Is It Possible to Win Real Money at an Online Casino?

The goal of an online casino visitor is to earn money by placing bets and playing one’s favorite games. But is it really possible to make money in an online casino, and what does it take from a gambler? Let’s look into this together. In this post, we will check whether a successful game can make you a millionaire. We will also share some winning strategies and useful recommendations for choosing reliable and safe casinos on the CasinoLuck. So keep reading to make the max out of your online gambling session.

How Online Gambling Establishments Operate

You may think that it is an online casino that determines your winning odds. In fact, a casino is an intermediary between a player and a software provider. A casino operator simply places the developer’s games on its website. By launching them, a user automatically connects to the provider’s server, and the game is actually played on the manufacturer’s official portal.

Licensed operators cannot interfere with the operation of the random number generator and set the return percentage in their favor. Responsible sites publish certificates of inspections by independent experts on the site, which confirms the conduct of an honest business. So before you start your jackpot hunting session at a casino, we strongly recommend that you check what gaming software it is powered by and whether it has a gambling license in place. Only in this case, you can count on high chances of winning real money at a casino.

Any user can make a profit on an online gambling site. But winning is luck. The random number generator is responsible for dropping combinations. Therefore, it is impossible to predict in which machine a user will hit the jackpot. Of course, you can still assess your winning odds if you check an RTP coefficient, volatility, and dispersion of the game before you actually start playing it.

Common Myths About Gambling


Since winning is luck that cannot be predicted, the process of obtaining it is overgrown with many myths and signs. Experienced users understand the mechanics of the machines and do not take such prejudices seriously. Fraud schemes are designed exclusively for beginners – unscrupulous operators take advantage of the lack of information and deceive gullible customers. Consider the most common gambling myths.

Myths About 100% Winning Strategies

Fraudsters claim that there are working tactics for making money in online casinos. You can find dozens of strategies and step-by-step instructions on the net. At the same time, many of them are aimed at a gradual increase in the rate. Thus, users lose large sums in a few minutes. In fact, there are no guaranteed working strategies and schemes. People offering earning instructions are partners of script sites and receive a commission from each loss of the client.

Myths About Popular Game Tactics

The application of different tactics is a common thing in gambling entertainment. They are most often resorted to in games with live dealers. Of course, to make money in online casinos, it is important to use strategies with care. However, you should be cautious and approach online gamblingg responsibly instead of just trusting another strategy that seems to be effective. Here are some of the most popular strategies that you can try but be very careful about.

1 – Martingale


The essence of the tactic is to increase the bet in each next round after losing twice. For example, you put $100 on red in roulette. If black is rolled, then $200 must be placed during the next round and so on. Despite the popularity of the strategy, its profitability is questionable. The loss of the red sector, as it was 48.6% on the first move, will remain on the tenth.

2 – Ladder

This strategy implies increasing the amount per game at the expense of prize money. For example, there was a winning bet of $100 on red. You need to increase the amount and bet with $200 on the same color and so on. The bottom line is that by spending only $100, you can get $300 profits in just two spins.

3 – Zigzag


This strategy is most often used in slot machines. The bottom line of the tactic is to move from one gaming machine to another in search of the “hottest” one. It is difficult to call this a serious strategy. All experienced players perform such actions if video slots do not give payouts. But there are some differences. The strategy was extended to land-based casino halls. Visitors walked through the machines and searched the screen for certain positions of symbols. Seeing that the same pictograms lined up with the letter “V,” they started the game.

4 – d’Alembert


The main point of this tactic is to increase the bet with each failure and decrease after the winning hand. It is most often used on betting sites. If in Martingale, you need to raise the amount twice, then in d’Alembert, you do the same by the amount of the lost bet. For example, you deposited $500 for red and lost. The next amount per hand is $1,000. If you lose again, then you raise your stake to $2,000 and so on.

5 – Parlay


It is a positive progression system. The bottom line of the Parlay strategy is that when you win, both the bet and the prize money remain in the cell. In case of failure, the amount does not change. Thus, the user risks only the initial chips. For example, a client bet $50 and won. In this case, one receives 200 with a successful move, and so on until the required amount is accumulated.