How to Use ChatGPT on iOS: The Key Points You Need to Know

ChatGPT has gained considerable popularity as an AI chatbot, captivating internet users worldwide. With its ability to swiftly generate blog posts and assist with coding, ChatGPT offers a multitude of exciting possibilities. However, it is worth noting that currently, ChatGPT can only be accessed through its website on desktop devices. But fret not! We have got you covered if you are.

Key points about ChatGPT


Is there a separate ChatGPT application?

ChatGPT recently launched its own mobile application. This greatly simplifies access to artificial intelligence from Android and iOS. Given that the application has appeared recently, many people still do not know about it. They are forced to use ChatGPT only through the browser, but this option is less convenient.

Do I need an account to access ChatGPT?

To use ChatGPT, users require an OpenAI account, as it is the company behind the bot. Thankfully, OpenAI does not charge for an account, and the process is straightforward. Users can visit ChatGPT’s website and swiftly sign up for an account. It is important to note that a valid phone number is required for verification. Once the process is complete, users can continue reading. The sign-up process can also be done on mobile devices.

How to use ChatGPT on iOS?


OpenAI recently launched an official ChatGPT app, which is considered the best way to access ChatGPT on iOS. Unfortunately, it is currently only available on the U.S. App Store. However, expansion to other countries is expected in the near future. To access the app from outside the U.S., you can use a virtual private network (VPN) in your Chrome or another browser to change the iTunes server. Download VeePN and connect to the App Store, you will be able to switch to the American server and gain access to the app as well as any content you want.

Instructions for using ChatGPT on iPhone:

  • Step 1: The user needs to go to the App Store and search for the ChatGPT app. They can find the official app developed by OpenAI. Afterward, the user should select the “Get” option to download and install the app on their iPhones. If it’s not there, switch to your computer, turn on VPN for Firefox or Chrome, and request installation on your iPhone. The service has a free trial version, so it won’t cost you anything.
  • Step 2: After the installation is complete, the user needs to open the ChatGPT application.
  • Step 3: When users first use the ChatGPT app, they will be prompted to either sign in to an existing account or create a new one. If users have previously used ChatGPT through a web browser, they should select the “Log in” option and follow the instructions provided in the in-app browser.
  • Step 4: If a user is new to ChatGPT, they can choose from various sign-in methods like Apple ID, Google account, or email address and password. During the first sign-up, the user will need to enter their first and last name, date of birth, and mobile phone number. A verification SMS will be sent to the provided number. Although using the user’s iPhone number is the most convenient option, any recognized mobile number capable of receiving SMS texts can be used.
  • Step 5: After the user confirms their mobile number, they will be directed back to the main chat screen. The user needs to select the Message field at the bottom to bring up the keyboard and start typing a message to the chatbot, similar to how it is done in most other messaging apps.
  • Step 6: When the user is ready, they should select the up arrow button to send their message to ChatGPT and wait for the chatbot’s response. Alternatively, individuals can choose the small waveform button in the message field to dictate their message using their voice. This feature is similar to the Dictation feature found in iPhones, but it utilizes Open AI’s Whisper neural network for text-to-speech conversion.



ChatGPT is a cutting-edge AI chatbot that is gaining widespread popularity among internet users globally. With its remarkable ability to generate blog posts and provide coding assistance, it comes as no surprise that many iOS users are eager to have ChatGPT on their iPhones. Fortunately, OpenAI has recently released a mobile app specifically for iPhone users, enabling them to enjoy the full range of thrilling features.

keen to use ChatGPT on your iOS phones. In this guide, you will learn how to use ChatGPT on iOS.