What You Should Know About OG Kush CBD Hemp Flower

If you have never heard about OG Kush, it means you are a novice in the game of cannabis. However, its useful effects are inevitable and that is why it’s something worth knowing about. It is a legendary strain in the marijuana world and very famous globally. The oldest strains found their way to the US and Europe in the 60s. They were illegal for a long time and they still are in some countries, but that is exactly where variations and new species have entered the world of consumers. OG Kush Hemp is the one that managed to meet legal criteria and that is one of the reasons why it’s in such a high demand in various countries such as America, as people now associate its name with certain celebrities like Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg. Not only that, providing an euphoric state of mind, it can be used by anybody without the fear of feeling unwanted or unpleasant sensations but rather experiencing the pressure relieving effects for different discomforts and diseases.

The genetic origin of this wonder plant is unknown, but some people believe it is a mixture of Chemdawg and Hindu Kush. This article aims at highlighting all you need to know about OG Kush CBD hemp flower.


What is OG Kush?

The meaning of OG has been controversial as different people have different meanings for the acronym. These meanings include original gangster and ocean grown. The name itself explains that this was the foundation for other numerous strains that have been made over the last couple of years. Other names for OG Kush include OGK, Supreme OG, Kush OG, OG story, Pure OGK, and Cali OGK.

What is CBD Hemp Flower?


This refers to the raw or dry hemp flower bud of Cannabis. It looks and smells like the traditional cannabis flower, but the difference is in the amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) they contain. CBD hemp flowers contain less than 0.3 percent THC. The hemp flower is quite new, but its popularity is growing rapidly, due to its calming and other effects. Visit PubClub to know more about hemp flowers..

Most people prefer using the flower as they do not need to venture into the process of extracting the oil. Brands such as Cheef Botanicals as well as users of CBD products opine that the extraction process destroys the natural wax of the cannabis plant.

On the contrary, CBD flowers do not need any extraction. You can simply harvest and get it dried before packaging for sale or personal use if you are a hemp grower. This way, it will save all of its precious assets, just like any other tea or plant saves its quality features during the mentioned non invasive saving process.

Additionally, you are less likely to get “high” because of the low level of THC present in the CBD hemp flower.  This is due to the fact that hemp plants that are legally grown are federally regulated to ensure that they contain lower than 0.3 percent THC. Instead, you’ll feel uplifted in a couple of minutes, but not spaced out, which is a big advantage compared to the other types of CBD. Thanks to the legality of the plants, things on the market have changed and CBD hemp flower products have become more accessible than ever. Still, there need to be some precautions when purchasing.

This threshold was legally instituted by the Farm bill of 2018. Different states have built their regulations based on the Farm bill. Therefore, before you buy CBD hemp flowers, ensure to do your research to find out if the hemp flower you’re about to use complies with the laws of your state.

You can read all the information about the Farm Bill of 2018 here: https://www.fda.gov/news-events/congressional-testimony/hemp-production-and-2018-farm-bill-07252019

Appearance and Aroma of OG Kush CBD Hemp Flower

OG Kush CBD hemp flower has a strong fresh scent that is comparable with a woodsy, piney, or earthy aroma. A sweet undertone of lime, lemon, or citrus can be perceived in its aroma. The flavor hits the taste buds immediately after you put it in your mouth. The flower buds of OG Kush are nugget-like and could be medium or large. The plant has a dense structure with yellowish green leaves, but some phenotypes have a tinge of purple.

Benefits of Consuming OG Kush CBD Hemp Flower

OG Kush holds a lot of medical benefits for its users, especially those suffering from mental disorders and chronic pain. It is commonly used as a pain reliever. It is now regarded as medical marijuana due to its life changing benefits. Furthermore, OG Kush can assist patients in handling numerous stress related conditions such as depression, stress, and insomnia.

A low dose can be administered to people suffering depression or mental disorders. This will help them to get better. However, a high dose needs to be administered in a case of chronic pain. You need to know that overdosing on OG Kush has side effects. Therefore, there should be limits to its consumption. However, sticking to the small dosages is perfect for healing, soothing effects. Almost immediate nervous system response is what gives you the sense of relief, whether it is an emotional relief, tension relief or the effects are simply physical, such as lowering your high blood pressure and slowing down your heart rate. Not only that, the major percentage of people just love the taste together with the great feeling of relaxation and the feeling of being grounded, comfortable and stress-free.

OG Kush CBD Hemp Flower – Side Effects


Users who are sensitive to THC need to be cautious when using OG Kush. This is because of the presence of THC in the hemp flower. If you are in this category, you need to understand and watch your limit when taking weed.

There are people who end up having dry mouth and eyes after consuming OG Kush. You can easily deal with this by staying hydrated all day. This is especially so for people who prefer smoking the CBD hemp flower. Increasing the liquid intake on a daily basis is a simple yet effective way of solving this problem. You can also apply a moisturizing lubricant eye drop to prevent dry eyes.

Furthermore, some people end up getting paranoid after taking OG Kush. This is nothing to be worried about because the feeling will give way after some minutes. You just need to be calm and take some deep breaths. Focusing on your breathing in the first couple of minutes after the intake is what has been proven as a good first step on the journey of taking care of paranoia. Meditation techniques with visualization elements and deep muscle relaxation can also help. You can also consider doing yoga since it’s been proven that OG Kush and yoga are a great combination and they complement each other. Symbiosis of movement and rhythmic breathing is essential for every condition, including this one.

You can watch this video if you need a guided meditation for paranoia.



OG Kush hemp flower has various phenotypes which forms the base of different cannabis strains. It also has a lot of properties that are extremely helpful to its users. This explains its popularity, even among celebrities, who love to talk about this phenomenon and share the good effects they’ve experienced. Having the ability to relax after a stressful day and having to deal with almost none side effects sounds good as it really is. If you are yet to try OG Kush, note that its strong aroma and taste will keep you hooked. Sour, sweet or flowery it will make you wanna try out every flavor out there. Considering everything we know about this product, it is definitely worth trying!