10 Tips For Improving Your Odds When Playing Roulette

We are living in some very troublesome times. With the pandemic, the year 2024 is challenging for most of us. But do you believe that there is some balance between luck and misfortune? If yes, maybe you are embarking on the adventure called roulette. When it comes to the games of fortune, only slots and poker are more popular than roulette. But honestly, those two don’t have that excitement of watching the ball spinning around and waiting for the outcome. Roulette is very easy to play, but that leads some people to not considering ways in which they can increase their odds. Don’t get us wrong, the house will always have the edge, but one can still have better odds than the rest of the players, with the right tips. Here are ten pieces of advice for maximizing the profits.

1. Know yourself


The first thing, before someone starts betting, is to understand and know the reason why they are playing. If one is only looking for fun, roulette is definitely the right choice. The thrill and allurement are unique. It is not an accident that there are so many movie scenes with roulette. If someone is here to grind hard and tries to make money, blackjack has better chances, but to achieve that, one usually has to play for hours to stand a chance against the dealer. Luckily, there are ways to improve the roulette odds.

2. Stick to the plan

Very common among the beginners, but even veterans can succumb to the next mistake. Everyone really should be able to handle their money, and self-control is essential to every casino game. There needs to be a plan about the budget, the goals, and when to raise or lower the bets. The biggest enemy is something called the gambler’s fallacy. That is the idea that if something didn’t happen for a while, it is bound to happen soon.

3. Watch and learn

There is no need to start right away when there is a free live table. Feel free to observe the first few rounds. That will bring some understanding of the table, and one can and will get a ‘feel’ for it. Factors of significance are something like how long every round lasts. Then, you will know the best timing for making actual wagers, and will not feel hurried into decisions. One can avoid a lot of confusion if they are careful enough, and they do not rush into a game.

4. Research the casino


One important notice for those who are playing online – always be aware of potential scams. There are several methods scammers will try to use to trick someone. It can all start with a virus when you download a client to play or have predetermined games that are not random, and therefore, do not rely on luck. That is why everyone should make sure to look at the licensing that the operator company uses. Online casinos are also heavily regulated by governments, so you need to find one with a trustworthy license.

5. Look for free tables

Maybe before putting hard-earned money on the table, one should check out some free play roulette that online casinos often have. That is more useful for beginners, but it can be a nice little warm-up for everyone. You can learn all the ropes and terms of any game this way. But there is also a need for caution. In a risk-free environment someone may play more proactive, since they can’t lose money. So bear that in mind when you transition to the real deal.

6. Know your limits

Too many people either believe that their luck will never run out or that dawn is just around the corner. Being too greedy on a winning streak can be a bad thing. So if you hit your desired profit mark, leave and spend the prize. Otherwise, you could start losing and still believe that another streak like the previous is coming again. So quit while you are ahead. And in the case of losing from the start, once you reach the limit you have previously set up, leave the table. Many people have gone bankrupt for being too stubborn and trying to recover from bad luck.

7. Go with European roulette


It is a fact that the house always has an edge, but that percentage varies. If you can pick between American roulette and European roulette game, always go with the latter. The difference is that the European only have one zero, where American one has a zero and a double zero. Therefore, the American game has a double bigger edge, 5.2 percent, to be precise. The choice is yours, and it is an easy one.

8. French roulette is even better

It is not as widespread as others, but if there is an option, always go with the French roulette game. What is special about that one is something called La Partage or en prison on even money bets. So when the ball lands on that zero, unusual rules apply. En prison means that the bet is valid in the next spin, so you get a free spin or double chance. When it comes to La Partage, one will only lose half their bet, so the edge is even smaller in that game.

9. Don’t trust the 5 Number bet


For those not lucky enough and with American roulette as the only option, this advice is for you. In this type of casino game, there is a possibility of a specific type of bet, called the 5 Number bet. Let’s keep it short and simply say to stay away from this one, worst odds in any roulette game.

10. No such thing as a sure win

Sooner or later, we all hear about them, bullet-proof systems, with wins guaranteed. If such things existed, casinos would not be this profitable, wouldn’t they? Every one of these systems either doesn’t follow the rules of statistics or have some flaw to them that is just not obvious straight away. Roulette is a fun game, and it is fun because it is a game of luck. There are no shortcuts here.


Now all that remains is to go to some brick and mortar casino or visit an online one. With all of this in mind, you are ready to begin your roulette adventure. It was a tough year, but there is always a step to take to change your luck and have some fun while doing that.