What does Online Authentication Service do?

Online shopping has become very popular in the last two years as covid recommendations include staying at home and away from social gatherings. As much as it has helped small or big businesses during the hardest times, it also gave counterfeit brands a huge opportunity of selling more fake products and defrauding people. Sometimes it is just tempting not to buy something online that is on a great sale but most of the time products with such a good deal end up being counterfeit 99% of the time. That is where authentication services come in handy; regular customers that aren’t involved in the fashion industry do not know much about the details that they need to keep in mind to tell fake and authentic apart, but thankfully there are professionals out in the world that can help us and authenticate our item for us, so we do not get caught in a trap of counterfeiters.

Spot Fake Cloths


Spotting fake materials, hardware, and clothes, in general, is not easy if you are not familiar with some special techniques and methods that will help you in authenticating your items. You do not have to worry much longer as we have found the best online authentication service  for you: LegitGrails expert team will analyze your branded product thoroughly and authenticate it for you with the fastest turn-around time! What we love about them is the accessibility as the team is available 24/7, so you can contact them any time you have the need. Some people love doing things independently by themselves, that is why you can also find authentication guides on their website, all you need to do is search for the model you want to legit check and then follow the instructions.

Individual authentication

Sometimes general guides aren’t enough as some counterfeit products are done better than others which makes it hard for an inexperienced eye to spot the differences more effectively. This is where individual authentication becomes very much needed as following the general methods might not be effective for your item. Professionals will check your branded product, analyze and observe it. Most of the online legit check services offer authenticity certificates so you can be assured that your item is legit.

Using single model guides to do the individual authentication is also a good idea if you want to save up some money and exercise your authentication skills. All you need to do is search for the model you want to legit check and follow every step very closely. Keep in mind that every counterfeit product is different from one another as different replica factories manufacture the goods differently so the flaws the product might have in the guide you are following might not match the one you are trying to authenticate.

Authentication of Several Items at Once

Authenticating several items at once is not a problem! Sometimes legit check services offer special packages and sales to those wanting to authenticate several products at once, all you need to do is purchase such a package and the rest will be taken care of!

Saving extra bucks when you have already spent thousands of dollars on branded goods will bring more good than harm!

Benefits to Use Authentication Services


You might think that spending extra bucks on authentication services when you are on a budget does not seem that logical but hear us out, there are much more benefits to using legit check services than you might think:

Purchase more safely – If you come across a great deal online and want to purchase the item, think first, does this appealing price mean just a good sale or a counterfeit product? You can never be too sure, that is why using authentication services is more logical so your order is fraud-free. After the professionals analyze the product thoroughly, you’ll know if it’s legit or not.

Do not waste money – If you use authentication services beforehand buying branded items online, you will save yourself some money because in a lot of cases products that you expect to be authentic turn out to be counterfeit, so paying extra bucks on authentication services and saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars is wiser.

Get a certificate of authenticity – If the item turns out to be legit you’ll get an authenticity certificate that will help you if you ever decide to resell the item; the buyer will be more certain that they are buying the authentic product. Besides that point, having the authenticity certificate will ensure that the money you spent on the item did not go to waste.

Detailed examination of the item and its explanation to you – After you get your product legit checked, the team will offer you a detailed examination and explanation so you can be sure why your product is or is not authentic. If you have any further questions regarding the process, the professional team will answer them for you.

What You Can Authenticate Online?


But still, what can be authenticated online? The answer is – everything!

Bags – Bags are one of the most authenticated items online, as counterfeit brands replicate them very commonly. If you are planning on buying a branded bag on any website that is not official, we advise you to use legit check services.

Sneakers – Just like bags, sneakers are in high demand, that is why counterfeit brands replicate them very commonly. You can get your sneakers authenticated at every legit check website.

Luxury accessories – This can get more tricky, as telling details apart can get pretty complicated, that is why some websites specialize in luxury accessories only.

Clothes – This doesn’t need much explanation, but you can get your branded clothes authenticated at almost every legit check website. Remember, to only let the professionals analyze the authenticity of the branded item for you, as a fake certificate will not help you in any way.