How to Pick the Right Dealer When Looking for a Skid Steer Loader for Sale

In the hunt for a skid steer loader, the choice between dealers can be perplexing. Questions about new or secondhand options linger, but the ultimate success depends on the dealer’s advice.

Are you scouring the market for a skid steer loader but not sure which dealers to work with? Should you go with secondhand machinery or is it better to look for a new skid steer loader for sale?

Another factor is that getting the right advice for your project requirements depends on which dealer you pick to handle your sale.

Investing in heavy-duty machinery is expensive so you want to get the most out of your purchase experience. Partnering with the right dealer can do this for you so keep reading to find out what to look out for when picking a company for your heavy equipment solutions.

What You Need to Know About Skid Steer Loaders

Here’s some useful information about this piece of heavy machinery:

  • Versatile: Used in construction, landscaping and agricultural industries, this piece of equipment has various applications such as excavation, digging or trenching.
  • Size: This equipment comes in small, medium and large frames with each one having specific load capacities, horsepower and functionality.
  • Load capacity: This vehicle can take loads from 800 lbs to over three tonnes.
  • Lifting capacity: Some models have radial lifting capacity while others are vertical.
  • Technology: Heavy machinery technology has evolved over the years with some models having electronic features.
  • Easy to manoeuvre: Despite handling heavy loads, skid steer loaders are light and easy to move on site.
  • Attachments: Buckets are standard features but drill bit augers, landscaping tillers, hydraulic breakers and box blades can be attached to perform different applications.

How to Decide What Type of Skid Steer Loader You Need


Professional heavy machinery suppliers can assist you in finding the right type of skid steer loader for your job applications. However, taking note of the following considerations will help you ask the right questions when talking to a dealer:

  • Current and future needs: Explore whether you’ll be expanding your fleet for future projects before making a purchase. Be careful not to limit yourself with smaller skid steer loaders when future projects could require bigger machinery.
  • Types of applications: The tasks that need to be performed will determine the size, functions and attachments of your skid steer loader.
  • Site conditions: Workspace and terrain determine how small or big your skid steer loader can be. Small skid steers aren’t as safe on rugged terrain while larger models are constrictive in tight spaces. Considering the safety of your operators is important and getting the right model for the environment ensures everyone stays unharmed while working.
  • Storage: Limited storage space on site makes it difficult to park larger models when not in use. You may need to buy according to available floor space.

Familiarising yourself with different models and brands will help you find the right skid steer loader for your project needs. Also make sure your dealer can help you identify the best long-term investment.

How to Pick the Right Dealer for Your Skid Steer Loader Needs

Knowing what heavy equipment you want is one thing but picking the best skid steer loader for your projects is easier when you have an expert on your side! Dealing with the right supplier gives you advice, backup and support when you need it most.

Use these tips to help you identify the right heavy machinery dealer for all your skid steer loader needs.

Tip 1: A Wide Variety of Models

A dealer who can offer a wide variety of models gives you more options to pick from. Make sure they have various options that include different sizes, load and lifting capacities and the latest technology.

Finding dealers who provide different attachments as well means you don’t need to look elsewhere for equipment to attach to your skid steer loader. Dealing with suppliers who offer top-quality brands also helps you get value for money.

Tip 2: Fully Trained Technicians

Look for dealers who offer technical service and 24/7 emergency breakdown response. This way, you can rest assured your machinery is taken care of when something goes wrong. Having the option to call on a fully trained technician to repair or maintain your skid steer loader prevents costly downtime on site.

Tip 3: Equipment Warranty

When picking a dealer, make sure they offer warranties on all their heavy machinery. Should your equipment become faulty during the warranty period, you have peace of mind it’s covered. Look out for a factory or hours construction equipment warranty before making a purchase.

Tip 4: Read Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to settle on a dealer for all your skid steer loader requirements is to read testimonials. Google customer reviews or testimonials on the company’s website will highlight what’s good about the dealer and what kind of service they provide.

Final Tip

Buying a skid steer loader requires careful consideration and finding the best heavy machinery supplier. Doing some research beforehand can help you identify the best vendors to contact.

One last tip – using local dealers that can easily provide after-sale service means you’re never left stranded when there’s an emergency!