A Man’s Guide To Wearing Rings

Diamonds, jewelry, and gemstones are not just for girls. The truth is that many guys enjoy wearing necklaces, rings, bracelets, different types of watches, pocket watches too, and so on. Rings aren’t just for engaged and married men. They can be a fashionable and stylish piece of jewelry, suitable to so many looks and outfits. Some people are sure that everything we put on ourselves, sends some message to the people around us, so they can answer the questions they want to ask, without even saying a word. For example, the ring shows that you are engaged or married and can show your relationship with the college brotherhood, or your status in the society. Of course, you don’t necessarily need to wear them to show all of these things we mentioned.


On the other hand, you can wear at least one ring on every finger, and that’s okay too. Everything depends on you, and your choices. Some guys prefer jewelry, but there are also those who can’t even imagine wearing any. If you are in the first group, especially if you enjoy specific things, we recommend you to visit bikerringshop.com for unusual designs, but also, to stay here and read our guide for guys who prefer wearing rings and maintain their exceptional style every time of the year:

1. Which hand, right or left?

The truth is that there aren’t some strict rules when it comes to this decision. The only exceptions are engagement and wedding rings, but that also depends on the culture and tradition you come from, because men in America will wear the band on the left hand, but European men, especially the Orthodox ones, wear their wedding bands on the right hand. When it comes to other types, you may want to research the background of your choice, especially if you travel often. Many gestures that seem normal to you, can send a wrong message in other countries and cultures. On the other side, if you are right-handed, you probably are doing most of the daily activities with the same hand, and rings can stop you in some moments. So, you can wear the rings on your left hand, but if you are a left-handed person, this so-called rule applies differently to you. And, don’t worry, we will go deeper, and explain the meaning of every finger.

2. Which finger?

We naturally have two hands with five fingers each, and that means we have ten fingers to put a ring on them. An exception can be people with fewer fingers due to genetic reasons, or accidents, but this guide is also important to them and their choices. The pinky finger – In the past, men wore statement rings, to show their status and power. Usually, they wore big pieces, combined with gold, and diamonds, or some symbol, so they can show ho they are. A Pinky finger is also characterized as the most visible part of the hand, and if you wear it, people will want to understand the message you are trying to send. The fourth finger – People usually consider it as a ring finger, because in so many cultures, the engagement and wedding rings are put on this finger particularly, such as https://www.moissaniteco.com/moissanite/engagement-rings.

This choice is sending an important message that you are “off the market,” but the truth is that even single men wear it just for fun, or as a part of their style.

-The middle finger – It’s an uncommon and specific choice, because it’s the biggest finger on our hand, and you can rarely find a piece of jewelry that fits. Also, it can mess with everything we are doing during the day, because we use that part of the hand all the time. But also, it’s a manly symbol, so that’s why many guys choose it when they wear a ring.


– The pointer finger – We use it all the time, and most of us want the index finger clear. But, a ring on it, won’t cause as much trouble during the daily tasks as the middle finger. So, if you want to avoid wearing it on the pinky finger, and engagement finger too, the pointer may be a better choice than the middle finger.

-The thumb – This choice is leading to the belief that you want to tell something or share some important message, but you are still not sure how to do that. It grabs a lot of attention, and that’s why it is a popular and modern choice in recent years, no matter the meaning behind it.

3. Confidence is important

Don’t fall for tricks and sentences like “Jewelry is for girls,” and similar to that, because it’s 2024, and you can do whatever you want with your style, even if that means you will wear two or three rings on every finger. When you are confident, you will probably become an example to those who are not, and they will start to believe in their style and try to do things they always wanted. People will often ask for the meaning, and you should be ready to answer those questions, but as we said, stay confident, and believe in your choices.


4. Match them properly

Not every metal and stone suits nice to everyone. You need to find what fits you the best, and that means you will take a little time to try the rings on and see how they look on you. For example, if you have a warm skin undertone, gold will suit you the best. But, if your skin tone is cool, you can wear silver jewelry without any problem. The next step is to match the stone together with the base. If you don’t like stones, there are always those band-like rings, with engravings and patterns on them. You may get confused by the huge choice, but it’s nothing weird or scary because you will find the one for you at some point.

We hope this guide will be helpful for you to find the right ring, but also to finally realize that jewelry is for the guys too. You might want to look at Puravida Bracelets collections of engraved rings.