Peacock TV: Cost, App, Movies, Shows And More NBC Streaming Service Details

Becoming an essential part of internet chronicles, video streaming is dominating the sphere with leagues of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Fresh in the zone, many traditional forums have also stepped into the exclusive niche to upgrade the experience of their loyal consumers.

With Disney launching Disney Plus to HBO owning HBO Max, there are many giants that are currently dominating the world of video streaming. And when discussing the streaming platforms, one cannot forget the charmful Peacock TV.

StreamingRant’s recommendation will help you watch Peacock TV in Canada in other countries and the bunch of packages it has to offer among other things.

For example, a similar plan is followed by NBCUniversal with its streaming platform known as Peacock. While most streaming sites maintain their original trademark, it’s intriguing to see NBCUniversal taking a different route by naming its sister company Peacock. Here’s everything that you need to know about it.

It was officially launched in 2020, making it an infant with a lot of potential and room to grow. Peacock abodes many of the classics and some current shows that are owned by Universal Pictures, Focus Features and Dreamworks Animation.

Their collection of series and movies is vast with exclusives like Punky Brewster and Girls5Eva. By May 2024, the streaming sites already had over 10 million paid subscribers that jumped to 54 million by the end of July 2024.

Reason Behind The Name

Peacock has a peculiar sound-making question as to why NBCUniversal went ahead with this name. Basically, the intention behind it is noble. It wanted to reminisce about the old-school television while also keeping intact the new-age technology that allows the platform to enter every room and house across the globe. Besides, if you look closely, you will find the signature feathers on the logo; making the name more sensible and right.

Is Peacock Available Everywhere?

Peacock is similar to other premium streaming platforms. It is easily accessible to viewers in the USA; all you have to do is open the site on your smartphone or any other device, login and start streaming.

Should You Get A Subscription?

This is where the matters complicate, getting a subscription is recommended but it’s not entirely necessary considering a free version is already out for everyone to use. So far, the paid version has some additional titles that can be unlocked if you choose to purchase, but in all honesty, the programming itself cannot stand on its merits.

Many users have complained that it lacks features, but again, it all makes sense when you know that they all come for free. But with the lack of features, Peacock fails to add much value to the user, especially when competitors like Netflix and Hulu already dominate that space.

Countries Peacock is Available

At the time the United States is the only country where the streaming platform was easily accessible and free. However, Canada has also earned rights to broadcast and it will be joined by countries like Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland and the United Kingdom very soon.

Peacock: Package

First of all, every user must know that a free version is already out there for use. However, you would have to deal with ads and the lack of some titles.

  • Peacock Premium: You can go for a monthly fee ($4.99) or an annual subscription ($49.99) to gain access to the complete library of shows and movies. However, you will also have to accept ads.
  • Peacock Premium Ad-Free: This one, as you can tell, is free from ads or any other type of interruption. Pay $9.99/mo or $99.99 on an annual basis to gain access.

How to Get Peacock Premium for Free?

If you are already subscribed to Comcast Xfinity or Flex TV, you can get access to the ad-supported Peacock Premium for free. In addition to this, the Charter Spectrum TV subscribers also get Premium Peacock free for the first three months.

Peacock Compatibility

Peacock is easily compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. You can also connect it to Samsung Smart TVs as well as the Xbox One gaming console.

TV Shows and Series Available on Peacock

By getting a subscription to Peacock, you can earn upto 20,000 hours of streaming. This includes content from all around the world from classic movies to the current mind-bending tv series and fascinating documentaries. You can also get access to the live broadcast of any sports event; it recently covered the 2024 Winter Olympics.


From the laughing riot that is Parks and Recreation to the subtle but nuanced The Office to the 45 seasons of Saturday Night Live, you have a lot of content ready for consumption. You can also binge-watch Spanish shows like Betty en NY, 100 Dias Para, and Preso No. 1.


The massive connection of movies includes many classic series like Harry Potter, Twilight, The Matrix, and 50 Shades of Grey. You can also find an all-time favorite The Karate Kid movie. The content is endless, all you need to do is press the search engine.


From In Deep with Ryan Lochte to Lost Speedways with Dale Earnhardt Jr to Black Boys and The Sit-in, there are many intriguing documentaries that will blow your mind and keep you hooked till the last second.

In Conclusion

Peacock is a great addition to the world of streaming, With few criticisms regarding the lack of features, this platform has content from across the world and that too for free. There are many packages that one can benefit from; from docuseries to tv shows, there’s a lot ready to be consumed.