Want to stand out in the office? Here are 5 ways that you can make unique desk name plates

Do you run an office building and you are the person in charge of the organization and the structure of the office? If the answer is yes, you have a lot to think about. Or maybe you are the secretary in the office – in this case you are in charge of directing calls, printing items, and making sure that every single person is on top of what their daily tasks are.

If you want to make sure you and your fellow employees feel respected and individualized in the workplace – where sometimes the monotonous routine can make us all feel like robots – then why not try creating unique desk name plates? Creating something that is personalized and unique is the best way you can ensure everyone feels well-respected, appreciated, and looked after in the company. Let’s click here and see a few unique desk name plate ideas that are sure to keep your employee happy and boost the office morale.

Benefits of using desk name plates in the office. Boost morale


There are many benefits of using them in your office – although it may seem like a menial thing to focus on when there are other issues at hand, having them can add significant employee morale, boost the workplace atmosphere, and help individualize each person who is giving their life to the company.

  • Personal identity – one of the main reasons that a business should include desk name plates in the office is so they can have a sense of personal identity. If a person feels like they are just a number in the office, then they can feel underappreciated, undervalued, and not respected. Make someone feel like they are a part of something special and they are a key part of the business by giving desk name plates to help them feel wanted and appreciated.
  • Durable – the next advantage of using them for each person is because they are a durable and long-lasting way to continue making it easy for people to learn each other’s names. Instead of a name tag or using a temporary desk name plate that may be removed later, the desk name plates are long-lasting and durable and can ensure that people will never forget your name.
  • Professionalism – the next reason to use them is because it adds a sense of professionalism to the workplace. If you do not see an office desk with a name plate, you might be wondering who these people are? What are their professions? Who are they in the company? Get rid of any confusion and add professionalism to the office by tying desk name plates.
  • Employees can leave – the next reason to use them is because employees come and go. Just because you have always known Sally was at the desk across the hallway, maybe she retired and left. Whatever the reason, you might have someone else across from you now – if there are no desk name plates, you will not learn their name unless you ask them. Avoid any confusion by using them to make it easy to learn someone’s name if they are new in the workplace.
  • Time management – the last reason to use them is for efficiency and time management. Avoid wasting time learning people’s names, having to double-check through emails, and asking your office co-workers what the new person’s name is. Instead of rifling through your old emails and documents to find out who you’re working with, just use the desk name plates to maximize your time in the office and avoid any wasted time.

5 unique ideas for personalized desk name plates in the office


Adding your nickname

One of the best ideas for desk name plates in an office is adding the person’s nickname. If every single person in the office has a nickname that is unique to themselves and the other workers in the business, this can be a fun way to address someone while you are going through a stressful day at work.

Include a logo for their favorite hobby

If the person next to you really enjoys playing golf, there can be a golf club or golf ball on their desk name plate. If you really enjoy running in your free time, there can be a runner or running shoe on your desk name plate. Customizing the desk name plates based on the hobby is a great way to personalize the look.

Picture of your face

The next way that you can create unique desk name plates for your business is to put a picture of the person or their face on the nameplate. Maybe you can put a full-body shot – and show them doing something they love, such as fishing, running, hiking, or writing. Or you can put a picture or just their face so it is unique to them and shows their personality and their looks.

Superhero idea


The next way that you can create unique desk name plates is by shaving every single person in the office to be a superhero. Afterall, they are doing lots of tasks all day every day – and this can sometimes feel like they are doing heroic measures to keep the company afloat. Assign everyone a superhero and put the name on their desk name plate.

Athlete idea


The last option you can use for unique desk name plates is to give everyone a professional athlete – do you find that everyone enjoys sports? If so, you can give someone a professional athlete name to make them feel like they are really doing well in their job.


Instead of using boring name plates with just the employee’s name and nothing else, why not add a little bit of flavor and uniqueness to the desk name plates? You can add a nickname, superhero name, or unique picture. Using desk name plates is one of the best ways you can add a sense of professionalism to the office, make people feel respected, and avoid any confusion or wasted time in the office workspace.