Easy Ways to Make Dog Walking More Interesting

Being a dog owner is a beautiful thing. Everyday routine becomes more entertaining and full of emotions. However, that doesn’t mean it is not a time-consuming process. Dogs have different requirements, and they require attention and care. 

First of all, owners will have to feed their dogs at least three times a day. Despite that, they should also take their dog out for a walk at least 3 times a day. Two times are usually shorter (around 15 minutes), while the third one usually lasts for an hour. 

It doesn’t matter if the temperature is high or low. When people are tired, a duty like that seems more challenging than ever before. That is the reason why people should find a way to make dog walks more comfortable. The good news for dog owners is that they came to the right place. There are a few easy steps to make dog walking more interesting, and it is the right moment to find them out. 

Allow the Dog to Be Navigator


Puppies do not always want to go in the same direction as owners. Because of that, dog walks can be a bit more challenging. Instead of pushing your dog to one side, you should allow your dog to be the navigator. Allow him to decide where you two should go. 

There is a good reason why something like this will become more entertaining. The dogs usually go in the direction where they find a particular thing. In that way, the puppies will show their owners what exactly they are looking for. The owners, on the other hand, will get the chance to understand better the needs their pet has. More precisely, people will do two useful things at once. 

Go to the Nearest Park


People usually spend more time finding the right destination for dog walks. Logically, places full of grass and trees are the best possible ones. However, in urban areas, there are not many of them. Because of that, people usually decide on parks where their dogs can run and have fun. 

There is also a good reason for all dog owners why parks should be excellent destinations. Parks are usually full of people that take their dog out for a walk. Because of that, you will manage to meet other people and hang out with them while puppies are playing. Who knows; maybe you will manage to make some new friendships in that way. 

Don’t Always Use the Same Route


Going in the same direction every single day will make dog walks more monotonous. Instead of that, people should explore all the options that they have. For instance, if 10 days in a row they went “left”, it would be good to go “right” for a few days after that. 

The dog itself will also like the change. Your puppy will manage to explore new things and potentially meet new puppies. Of course, the owners may also manage to meet new people as well. 

Don’t Always Go Alone

After a hard day at work, people often want to finish the dog walk as soon as possible. Because of that, they are not willing to invite someone else to join them. However, that may be a wrong move. A friend or family member will always make dog walking more interesting. In that way, people will manage to have time while their puppies are sniffing, running, etc. 

An even better option would be to invite someone who is also a dog owner. In that way, you will have enough time to talk with that person while your dogs are playing. Both dogs will release the energy they had at home. When you get back, there is a big chance your dog will immediately fall asleep. 


Change the Speed of Walks

Dog walks do not always have to be slow. Instead of that, dog owners should change the pace of walks as much as they can. For instance, they can spend five minutes or more running together with their pet. In that way, they will make the entire process more interesting, make their dog feel tired, and improve their cardio. 

However, there is one additional piece of advice we would like to give to people.They should not eat before that type of dog walking. The same rule counts for their dog. Running under those conditions may become uncomfortable. 

Get an Appropriate Dog Leash


Many dog owners complain that their hands hurt them after the dog walk ends. However, they can’t expect the puppies to be static and slow. There are many locations around the neighborhood they would want to explore. Because of that, dog owners should find an appropriate type of leash for dog walks. That especially counts if their puppy loves to run. 

The good news for all the owners is that they are living in the 21st century. Finding an appropriate dog leash is no longer a problem. There are many websites like wadosam.com where people can find a good leash for their needs. 

Add Training to Dog Walking Routine

Adding some quick training sessions each time you take your dog out for a walk will make things a lot more entertaining. Practicing some basic obedience can be a challenging and interesting thing. For instance, you can start with some basics such as down, stay, and heel. Starting with easy commands is the best possible way to start the process. After that, you can try out some more complex training sessions that will improve the focus of your dog. 

Final Thought

These are the seven ways to make dog walking more interesting. We understand that dog walks are often a challenging duty. After a tough day at work, people only want to relax and sleep. However, if you love your puppy, you will need to sacrifice a little. By using these seven methods, dog owners will see that dog walking does not always need to be challenging. With an appropriate leash, route changes, and other things, everything will be much easier.