An Inspired Dining Room Set

The dining room is, in many ways, the heart of the home. Eating and drinking is an inherently social activity. You’re nourishing the body with food, the mind with good conversation, and the heart by connecting with loved ones. The list of things we do in the dining area is…extensive, to say the least. So, why are you suffering from an old, worn-out set that nobody wants to spend time gathered around? It’s time to consider a change. It may be time to buy a dining set on

The creaky, wobbly legs that won’t straighten out with all the tightening of screws in the world…the chipped wood…the broken seats. Whatever the issue is, let’s own up to the problem: you hate your current dining room set and you’re ready for a change. But where do you start? If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, look no further.

It all starts with the dining room table. You will need a steady surface to enjoy good food atop without it creaking about all over the place like your current table. While dining tables come in as many size, shapes, and colors as you can imagine, it’s crucial to find one that you feel is livable and works with your current space and needs. It’s important to select a dining room table that’ll feel functional during day-to-day life—not just that fancy soirée you’ve been planning.

If you want to seat a dozen people sometimes, but don’t want to be stuck having to use up the space to seat a dozen people all the time, consider a dining room table with leaves that you can add and remove as necessary. Extendable’s are a great option for people who entertain on the regular but have a small family unit or live alone on a day-to-day basis.

If you’re looking to create an ultra social environment and have the space to accommodate one, consider a square dining room set. This allows for a more conversational area without the problem of guests seated at the end of a rectangular set feeling left out of the conversation. That way, everyone is sure to walk away from your gatherings feeling like they had an amazing time.

Of course, if space economy is a problem, but you still want to have the same effect you get from a square table, you can consider a round table. A round table remains ultra social but actually cuts out a lot of the space required by both square and rectangular tables by literally cutting corners.


The next obvious thing to consider is chairs. That is unless you’d rather your guest stand—in which case, don’t be surprised if your RSVPs dramatically reduce in the future. Chairs are where you can get a little more playful. You can take the traditional approach and buy a matching table and chairs set, or you can do a little bit of mixing and matching. You can purchase chairs that really pop off the page and give the room an extra oomph factor that’s sure to leave an impression upon your guests. The option is yours as to whether you’re looking to play it safe or take an aesthetic risk.

You should also consider how many chairs you’ll need at a maximum. You can always store chairs that you don’t want to use on a regular basis, but having to borrow odds and ends for different rooms can make you look a bit disoriented to guests. The other alternative is to cut the guest list—if you’re doing that because you don’t have enough chairs to accommodate everyone, it feels like a crying shame.

Regardless of the style, the chairs should be comfortable. You and your guests, as well as your family, will be sitting in these chairs for sometimes hours at a time. You shouldn’t stand up with sore bums! It’ll make everyone feel disinclined to sit at your table in the future. Instead, consider chairs that are either designed to maximize comfort or feature cushions to help soften the seating area.

When debating the style you’re looking for, you may be considering consulting with an interior decorator. These style experts can make you feel like you’re simplifying the process, when it turns out, you’re actually compromising your needs in favor of ensuring they receive kickbacks from the brands they work with and build a portfolio that they think will reflect well on their business.

It’s the same story when you look to buy in person. Salesmen are entirely motivated by their commissions. They’ll steer you in the wrong direction because it happens to be the direction that earns them a few extra bucks. They may present themselves as experts without having any background or prior training in the interior design whatsoever—instead, their skill set is all about sales.

The commission-free designers at 1StopBedroom are here to help guide you through your purchase so you can find the right dining room suite to meet all of your needs. Their training is simple—uphold 1Sb’s gold standard of integrity and customer satisfaction by helping you find exactly what you need.

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A better social life and family life is a simple click away. With financing available, there’s no reason you can’t get the dining room set of your dreams today. No more wasting time holding off on making memories while the years fly by because you’re too embarrassed to have people over with your current dining room suit—put your best foot forward and prepare to start reaping all the benefits of a brand-new dining room set has to offer.