5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorneys

You’re taking on added risk when you ride a motorcycle. Even if you’re a safe driver, you have to worry about other cars being reckless and causing problems.

That’s why motorcycle accidents are much more severe. You’re in a more exposed position, so you run more risk of injury. That’s why motorcycle accidents cause 380,000 deaths globally every year.

You need all the help you can get to deal with motorcycle accident injuries. Ask the five questions below to find motorcycle accident injury attorneys with the skills to handle your case.

1. What’s Your Success Rate With Motorcycle Crashes?


It’s easy for an injury attorney to say they always win. They may have a great history of other injuries like medical malpractice or slip-and-falls.

However, that doesn’t mean they have a history of motorcycle accident case wins. Each type of accident requires a unique insight that a general accident attorney may not have.

Find someone with a history of winning motorcycle accident cases. Check out this page on motorcycle accident attorney to learn more.

2. Do You Work on Contingency?

Working with a lawyer who charges hourly can be challenging for motorcycle injuries. The insurance company may not want to play ball. That means you may need to hire a lawyer for an extended time.

That’s what contingency fees are for. If you get a settlement for your case, you can forgo upfront payment until your lawyer wins the case. Their fee comes from a portion of your settlement.

3. Will You Handle My Case Directly?


You may not work directly with the person you speak with at a large law firm. They have more prominent names that talk to new clients to convince them to sign. But once you sign a contract, your case goes to an associate.

It’s fine if an associate handles your case, but you need to know about this before you sign a contract. Ask to speak directly with your actual lawyer so that you can vet them for the job.

4. What Is My Involvement?

If you’re dealing with medical issues after your crash, you may not want to be that involved with the legal process. However, some attorneys like keeping clients involved in the process.

Knowing what an attorney expects from you is beneficial to avoid getting into an awkward situation. Find someone to help who will keep your involvement in the case to your liking.

5. Can You Provide References?

References are one of the best ways to vet a motorcycle accident lawyer. You won’t always learn everything you need by speaking to a lawyer directly. You need to hear from people who have been through the same experience before.

A reputable attorney should have no problem offering these references. Try to find some of the bad points about an attorney during this process to discover any red flags.

Do Your Research When Hiring Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorneys


You’re dealing with a stressful time when handling a motorcycle crash claim. You must handle your bike damage, go to doctors’ appointments, and get your legal affairs in order. It’s not easy to take on those tasks alone.

Luckily, you can work with motorcycle accident injury attorneys who can help take some of the load and give you space to breathe. Ask the questions above to find a crash attorney to help you win your case.

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