday afternoon can be costly.

In the long run, you spend an average of $250 monthly on fuel alone! Talk of rockstars in saving money, there you go. Annually you can save about $3000 by ignoring your four-wheel and resorting to route-11; your two limbs.

Creating room for savings on your budget


Has someone called you an economist of late? That is commendation. You deserve a pat on the back. Budgeting is as essential as the energy we spend working hard to earn the money we spend. Most people seriously view money from the searching perspective, and when it comes to spending, all guards down. Making a simple budget for spending is key to saving as much as possible as we cancel non-essential expenditures.

To be a Rockstar money saver from your budget, ensure not to extract anything from the savings allocation on your list. Learn more about saving from A1 Credit.

Cutting your hair and beard-shaving


Salon costs heavily weigh on ladies than men. Ladies spend about $900 to $3000 annually to work their gorgeous hair. It is no surprise; they will often complain about the expensive services compared with men.

One solution, though, you can decide to have what fits your pocket and enable some coins to drop into the saving’ tin. Cut or trim your hair to a height that won’t be costly to you.

Gents, if your beard is the type that relentlessly keeps growing out of proportion and you would like the ancient roman style of beard, you probably understand the cost that comes with it.

Buying shaving equipment, whether manual or powered by electricity, will help you save a lot. You will reduce the trips to the barber to your advantage.

Cooking at home


You probably know one or two guys who, when it comes to cooking, they better drink water and starve till morning. To most, it is a lack of food that might be the cause. However, to some, it is a lack of cooking skills.

Gone are the days when the kitchen was officially a girl’s haven: nowadays, some of the best chefs are men.

As such, cooking skills have more benefits than earning a salary; it can be a great source of accruing savings from the money that would have gone to the restaurant and cafes.

Someone who spends about $100 a week on outdoor food has a lot he/she can save over $5000 each year!


In some countries, most of the purchases you will make are like indelibly inscribed in an iron bar. Yet, in others, the price is as if written by charcoal on the floor.

If your State is the latter, here is the trick; you don’t have to buy everything, in fact, anything, on the first figure your eye sees.

As long as there are provisions for negotiating, don’t hesitate, chop the price into two. Then, start your negotiation from as low as the half-price mark. You might be surprised by how much you will save on your budget.

Last thought

There you go—the seven most underrated skills that will make you a celeb in saving. No one is born with the necessary life-skills to achieve financial security. But all of us can learn the crucial tricks that will help us be rockstars in money-saving. Based on the strategies that fit your circumstances best, you can tailor any skill to your advantage.