5 Tips for Planning a Vacation in Orlando

Were you aware that around 131 million people visit Orlando each year?

Not only is Orlando a top vacation spot for Americans, but it also attracts visitors from across the globe. While Orlando is a phenomenal place, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the idea of planning an Orlando vacation since there’s so much to consider.

Would you like some help creating the getaway of your dreams? Continue reading to collect our top five tips for planning your upcoming visit.

1. Set a Budget for Orlando Travel

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There’s a common misconception that every trip to Orlando is expensive. As long as you’re clever, you can plan an exciting getaway no matter what your budget is.

Reflect on how much money you feel comfortable spending so you can continue planning around that number. Using tools like Groupon, looking at vacation packages, and staying in hotels away from the top tourist destinations can cut your expenses down.

2. Research Things to Do in Orlando


One of the hardest parts of planning a vacation in Orlando is creating an itinerary. There are endless Orlando activities out there, so ask yourself what would make you the happiest. Prioritize each activity in case you don’t have time to get to everything.

From amusement parks to an escape room center and museums, there’s something in Orlando for every taste.

3. Book Your Orlando Vacation in Advance

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A clever tip that everyone should know is to book your travel arrangements in advance whenever possible. Orlando is a desirable location, so you need to reserve your spot before demand drives the prices up.

This goes beyond plane tickets and hotels as well. You should look into other activities like amusement parks since those tickets also cost a lot.

4. Don’t Forget About Food

Lots of people love going to Epcot to taste their way around the world, but the truth is that the entire city has an international flair. It’s worth doing some research on restaurants ahead of time so you can figure out what’s around.

Restaurants tend to have menu prices available online, so this will also allow you to plan better and stick to your budget.

5. Schedule Some Relaxation Time

A common mistake that Orlando visitors make is trying to cram too much fun into a short period of time. Remind yourself to be realistic with your schedule so you have the energy to enjoy yourself.

If you look on websites like TripAdvisor, you should be able to learn from other travelers how long you can expect to spend at each attraction.

Are You Excited About Going to Florida Soon?

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Going on an Orlando vacation is guaranteed to be an absolute smash. Using this advice will allow you to get the most out of every minute you’re there.

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