4 Most Popular Online Casino Games Among Australian Players

Gambling is almost equally as popular all over the world. No matter where you find yourself there are numerous gambling opportunities to be enjoyed. Gambling as a type of pastime activity and a hobby is hardly a new thing either, so it makes sense that many different cultures and nations have accepted it over the centuries. While certain countries are far more popular in terms of casinos and games than others, the reality of the world is such that gamblers are present in all corners of the world and they are equally passionate about their favorite thing to do. The latest developments in the industry like the online gambling variety and the thousands of new games available have only increased the incredible popularity of gambling and introduced it to millions across the globe.

Of course, there are still many regional differences between countries and even regions in the same country. In addition to this, different groups call certain games different names. Some places put a lot more emphasis on one type of game while others take a well-known formula and change it enough for it to be considered an entirely new thing. This happens with many things of course, especially cuisine and fashion, but gambling is no different. It is visible the most in countries that are considered the furthest away from each other, places that have often been isolated from the rest of the world due to their geographical location and/or politics. One such place is the continent country of Australia, where gambling is as big as anywhere else in the world.

Australia and Gambling


The Land Down Under has been big on gambling from its earliest days, at least in terms of Europeans discovering the continent and slowly settling there. Bringing along their customs and traditions, they would gamble the little they had both during the long naval journey there and once they finally settled. It used to be simple card and dice games, similar to what was happening in Europe and the Old West and the time. Simply put, gambling never really went away in Australia just like it never ceased to be popular elsewhere. It only grew as the country developed and as technology and culture advanced further and further.

Fast forward to the 21st century and the year 2024, and the gambling industry in Australia is huge with millions of active gamblers making their way to local establishments and millions more logging into their online casino accounts daily. But what are the most popular games among the Aussies? To they show more affinity towards a single game or are they equally interested in anything that can be considered gambling? Well, it is not a straightforward answer as it requires a deeper dive. So join us as we explore the most popular online casino games among Australian players.

1. Pokies


Without a doubt and any type of competition, pokies are the absolute king of gambling in Australia. If you are looking for the most popular, widely spread, and diverse gambling game in the smallest continent, look no further than pokies. But what are they? Have you ever heard of them, and if so, do you know anything about them other than the name? The term “pokies” refers to slot machines as it is a local, Australian term for this form of gambling. Nobody refers to them as slots or slot machines. Just like the British call them fruit machines, the Aussies have coined their own terms. They initially called them poker machines, and since Australian English is no stranger to diminutives and nicknames for regular words, pokies came into existence and stuck as the generally accepted term for slots. The phenomenon of coming up with fun names for slot machines is not new. Back in the olden days when they first appeared, they were pejoratively referred to as one-armed bandits, due to their ability to suck you dry of money and the large lever on the side that resembles an arm. Australians love their pokies and no other game comes close to them. If you are wondering whether there are differences between them and other slots, the answer is no. Apart from the wording and advertising, the very essence of the game and how they are played is the same. Read more if you are further interested or want to play free online pokies in Australia.

2. Blackjack


While blackjack is typically less popular than certain other gambling games in other places, Australians enjoy it enough for it to be at the number two spot. It could be because it is easy to play and because there is only dealer to play against. No other players are involved and it is a rather straightforward card game. From the looks of it, between pokies and blackjack, it seems Australia prefers gambling games that are easy and simple, which is not unlike their laidback character and the well-known spirit of fun, relaxation, and taking it easy.

3. Poker


Do not confuse regular old poker with poker machines. While pokies may have gotten their name from the original game, true poker is still big in Aussieland. As a matter of fact, they adore multiple iterations of the game and play Texas Hold’em Omaha Hi-Lo, Caribbean Stud Poker, and video pokers. Poker has always been a game of high skill and experience and as such it takes more to win and be good at than slots or blackjack. Many Australians prefer skill-based games over luck-based ones, so they always choose poker instead of slot machines or blackjack.

4. Roulette


Be it American, European, French, or royal, roulette is big enough among Australian players for a strong fourth seed on the list of most popular games. With a fine balance of experience and luck needed to win some money, it is exactly what a real Australian tends to look for with their gambling. It takes some luck for the ball to stop on the right number of course, but you also have to know which numbers to combine and when to do it. Regular, physical poker tables at casinos and online varieties are equally popular and it is usually the game that Australian players pick up next after playing pokies for a while.