How Many Photos Should a Wedding Photographer Deliver

People about to get married are always curious about how many photos a wedding photographer should send. Well, it is a crucial thing to know before choosing a particular photographer. Otherwise, you might regret your decision.

Every photography service provider is different. However, they follow similar rules regarding delivering photos after a wedding event. Photography usually clicks raw pictures. The numbers can go up to 2000 photos. But they select only 400 to 800 shots from the collection and send them to the users. You should also expect this number of pictures if you have completed a photo shoot recently.

Some photographers do not provide the average number of finished pictures. That is why you need to be careful when choosing a particular photographer. You can research by reading the customers’ reviews. In this way, you can find a reliable photography platform. Nowadays, researching has become convenient because everything is available online. So, you won’t face any problems finding a trustworthy service provider. Schmittat is one of the best platforms for wedding photography. They provide excellent services to the users, and you will never be disappointed with them.

What number of pictures should a wedding photographer deliver to you?

As mentioned above, the raw pictures might be around 2000, and the final ones will be about 400 to 800. But these numbers depend on a lot of factors. If the event is not an eight-hour session, the finished photos might be fewer. Apart from that, there are other things as well that play a significant role.

  • Type of package: Some photographers provide various packages to the customers. So, you have to decide one according to your requirements and preferences. Each also includes details like the number of photos delivered to you. That is how you can identify how many photographs you will get.

Different packages have different prices according to the benefits. If you have opted for fewer photos, the price will be low and vice-versa. Everyone should focus on picking the right option to avoid disappointments in the future.

You can check the number of pictures mentioned in a package and select it accordingly. There won’t be any confusion as everything will be clear.

  • Duration of the event: Some marriage events are long, but some are not that long. So, the overall pictures you will get will be based on the time duration.

The estimated time duration of a marriage is around eight hours. It allows photographers to capture more shots. On the contrary, if the wedding is not that long, the pictures will be fewer. Photographers also need to think about different backgrounds and poses. So, the two photos won’t look similar in any way. The clients get happy and satisfied with the final products.

  • Photography service provider: The photography platform you have chosen should be good enough to support your wishes. Everyone has their own rules and regulations. However, if you go to the professional ones, they might not provide you with 400 to 800 shots immediately. They believe in quality and not quantity. Instead, they will offer you some fantastic photos that capture your beautiful day.

But still, it is impossible to find a professional photographer without proper research. If you want the best one, you can consider getting all the information about that photographer—these include customers’ reviews, references, years of experience, etc. After gaining the knowledge, you will identify the best one.

Reliable photographers will consistently deliver you the average number of pictures. So, you must select them over the inexperienced ones.

Why is the number of final pictures less than the original?

There are some solid reasons for the same. Here, we will discuss them in detail.

  • Quality pictures: The quality of the photos matters a lot in wedding functions. The photographers understand that the clients will not like to have a lot of photos. Instead, they will want to have high-quality pictures. That is the primary objective of every service provider. So, you don’t have to worry if your wedding photos are not that much. You can still have fun with the end products. They are more stunning photos. But you have to be extra careful when selecting.
  • Deleting the duplicates or repetitive photos: You might already know that a photographer can delete the copies. Well, it is necessary to avoid storage problems. Photographers usually do this after the photo shoot. So, you don’t need to worry.

After deleting the duplicates, photographers know what pictures are suitable for you. They will also show you the ones you want to keep them.

  • Blurred images: Photography is a challenging skill to learn. But after getting your hands on it, you should also be careful to capture the photos. In a wedding event, photographers usually capture shots continuously. In such a situation, it is impossible to get every click perfect. That is why blurred pictures come in the way. The photographer then deletes all these photos.

It is one of the reasons why the final pictures are fewer than the raw ones. They have to present themselves perfectly in front of clients. Otherwise, nobody would like to give them work. Blurred images are a common problem that happens with many photographers. So, you won’t have to think about it much. You can still trust an experienced professional regarding the photoshoot.

  • High-brightness: Some photos come in high brightness. These are not suitable for the clients. That is why professionals permanently delete them beforehand. It is crucial because clients don’t have to spend so much time identifying the best pictures. They will do everything according to their work. So, you relax and enjoy the perfect 400 to 800 photos.

It is not the mistake of photographers that high-brightness pictures are also there in the album. Sometimes, the light source becomes too powerful. One cannot control the same immediately.

The Bottom Line

We hope you know how many photos you will get after your wedding. It is a good thing to consume information about this to avoid problems and issues.