Nike Boy’s Lunarstelos (GS) Running Shoe – 2024 Buying Guide

The Nike Lunarstelos Runing Shoes are a great pair of neutral running shoes for beginners and seasoned runners alike. They are also one of the most value-packed affordable shoes on the market right now. The thick midsole is constructed of dual-density foam with the softer part sitting on top of the harder foam.

Boy’s Lunarstelos Nike running shoes

Boy’s Lunarstelos Nike running shoes


The Nike Lunarstelos Runing Shoes has a 10mm heel to toe drop and in our testing, we found that in terms of comfort, the midsole sits right in the middle of comparable running shoes. If you’re used to the plush feel of the Nike Zoom Fly midsole units, you may find this to be on the stiffer side.

The outsole features Nike’s signature laser-cut rubber pattern with wave-like grooves that offers exceptional flexibility and grip. Hard rubber pieces mark the heel and tip of the outsole to provide extra durability. 

The Nike Lunarstelos Runing Shoes did feel a bit tight around the medial foot in our testing but settled after a brief break-in period. The real champion here is the upper on these shoes.

The upper mesh is extremely breathable with added ventilation through perforations on the sides. A Flywire lacing system holds everything in place and it’s nice to see such quality construction on an affordable pair of shoes usually only reserved for the more expensive Nikes. 

Nike Lunarstelos Running Shoes is a lightweight and flexible running shoe that is recommended for beginning runners. The sole offers good traction and the midsole is designed for comfortable support. It’s designed to provide excellent ventilation to avoid foot sweating and it has a sleek and stylish appearance with a black upper and a white swoosh.

When it comes to the compromises made with the LunarStelos GS, a substantial number of buyers were disappointed by the overall subpar durability of this model. The fabric on the front part of the shoe is very prone to tears, as many Nike LunarStelos Amazon reviewers claim.

This is mainly an aesthetic problem, seeing as the upper fabric is just for decoration. Still, this is something that can be easily fixed in the next iteration of this line.

The LunarStelos  GS is extremely comfortable. This impression stayed with us for the entirety of our Nike LunarStelos review tests. People who are on their feet most of the day will greatly appreciate the amazing cushioning and support of these shoes. They just might be more useful as every day or gym shoes than proper running shoes, not just because of the cushioning, but also because of their breathability and lightweight design.


Shipping weight 1 pound
Item model number Lunarstelos Gs
Dual-density foam midsole  
Supportive fit  
Brand Nike
  • Breathable upper.
  • Flexible and grippy outsole.
  • Available in affordable price.
  • A bit narrow around the arch area.
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