Meggings – The Best Solution For Athleisure With Style & Comfort

Fitting into the category of high-performance athleisure wear, Meggings have reshaped how leggings are viewed. By integrating style with performance, meggings have given men the opportunity to express themselves freely and uniquely.

Before the onset of meggings, men’s athleisure wear could not be termed fashionable. Understanding the need for change, Valentine Aseyo, the founder of Matador Meggings, constructed specific leggings that were built for the male anatomy.  However, the question arises, what is so special about meggings? Are they the best solution for high-performance athleisure wear when it comes to style and comfort?

This article will give you a thorough understanding of meggings and why they are the future of athleisure wear.

It’s a Men’s Thing

Wearing shorts over leggings has become a trend, not because it’s stylish but because of a men-related issue. Even celebrities like Zack Effron have chosen to endorse this look. The problem is the VPL, which is also known as the visible penis line.

No matter how confident a man might be, nobody wants to flaunt their goods in front of strangers. It is an issue because of which most men choose to wear leggings as undergarments. The brand have not only addressed this problem but also found a solution.

All meggings and shorts are equipped with a removable soft crotch cup. This modesty cup hides your VPL and adds support to the groin area.

Meggings are built to offer men choices that other athletic wear never offered. The primary intent behind meggings is to enable men to express themselves freely. This is why the modesty cup is removable, to provide men with the option to flaunt at will.

The Myth Behind Matadors

What stands emblematic of raw masculinity? Moving beyond the brawn, the brand focuses on an oxymoron. Choosing to highlight the matadors of yore, who fought bulls while wearing tights, The meggings from this brand makes a statement that resonates with today’s men.

For generations, men’s fashion has been constricted under the chokeholds of traditional norms and the rigid idea of what constitutes to be a man. Dismantling these age-old norms, meggings have given the modern male the option to express themselves freely.

Primarily looked at as high-performance athleisure wear for workouts, meggings are also ideal wear for hiking, biking, partying, or simply chilling. Daring to be different, meggings are the perfect replacement for boring pants, and the following aspects have ensured that.

As Functional as Regular Pants

The reason why most men would refrain from wearing leggings daily is due to the lack of functionality. Understanding this issue, meggings have been constructed to be as functional as other pants, if not more.

Meggings are equipped with an open pocket for your phone and a zipper pocket to keep your valuables safe. A towel/ shirt loop at the back to keep your hands free. In addition, meggings are designed with an inner drawstring and a high back waistband to keep them in place.

Functionality constitutes an integral part of men’s clothing, which is precisely why meggings have chosen to move beyond just workout wear.

Heightened Comfort and Durability

No exercise wear needs to be uncomfortable or drab for that matter. For ages, men’s athleisure wear has seen no innovation. Until now. Meggings have been specifically designed to optimize your performance while offering maximum comfort and durability. Here’s how,

  • It is constructed using high-quality sweat-wicking fabric that keeps you dry and odor free even after the most intense workouts.
  • Meggings are featherweight and offer a 4-way stretch. This makes them ideal for everyday sports, gym, outdoor, and party wear.
  • Meggings have been constructed out of premium fabric that is made up of 80% Polyester and 20% Lycra.
  • It is constructed out of multiple layers of flatlock stitching. This offers added durability and makes meggings perfect for withstanding differing conditions, like extreme heat or cold, pool water, seawater, etc.

A Style Statement

Fun, colorful and vibrant meggings come in an assortment of unique designs and prints that enable men to express themselves in their unique way. The modern male is not bound by norms nor is he forced to conform to traditional signifiers of what stands as masculine. The image of the matador itself has been deliberately chosen by the brand to break these normative ideas and showcase the fact that men in tights can represent the epitome of masculinity is a step toward liberality when it comes to the realm of men’s clothing. Keeping to the same thought, who said that athleisure wear could not be fun and functional at the same time?

Why not showcase the best side of yourself? Why choose to wear anything else when you have the comfort and style of sporting meggings? The huge variety of designs and prints lets you explore yourself and choose the meggings that resonate with your current mood. Pair your meggings with a blazer or a shirt, the choice is yours, don’t forget it.

Reimagine and rediscover yourself in a whole new way by choosing meggings. Highlighting the right cuts and curves, dress to impress and express at the same time through your favorite pair of meggings.

Added Benefits

Compression tights specially designed for the male anatomy, meggings offer a host of benefits.

  1. Meggings are tight and compressed. This diminishes the chances of muscle fatigue and injury while enhancing athletic performance.
  2. Facilitates strain prevention during workouts
  3. Meggings help reduce muscle soreness.
  4. It helps improve perceived exertion
  5. Meggings increase the amount of blood flow to muscles, thereby increasing the amount of oxygenation to muscles.

Meggings for All

Here to liberate men from the clutches of regular pants, meggings are meant for all body types. Let’s move beyond the dominion of jeans and cotton pants and make way for a sexier and more efficient alternative.

It is not advisable to restrict meggings only to the gym. Meggings might come across initially as workout wear, however, they work wonders as everyday pants. Reflect your mood in your meggings by choosing the right pair. Visit the website to browse through different collections of meggings.