Top 15 Presents to Get for Your Parents This Year

Gift shopping is always a special feat. You have to be either very lucky or very psychic to get the perfect present for the ones you love.

Some researchers state that buying presents is a very stressful business for people and that during the big holidays’ suicide rates skyrocket. Now there might be several other factors that influence this but we are certain that gift buying is surely at least one of those.

But let’s put aside this bit of a gloom statistic and try to find the solution to the problem. The article today will help you find presents for your parents that they will enjoy, and if you want to view more stay right here! This will be the list that just might save you the hassle or save you time thinking about what to get your parents for the next big holiday. We might as well make you a real superhero to them, so without further due, we will jump straight in!

  1. The family story sign


This is a bit sentimental present that will beautifully represent your family. This type of present is really neat because it will stack your names and birthdates and will double as a somewhat smaller family tree. You can order signs like this in many places and the option of handcrafted wood is surely going to knock them off their feet!

  1. Christmas ornaments

No, we are not thinking about just any kind of Christmas ornament. There is a Christmas tree ornament in a shape of a star made out of ceramic that states “Empty Nesters 1st Christmas” and it is a real gag present to your parents who finally lived to see you and your siblings finally leave the house.

  1. Kitchen stuff

Again not just any type of kitchen stuff. If your parents love to entertain and they love to stand out from their friends while doing it then something like a slate board cheese tray that they can label and that comes with accessories is the perfect gift for them. A set like this includes stainless steel gold knives and ceramic dipping bowls.

  1. Beer jelly

Everyone loves beer, especially if it is craft beer. There is something about craft beer that screams uniqueness and sophistication, and when you combine that with a jelly you get yourself a cool present that your parents might enjoy. It is certainly different from anything else and it will make them love you for it.

  1. Puzzle

There is a neat puzzle that is popping around everywhere and it’s called a 1000 colour jigsaw puzzle. This is your most challenging puzzle and it is the best gift for those who love both challenges and puzzles. If your parents are those people then this will be the perfect present for them.

  1. Knock-Knock Slang Flashcards

Even the coolest of the parents sometimes need help to stay cool or to keep up with the jokes of this period. These slang flashcards are the perfect give if you want your parent to continue to be cool and to keep it real.

  1. Carry-on cocktail kit

If you have parents that travel a lot and who love their cocktails then this gift is something that will sweep them of their feet. Every airline does serve these and they are a bit basic, right?! Well if your parents had this then they could make their fun cocktail and refuse to settle for the basic, same old boring ones everyone else will get.

  1. Letters to my mom

Advertised as “Write now, read later, treasure forever” is the perfect sentimental present to the woman that raised you right. This comes in a kit and it includes 10 letter prompts for you to send to your mom and if you combine that with the good memories and the expression of gratitude you will end up with one priceless gift.

  1. Game night in a can

If you still live with your parents, or you don’t but visit often and you are bored with all the boring games you guys have and play with each other then a Game night in a can is the perfect gift to shake the gaming time up a bit.

  1. Barbecue set

Now, these come in all varieties and shapes/sizes. We won’t speak much of it because it is self-explanatory but if your dad or both of your parents enjoy grilling and spending time behind a barbecue then this gift is what you want to get them!

  1. Gift mugs

Now, this might be a bit corny, but Dear Mom or Dad mugs are a great present. They all frown upon gifts like these but have you noticed that all of them tend to make that mug you got them their favourite and that they never separate from it too much.

  1. Himalayan salt basket

These types of gifts have two purposes – they really look good but they also can balance out the energy in your parents’ house. These salts influence the mood and energy levels which makes them awesome gifts that are both cool and considerate to your parents’ wellbeing.

  1. Portable spa

Now we have all seen those portable pools and whatnot. Well, there are also portable spa and massage spa sets. Now, this is the present they will enjoy and the thing that you can utilize yourself whenever you visit. It will put you in the favourite child category.

  1. Drones

There are several drones out there that are suitable for beginners, and no they are not just for the kids. If you have parents that are at least decent with tech and electronics this will be a very good gift. If they are not that good that it is a gift that will make you spend more time with them explaining these and similar things to them.

  1. Food dehydrator

Again this counts as more of a mom gift but since it will create all kinds of yummy snacks that are good for their health, this can benefit both of them. It is a really neat thing and playing with it is half of the fun. When you see what you can get from these dehydrators you start to appreciate more what you eat.