NIKE Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe – 2024 Buying Guide

The Nike Women’s Revolution 3 is one of the best running shoes for bad knees that you can find, especially for women. It is a lightweight running pair of shoes made of a single-layered mesh. The overlays with minimal no-sew and soft foams include some of the features you might like.

Women’s Revolution 3 Nike Running shoes

Women’s Revolution 3 Nike Running shoes


At a first look, one of the most apparent features is the inclusion of a rubber outsole. The use of rubber offers an excellent traction in Nike Women’s Revolution 3, When going through your paces on slippery terrains. Horizontal bellows cut inside the foam midsole makes the shoes responsive to your various movements.

A meshed upper body improves the aeration inside the shoes when it gets hot during intense workouts. In addition, a midsole made of soft foam makes for a cushioning effect as well as cutting down the weight.

When worn by someone with bad knees, the underlays located in the toe tip and vamp offers support within the structure. Another great feature is the midsized shaft height that measures about 3 inches from the arch making the shoes more comfortable and supportive to your ankles.

The Nike Revolution 3 for women features a synthetic mesh upper. And the rest of the shoe part is well-built; the upper construction of this shoe is probably the most impressive. These parts are more breathable than the rest of the upper and help air to circulate in and out of the shoe.

The upper fabric of Nike Revolution 3 Running Shoe provides patterned for strength and flexibility. It provides a close-to-foot, sock-like feel. This mesh upper also used for optimal breathability.

The tongue of the Nike Revolution 3 Running Shoes features extra padding for added cushioning and stability. The padded tongue protects the top of your foot from the laces and is usually connected to the upper of your toes, though there are two variations.

Nike Revolution 3 Women’s running shoes feature a standard rubber outsole (for traction) with the addition of some fairly deep Flex Grooves for a better transition as the foot moves from heel to toe. The rubber outsole is more flexible and adds to the cushioning of the shoe. You will be happy with the durability of the outsole and its ability to provide grip underfoot.  It also offers excellent traction.

A Phylon sole offers softness and flexibility in Nike Revolution 3 Running Shoe. A soft foam midsole delivers lightweight and resilient cushioning. The Horizontal bellows cut into the foam for better response.


Product dimensions 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches
Shipping weight 1.75 pounds
Item model number 819302/819303
Sole material Rubber
Midsole material Soft foam
Rubber outsole Excellent traction
  • Great breathability.
  • Best Coushioning.
  • The exact size fits.
  • Great look.
  • The shoe can be stiff at times.
  • Can be narrow for long distance run.
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