4 Ways a Prestashop Developer can improve your eCommerce Business

The E-Commerce concept has taken over the business world, and that is for a good reason. When selling goods turned online, that’s when the revolution began. When it comes to geographical boundaries, they were almost erased or at least they were softened.

This means that the whole world has turned into a big marketplace, rather than having numerous smaller ones. However, running an ecommerce business is nothing but an easy task. Every online business needs to have certain elements that are essential for any company’s success. That being said, one of the most Googled questions online is the question about what makes an ecommerce business successful; or in other words – more successful than all the others.

Aside from having unique products and adding value to the market and to the target field, there has to be a perfect communication with your customers. Therefore good customer support is the very first necessity, although the list of necessities is quite long.


Creating an online business means being an expert in many fields at the same time. But is this really possible in reality? In traditional companies we are used to having multiple experts to cover every needed field, while at e-commerce businesses it seems like many professionals are wrapped up into only one. This can easily become overwhelming to business owners and they can easily get lost in thousands or even millions of websites and online businesses. With such a strong competition, it’s somewhat too hard to stand out and offer something that doesn’t already exist. It is also challenging to convert random visitors into leads and finally potential leads into customers that would come back and repurchase your goods. The first thing you can do for your customers is offer a beautiful aesthetically pleasing website with a simple interface and clear options, products and everything they are interested in.

Your website is the first thing your customers see and the research shows that they only need up to 20 seconds to create an opinion about your company and to decide whether they are gonna stay on your website or go to another one.  Considering the fact that however unique you are, there are many competitors in the same field that you work in, this means that you have to offer more in order to attract customers. The very ingredient is of course – value, but it is also a special approach to your customers that makes a difference: personalized, customised options that would make your customers feel special.

In order to achieve the basic knowledge of platforms that can help you build your website you can watch tutorials and experiment yourself or you can hire a professional. We’ve all heard about platforms such as WordPress, but there is one website that can help you make a difference on the market. That is Prestashop.


But what is Prestashop anyway? While WordPress can help you create a website for any type of business it seems like Prestashop is mainly focused on helping you create ecommerce businesses or in other words: for businesses that are being used for buying and selling goods. This is what makes this platform so special. By using this platform you can run stores and you can manage your business with ease, since this is a pretty simple solution with clear instructions and a lot of users around the globe. Research shows that there are more than 400 thousand stores that are Prestashop based, on a global level. This information shows the convenience of this shopping cart solution especially compared with other platforms of this kind such as Shopify, for example.

We all know that WordPress requires a specific approach in which qualified experts would create websites and platforms for their customers and clients, but what’s the case with Prestashop? Can you learn how to use it all by yourself and can you create impressive websites and online stores? The answer is simple: while you can learn the basics for under a month, research shows that the best results would be achieved if you have a professional by your side or in other words a prestashop developer, such as http://www.gregorychartier.fr/.

That being said, you probably wonder how a prestashop developer can help you out with your online store and improve your e-commerce business. Let’s dive into it:

He Can Upscale your Digital Presence


A Prestashop developer will help you pick and customise one of the aesthetically pleasing themes that are offered within the platform, and more importantly: to make it functional and beautiful. He will also be able to give you advice on the most important visual elements of your companies such as your logo, the colours you want to choose for your website, and the whole digital presence of your company. A professional developer for this platform can help you create a website for an online shop that looks professional and beautiful, which will then attract customers easily.

He Can Help you Increase your Revenue

Having a fantastic website is the number one step that can guide your business towards success. A developer will directly help you increase your revenue since a fantastic, visually pleasing and functional website is what all your customers will appreciate and enjoy. However, in order to do this, you have to give your customers something unique so make sure to consult your developer about your business goals, so you can achieve them together.

He Can Help you Showcase your Products Globally

While your website might be good or even amazing, the most important thing about it should be your global exposure. Prestashop is a perfect platform that can help you delete borders and geographical boundaries with its International market and a huge database. That being said, your developer will help you communicate with your customers and potential customers all around the world; and what better way to communicate with them is there, other than having multiple languages on your website? He can set up more than 200 translations in your online store. Sounds good doesn’t it?

He Can Help you Manage your Payments


Having a beautiful website is not enough, it has to be functional as well. One of the biggest challenges for ecommerce businesses is managing their payment methods and payments in general, including return policies etc. A Prestashop developer can help you include one of the 60 payment options (or all of them) in your online store and therefore make your customers both happy and satisfied. This means that you need a professional to cover all the aspects of your ecommerce. After you set everything up, the sky’s the limit!