The Meaning of RL – RL means “Real Life“. It is an internet acronym. What does RL mean? RL is an abbreviation that stands for “Real Life”. Check the content shared below on this page to find out RL definition and all the information related to acronym RL in FAQ format.

What does RL mean?

RL is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word which means “Real Life”. It is used during chats and online conversations on forums, social networking sites and chat rooms.

The Meaning of RL

RL means “Real Life”.

What is RL?

RL is “Real Life”.

RL Definition / RL Means

The definition of RL is “Real Life”.

Other terms relating to ‘real’:
 AFRL Away From Real Life
 AHA Expression of discovery or realization
 ARG Alternate Reality Gaming
 AYFR Are You For Real?
 BIG Great, really good
 BNR But Not Really
 BOMB Something really bad
Something really good
 CEREAL Serious
 CRAY CRAY Really crazy
 CRBT Crying Real Big Tears
 DOH Expression of frustration, realization
 FEENING Craving, wanting really badly
 FR For Real
 FRILL For Real
 FRL For Real
 GDFR Going Down For Real
 GLIRL Good Luck In Real Life
 H9 Really hate (H8+1)
 HELLA Really, very
 IDRC I Don’t Really Care
 IDRK I Don’t Really Know
 IMR I Mean, Really
 IRDC I Really Don’t Care
 IRDK I Really Don’t Know
 IRL In Real Life
 IRLY I Really Like You
 JONESING Craving, wanting really badly
 KIR Keepin’ It Real
 KIRF Keeping It Real Fake
 LEGIT Real, legal
 LIRL Laughing In Real Life
 LMIRL Let’s Meet In Real Life
 LORL Laugh Out Really Loud
 LRL Laughing Really Loud
 LYR Love You Really
 MAD Really, extremely
 MIRL Meet In Real Life
 NORLY No, Really?
 O RLY Oh, Really?
 ORG Online Reality Games
 ORLY Oh Really
 ORN Oh Really Now
 PENG A LENG Really sexy, very fit
 POTS Parents Over The Shoulder (parents watching, I can’t really talk)
 PSR Pretty Standard, Really
 RD Real Deal
 RDC Really Don’t Care
 RLF Real Life Friend
 RLY Really
 RMT Real-Money Trading
 ROG Really Old Git
 RPF Real Person Fiction
 RSN Real Soon Now
 RTS Real Time Strategy
 RVR Realm Versus Realm (MMORPG)
 SFR Smiling For Real
 SJGR Shit Just Got Real
 SUPER Very, really
 SYRS See You Real Soon
 TARFU Things Are Really Fouled Up
 TBR To Be Real
 THE BOMB Really cool
 TIRF That/This Is Really Funny
 TRILL True and Real
 TTYRS Talk To You Real Soon
 VR Virtual Reality
 YARLY Yeah Really
Other terms relating to ‘life’:
 1UP Extra life in a game
 42 The answer to life, the universe and everything
 AFRL Away From Real Life
 AKML Avada Kedavra My Life (Harry Potter)
 ALG Ain’t Life Grand
 ALIHAL At Least I Have A Life
 ALOTBSOL Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
 BALLIN Playing basketball
Living the good life
 BBFL Best Buds For Life
 BDOML Best Day Of My Life
 BF4L Best Friends For Life
 BFF4L Best Friend Forever For Life
 BFFL Best Friend For Life
 BFFLTDDUP Best Friends For Life Till Death Do Us Part
 BIFFL Best Internet Friend For Life
 BLD Bad Life Decision
 BM4L Best Mates For Life
 BMFL Best Mates For Life
 BML Bless My Life
 GAL Girl
Get A Life
 GLD Good Life Decision
 GLIRL Good Luck In Real Life
 GOOML Get Out Of My Life
 HAGL Have A Good Life
 HANL Have A Nice Life
 HL Half Life (game)
 HML Hate My Life
 IHML I Hate My Life
 ILML I Love My Life
 IRL In Real Life
 IYL If You’re Lucky
It’s Your Life
 LGO Life Goes On
 LILABOC Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates
 LIRL Laughing In Real Life
 LITS Life Is Too Short
 LLTTF Living Life To The Fullest
 LMIRL Let’s Meet In Real Life
 LML Love My Life
 LNF Life’s Not Fair
 LOML Love Of My Life
 LOYOL Live Out Your Own Life
 LPT Life Pro Tip
 LTL Living The Life
 MIRL Meet In Real Life
 MLIA My Life Is Average
 MLIB My Life Is Bro
 MLIG My Life Is Great/Good
 MLIM My Life Is Magic
 MLS My Life Sucks
 NAL Need A Life
 NIML Never In My Life
Not In My Lifetime
 NSFL Not Safe For Life
 OLTL One Life To Live
 PLD Poor Life Decision
 QOL Quality Of Life
 RFYL Run For Your Life
 RLF Real Life Friend
 SCALLY Low life, trailer trash
 SML Screw My Life
Story of My Life
 SOML Story Of My Life
 TFL Tip For Life
Transport For London
 TGFL Thank God For Life
 THUG Violent criminal
Person struggling to make something of their life
 WDOML Worst Day Of My Life
 WTML Welcome To My Life
 WULLNP Wishing You Long Life And Prosperity
 YATLOML You Are The Love Of My Life
 ZECH Energy, life