Military Boots For Backpacking – 7 Pros and Cons

Special boots for hiking and other activities are recommended not only for experienced people but also for beginners. You also don’t have to climb the Himalayas to enjoy hiking. You can stay on smaller peaks that will also provide you with spectacular views. Regardless of the type of trail, you need to stay safe, healthy and blister-free during your adventure.

Consider quality military shoes. The choice of these shoes will be very simple, you just need to decide what type of military shoes you want. They differ according to the type of terrain. For example, a gentle hill is not the same as steep terrain covered with rocks. If you are still in doubt, read the pros and cons of military boots.


1. Comfort

We’ll start with the most obvious item. That’s exactly the comfort of these shoes. Any experienced adventurer will tell you that footwear is the most important part of hiking equipment, and comfort is their main feature. If you decide on suitable footwear, it will provide you with additional stability on different types of terrain. Regardless of the season, a good pair of boots will insulate your feet and give them the best conditions. One of the most comfortable models is the Men’s Tactical Combat Boots, and they are equally useful during outdoor and indoor activities. You will be glad you made this decision when you face the various challenges that hiking brings.

Quality boots are light and durable at the same time. Pay attention to the material from which those are made. For example, the strongest and most durable material is leather. They also act as shock absorbers, which means they absorb shock. This in turn makes the leg more stable and walking is safer. And finally, the fewer seams on the shoe, the better. That is definitely huge advantage of military boots over regular hiking boots. The answer is pretty much the same all the time as we checked more than one model at

2. Water resistance

These are waterproof which means you will be fully protected in wet and cold conditions. However, this advantage can easily become a disadvantage at high temperatures. That is why military boots cannot be compared with ordinary work and hiking boots. They are one level above, but it all depends on the type you choose. Pay special attention to the sole, because these should not slide. Buy a model that is a half size or a whole size larger. This will mean a lot to you when going down, because your toes will not hit the top of your shoes. Therefore, the level of water resistance depends on the conditions in which you plan to stay.

For example, if you want to stay in the desert then you will probably opt for a model of boot that has a mesh front. Such a design will allow you to breathe. When it comes to forest conditions, you’ll need something different. Then you need a higher level of warmth as well as water resistance. An even higher level requires snow boots. Before you decide on a model, check their water resistance and insulation.

3. Low weight

Many people think that military boots are very heavy, which is not true. The main reason for this prejudice is the lack of information. Although at one time soldiers really had to wear heavy boots, everything has changed since then. The progress of the industry has provided us with very light models that are at the same time ready to face the most challenging conditions. Forget your preconceived notions, because these are flexible, comfortable and easy to wear. That’s why many wear them as part of their everyday outfit. When it comes to extreme activities, you can count on an excellent level of protection. While the front of the boot can absorb very strong impacts, the design allows you plenty of room for greater toe mobility. It all adds up to greater comfort.

4. Durability

Your circumstances may vary. Regardless of whether it is extreme or mild situations, boots should contain key features. One of the main ones is endurance, and that’s exactly what military boots allow you to do. These have long been considered footwear that lasts a long time. Their characteristics are associated with difficult military conditions. That is the truth. They will last you longer than any other footwear. Even when you expose them to dangerous terrain, they will retain their shape and function.

5. Safety

Finally, we must mention safety, which is no less important than all of the above. This is the basic function of any footwear, especially boots that you use for extreme purposes. That’s when it’s important to wear footwear that will protect every part of your feet. Blisters are not the worst injuries that can happen to you. With the wrong choice of footwear, you are exposing yourself to serious ankle injuries. Fortunately, military boots prevent slipping and poor ankle positioning.


1. Price

Although you will find military boots of different price ranges on the market, generally the more expensive models are of better quality. For example, the difference in price can be made by an insole. If you don’t want your lining to wear out quickly, you’ll need to shell out more money for boots.

2. Depth

Although deep military boots have their advantages, they are not an ideal option for every type of terrain and activity. Shallow boots are best for light daily tasks while medium and deep models are best for tasks that require carrying more gear. The deep boot provides adequate support for the joints, but does not have good enough ventilation.


For mountaineers, shoes protect the head and are the most important part of the equipment. For the spring-autumn period and easier ascents, soft and more comfortable shoes are used – the so-called. trekking shoes. They are not very durable, but they are very light and comfortable. If you are moving on rocks or through snow, be sure to use deep, sturdy, preferably waterproof shoes. Their main role is to provide you with firm support and good adhesion to the base, prevention of ankle joint injuries and protection of the legs from other external influences.