10 Rookie Signs When Making Collage Photos

You may not be an artist but probably your peers have at one time made fun of your photos, drawing, or painting. But the good thing is that when it comes to making collage photos, anyone can do that. Have you ever pasted things in your book or stick quotes on your walls? Well, these are examples of collages and this makes you a collage artist. It may sound strange to you, but it’s not a big deal. So, click here and try this tool to learn more about using a collage maker online.

So don’t put yourself in the category of people with two left hands, collage is for anyone interested. You don’t need to attend college for you to do it.  Even though fast and hard rules do not exist for making a collage, you can easily identify rookie signs in a collage photo. Even with your little knowledge, you don’t want to be a rookie when making collage photos, and who wants to be known as a rookie anyway?  So, I guess you want to know the rookie signs when making collage photos. Then you are not reading this by mistake, read below some of the top signs.

Several Similar Pictures Even With a Collage Maker Online


It is possible that you are excited about an event or a season or anything else that may trigger your happiness. Don’t forget that one distinguished rookie sign is having all the pictures in the collage photos the way they are without any adjustments.  You can use a collage maker because it has high-powered tools that may help you to diagonally place the photos to maintain the balance of the collage. You will do this fast with very minimal effort; this is one of the biggest advantages of it.

Same Colour


Color is a very important aspect when making collage photos. You don’t need to be an expert to know that similar color is one of the rookie signs in making collage photos. It is possible to use the same colors in the same collage, but ensure they are not close together. Not especially when you have other colors. If color is used correctly, it will help you to improve the theme of your collage. There’s no better way to do this than using collage maker online to customize the colors. You may not even be able to view the grids if you use the same colors when creating your collage photos.

Detailed Images

When you use detailed image content, it will be difficult to understand the content. You will realize that the audience does not have time to strain to understand your content. Detailed images are another rookie sign to look for when making collage photos.  It is good to use easily recognizable and clear image content. With the use of a collage maker, you will have a variety of photos to choose from most of which have clear image content.

Missing Topic

Can you imagine a photo collage that you have to question what it is all about because you can’t get a topic? Well, guess that you may not even want to give it a second look. Your photo collage should communicate the topic immediately when you glance at it. You have to know that it is either graduation, or a wedding, or a birthday but not straining to find out what it is all about.

Background Color

When you come across a collage photo in which the color is not harmonized, then mark that as a rookie sign.  A good photo collage ensures that background color does not draw away attention from the photo collage. The good thing is that you can edit the text and background color using a collage maker online. It also gives you the power to delete the background color instantly and have another one that pleases you.

Cut Faces or Images

You won’t deny that you will easily lose interest in a collage photo if you see the cut faces of the people in the photos. A cut photo of a commodity can make you not get the full description of what you are looking for. This is another sign of a rookie. Cut faces or items may make you lose important content. Full images will give aesthetic results. Collage maker online will help you to edit your photos well, such that you won’t have to come up with cut faces.

Use of a Single Image

Do not confuse this with the use of several similar images as discussed earlier. Using a single image for collage photos is also a sign of a rookie. For you to have a better collage photo, you are recommended to employ the use of multiple single images to harmonize a collage. You can also come up with fun games such as identifying the match. Just keep in mind that your collage will work better if you have more images.

Excess Negative Space


Good spacing conveys an emotion or a message perfectly. You can bet that excess spacing will overwhelm the focus of the message. You can use a collage maker online to get rid of the excess space and offer the image enough details.

Poor Contrast

You can use contrast to build tension. You are aware that contrast is among the strategies that are effective to approach any design. Great contrast leads to the creation of a perfect tension. You will agree that this is one thing that humans respond well to. So, poor contrast is another sure rookie sign, thus the need for you to have a great contrast when making your collage photos.

Excess Components

When you add several other components to a collage photo, you may end up ruining the collage. Collage photos that have many additional components may be difficult for you to detect sometimes. Although you can also recognize it immediately, it will not always be difficult to point it out. You may also need to select your effects with a lot of care for you to get perfect results.

Final Thoughts

That making a collage has been made easier with the use of a collage maker online. You don’t need to learn how to use it, all you need is some little tech knowledge. It has filters, stickers, frames, and great image editing tools. Take note of these rookie signs and you will find them to be very helpful.  You will have a perfect collage photo without any sign of a rookie popping up when you make your next collage photo.